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  1. No one should feel bad for anything they give! We are one here! Double Done!
  2. Little ditty, 'bout Bruce and John Sittin' in plastic chairs, on the pebble lawn.
  3. With a previous grand-puppy off to Florida due to relationship explosion for my son, my daughter has secured a replacement. Cooper is an intelligent pup and wants to be a Sierra trail dog soooo bad!
  4. FWIW, I acknowledge this will be seen as blatant self promotion. I was driving back to my townhouse today, listening to my favorite independent radio station. They were doing a remote broadcast from a liquor store in support of our local food bank. Donate $5, get a Stella Artois tumbler. All donations to to the food bank. This independent radio station has always made me happy by playing Bruce when most would not. Bruce has always made an effort to support local food banks when he has played a concert in a particular neighborhood. I just happened to have a checkbook in my car (shocker in this digital day and age!). I drove out of my way, and gave them a really big (for me) donation. I joked to my wife afterwards that we have way too many Stella tumblers now (I did not take any, but I did take a radio station t-shirt). Thanks for the nudge, Bruce!
  5. I look back at what I did, physically, professionally, 20 to 30 years ago. I look back at what I did physically, casually, 10 to 20 years ago. No way I could do the professional stuff at even a 25% level now. I am just glad when I outpace my children, occasionally, on the casual stuff. I am 15 years younger than our idol. Bruce can do what makes him happy, I am good with that. He and The E-Street Band have given me enough.
  6. BTR, on KEXP Seattle, with a Taylor Swift, Suicide, LCD Soundsytem, Ministry segway!
  7. The most animated singing I have seen young master Bruce perform in a while. JMHO.
  8. It's all still a racket. Drive everyone to an online purchase because, OMG, COVID! OBTW, service fees! So, that interesting session down the street by a familiar artist just got 30% more expensive than the advertised ticket price. And the artist sees NONE of that. Today, I still bought those tickets down the street anyway. Some of my money will get to the artist, I hope. And I get to see live music, which is a win.
  9. I have tramped enough since my first show in 1979, I am good, no more chasing needs to be done. But I am lucky to have been around for both the era of Asbury Park Christmas shows and full album sets, that covered a lot of them. Should a reprise or two come my way, I will not complain.
  10. So lucky to have seen a similar intro in 2003 at the Convention Hall. A highlight of my live music 'career'.
  11. Maybe it is well known, but kinda nice, if you ask me. Just people being people.
  12. I was lucky enough to have gone to one, 12/07/03, with my entire family, after playing the ticket game. My wife sat in the bleachers at the back of the Convention Hall with my 6 year old son (he loved Max!). My daughter (9) and I were on the floor, right up front. I moved her out of the way of the lead yellow shirted security guy with grey hair a lot as he went after folks with recording devices (remember those days?). That got me a copy of the setlist in thanks. We had a nice conversation with Garland Jeffreys towards the end when he came down, and he invited my daughter onstage for the encore. She, bashful, declined (ouch for me!). First time I got to hear songs from the first album with a horn section, live. Incredible. We spent the night in the Berkley. That was, (ahem) an adventure. Good times. Happy Thanksgiving, all!
  13. Against all my advice, my son and his lady got a puppy. You can see how ashamed I am.
  14. I was just happy to see a smile on his face at least once or twice in the video. The Ancient Brooder is not how I like to see him. But, he gets to be who he wants to be, I really have no say. Hell, maybe that's who he is, and if so, that's just fine, at this point, I am owed nothing.
  15. The last Puppy Palooza via Pilots 'N Paws in our big house, they get to poop and pee everywhere as new flooring goes in Monday in anticipation of putting our house on the market. I picked up 7 furbabies in Tennessee this morning in my airplane, we get to host them overnight. I will fly them to Hartford tomorrow where there is a waiting list of adopters. Lots of playtime in the yard, lots of love from the extended family. Here they are at nap time:
  16. November 23, 1980 Cap Center, Landover, Maryland I had a secret Ticketmaster desk that always seemed to be vacant when shows went on sale, scored front row lowers, halfway back. Driven there by my older gal pal, who I hoped to make another first. But alas, even with Bruce greasing the skids, no luck for me. She did track me down years later, broken and divorced, but found me 30 years happy with m'lady, her loss, my gain.
  17. "You do know that when you fall asleep I will be calling my chimp friends with opposable thumbs and they will come here and remove this effing thing and wrap it around your throat and tightening it until your eyeballs pop out? No offense . . . "
  18. Holy Analytics, Batman! (emphasis on the anal!). I do the same sometimes on different subjects, though, so I understand. All I have to contribute is that after a single listen of an illegal copy, start to finish, I bought the album. It's my own honor system way of keeping alive the "try it when you buy it" guarantee my old local record store used to apply to some albums. Family shared the purchase, and I heard a couple songs on my daughter's playlist when I rode in her car, so, WIN!
  19. We went from three dogs to none, and my wife said no more until we are 80 so we can drop everything and travel. Can't argue with that too much. We have done just such a thing to see some awesome music in the last few years. But I still need a dog fix from time to time, so I volunteer for an organization called Pilots & Paws, where pilots fly animals from a bad place to a good place. I have decided to look for P&P trips where an overnight stay with the dog would be prudent. You know, for safety reasons, too many flying hours in one day and all that. This week I flew down to Georgia in my plane and picked up River. A four month old Golden and Labrador Retriever mix, he is on his way to be a service animal for www.operationdeltadog.org . Awesome pooch, he mostly slept until we passed over some building cumulus clouds and wallowed around a bit, which got his attention. So I opened the top hatch of the dog crate and gave him some love. It was a great afternoon and evening playing with him. A bit too rough in the Chesapeake Bay to 'baptize' him as all retrievers should, but lots of fun nonetheless. He is a tough one to give up, especially when after dinner he casually cruised into the under-desk cubby hole my departed Golden loved so much. Dang this summer pollen, my eyes are watering up. I took him to New Hampshire the next day, he did not even bat an eye leaving me behind. Fickle beast! In all honesty, that is the Golden in him, they always seem to attach to whoever is around. I am sure he will be a great companion for someone who really needs him.
  20. You are jesting, I know, thanks to the big smiley. But who among us does not have that special place that is not our home? He has alluded to his fondness of the the desert roads many times. I bet his desktop / screensaver is a desert backdrop of some sort, I know mine is my special place.
  21. Saw that on the BBC news feed, made me miss my Dobson so very much. It needs a photo, not just a link:
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