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  1. Can your boys put up a little battle v Brewers?
  2. Hello Judy, would you be kind enough and pin this thread
  3. OK, I'll stop smiling/tearing now. Thanks.
  4. OK, my one time a year. $100 on Colts minus 1 point v Atlanta Falcons $100 on the under 47 points.
  5. Shit, I miss all the fun. Can you send me the hi-lights viva PM? Oh wait, I think I noticed the delete post. Thanks. You can delete my letgo post now too. Because it makes no since since the other post have been deleted.
  6. Very nice pop song. At least you can bounce to this tune. Unlike a lot of the rest of the album.
  7. Yes(at least I thought so..) High School Baseball Pitcher/3rd Basemen. Went to the State final game two years in a row and lost. Still not over it 40 years latter. Do you believe your a good cook?
  8. Yep, I was a bit confused when I first turned on the match.