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  1. SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY - NO SPOILERS. Because only the dogs on Main Street could understand. I needed until now to process what I witnessed. In a single word it is “Perfection”. It’s Bruce laying bare his life before you in the most intimately personal and hauntingly reflective way. Each song is perfectly timed and performed in a way you have never seen them performed before. The story telling when Bruce is quietly playing the piano would move the hardest of hearts. I had to pinch myself and pause my imagination as he sat at the piano that I wasn’t watching him sitting in his own home quietly playing to himself. Bruce is heavily reflecting on his life. He will make you cry, he will make you laugh, but mostly he will make you thankful you have had this man guide you and help you in your life’s journey and overcome all it’s troubles. My personal journey to Springsteen on Broadway was hard. My Dad passed away from Alzheimers after his 8 year battle, the very vday after I arrived in New York from Australia with my Mum. We had just had the most happy day in New York visiting Lady Liberty and then I received the news from my sister that Dad had passed away. I had to tell my Mum that Dad had just died. Bruce had so kindly and gently took a private letter from me on the line outside the theatre and I swear he looked directly at my Mum during the show. Bruce you will never know what that meant to my Mum and how you show heals broken hearts. To those who are still go look forward to your experience. My simple message to all fans is you MUST make this happen. No matter what it takes. And I believe in the Promised Land.
  2. Forgive me for asking when it's been asked before, but what time does Bruce and Patti arrive, and when do people start to wait?
  3. Forgive me for asking when it's been asked before, but what time does Bruce and Patti arrive and when do people get there to wait?
  4. Stop complainin'. I'll take every Springsteen album, and enjoy it for what is.
  5. It let me enter my phone number using my international code and then my mobile number. Whether it sends me anything, I've no idea. I presume it's only going to give very short notice.
  6. SOLVED. I used my phone, instead of a laptop, and the feature came up.
  7. SOLVED for me too @Wout. I used a phone, instead of a laptop, and the feature came up. Thanks @Chevrolet Deluxe .
  8. It must have something to do with being overseas as to why it does not appear. How did you get it to come up in the first place @Chevrolet Deluxe??? You must have changed something in Ticketmaster to be able to get access to it if you are overseas like me.
  9. @rosiejaneymary - Can you shed light as to how you were able to get access to this?
  10. How do I get this to come up? I don't see any sort of feature like this when I go to Ticketmaster.
  11. I'm lucky enough to be going on Jan 16 and I'm counting down already . Because I'm travelling all the bloody way across the world just for Bruce, if there was a chance to go again while I was there...I'd love to. Folks previously posted about some pop -up or drop-down that let Ticketmaster text you if a tickets for other shows became available. Is this a thing or not?
  12. My philosophy - life's short. Do it. I'm going in the middle of winter on Jan 16, but I wouldn't change a thing!
  13. Bruce has only had the one life. What do you expect in a show following the arc of the book and his life? I'm not rich (and definitely not a casual) and I'm looking forward to Jan 16 to see it. Ticket sales say you're wrong.
  14. Got Verified...but no code. Heartbroken. Anyone out there in the world got a spare code for an Aussie? (or only using theirs to buy a single ticket because I only want it to get one ticket.)