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  1. Has anyone started to listen yet? With ESR on a different schedule now a days, no concert at 11:00 here anymore, have to wait to 7:00pm for the next show! I like to listen before purchase, won't get fooled like I did on the Albany 77 show.
  2. Boston 07 - Danny's last full show Indy 08 - Danny's last performance Tampa 08 - First show after Danny's death
  3. Don't know how to say this without it sounding weird. But hear goes, this is middle piece to the Danny trifecta.
  4. Did you guys delete some post here? As I haven't checked in in this thread for a few days? I like a good scuffle now and then.
  5. Week 9 Arsenal 2 Villa 2 Chelsea 3 Norwich 0 Palace 1 Newcastle 1 Everton 2 Watford 1 Leeds 2 Wolves 1 Southampton 2 Burnley 0 Brighton 0 City 2 Brentford 1 Leicester 2 West Ham 2 Spurs 2 United 1 Liverpool 2
  6. Retro Baseball today brings you @JudgeBrown worst nightmare.
  7. Leave it til the weekend, for me. pay bills on-line or still write check's and mail
  8. This is not an argument! But the data base here(GL) states that it was recorded during the Darkness sessions. Just trying to keep my facts straight! Notes Originally recorded for Darkness on the Edge of Town
  9. Now there is nothing wrong with that list, Love it. But no Roulette? And I thought Bring on the Night was a Darkness tune? One of Bruce's most underrated songs, IMHO!
  10. But they used the wrong clip.........9/20/78 is better. I never realized the amazing guitar work on State Trooper?
  11. That makes no sense, and will come back to bite them. Unless there is something behind the scene's that I don't see?
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