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  1. We are 7 in, I know when finished maybe tonight, we will be pissed there isn't more. Fabulous
  2. No!! Jim Rotello put out a sentence of a surprise on the radio station for 10am this morning. I've been a member of XM Radio and ESR for about 7 years now. I can count on two hands how many times Bruce has been on live on the radio station. So it is a surprise when Bruce shows up on it. I believe us as a board has blown it out of proportion.
  3. I already have 5-6 hours in before 10am. Are you a college student or a high school student? If you're good with answering if not we are good. But you should start practicing getting up earlier as it will be the rest of your life.
  4. OK Birthday girl, I mean Gus, is there a song you don't care for besides Harry's Place?
  5. Hey JB, we are picking off your D-Line by the day. Sheldon Day
  6. I'm glad you enjoy the show, really! 1. see in fourth grade i didn't like story time, much rather be out in the yard playing ball, sort of like Rock n Roll. And especially after hearing the same stories over and over again! Like Bruce did in the show. 2. All but The Wish and Long Time Coming, have much better versions elsewhere. 3. Was so excited about my favorite song from Nebraska being apart of this, My Father's House, absolutely horrible.
  7. Pep Guardiola has made a donation of €1m to help fight coronavirus in Spain.
  8. Hey, that's perfect, if you're into storytelling! And to me only two songs and stories are worth hearing on this thing: The Wish and Long Time Comin.
  9. Oh I haven't wasted my time on that show since the once through. Now I have listened to Passaic 9/20/78 about 15-20 times.