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  1. Surely not, What? I filed a complaint with a Trade Union here in town on Tuesday, they told me to shove it up my ass. Pretty much what the FA will do here. The FA overturned Son's Red card a week or so ago, did they replay the last 20 minutes Spurs played with 10? No. I don't care if the VAR goes with or against the club I support, it needs to go. That TTA hand ball was not in my book. If City would have just played in lieu of complaining about it maybe things could have been different.
  2. Oh Boy good thing you're not posting in the old FC.
  3. @doesthisbusstop, since there's no footie this weekend will you go again?
  4. I came in here wondering what people can still be saying about this tune. And this was the first unread quote. And it was perfect.....just perfect.
  5. I believe you can get a muddy sound from any brand guitar. It just more so with a Gibson. And even more so with a Les Paul than a SG or Flying V. It's funny I was watching docu on AXS TV last night on the start of heavy metal. And of course it starts with Led Zeppelin. The funny part is Jimmy Page stated out with a Telecaster and moved on to a Les Paul, while Bruce started with a Les Paul and moved on to a Telecaster.
  6. I'm no expert on total sound. But I can tell by just listening to the guitars on E-Street who's playing. Bruce - Muddy ( i Think Bruce should have stayed with the Les Paul myself) Steve- Muddier Nils- Crisp
  7. Good, hopefully the rest of the City players use the time for a rest. I bet he's on the starting squad this summer!
  8. Don't know why all the concern over Euro 2020, if Wembley is being used, there's the Emirates, Sanford Bridge, The House of Cheese. And that's just in London.
  9. Oh, I can see the Super Bowl in London one day. And it would be a huge hit. Now you're going to for with the French Open.
  10. Brilliant, Edward Norton is one of the best actors of our generation.