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  1. Looking to cut some TV cost. Maybe going with Sling TV. Any good idea's for wireless antennas to pick up local channels? As Sling can't supply local channels.
  2. I have no response! That penalty shot was awful and just knew it would bit us in the ass. To think that maybe the last thing you could remember of Augero. BTW: should have had another penalty.
  3. I made the right call this morning. Decided to watch Dortmund v Leipzig(3-2) in lieu of Sheffield v Palace(0-1)
  4. Or the piano start of Point Blank during the 16' shows. Some of the most powerful music I ever witnessed.
  5. And the ESB tunes just seem to fit in this show in lieu of being jamb into the set! Correct thread now!
  6. And the ESB tunes just seem to fit in this show in lieu of being jamb into the set!
  7. I really don't believe I'm this excited about the release but I am, and grateful!
  8. Why? really I don't much like the studio version, but this sounds like so much fun!!! Don't know if there was video screens at the time but it would have perfect for this?
  9. Shit I'm only through Mans Job and have said that. Like I said in my earlier post Bruce is powerful and happy, seems to be a great combo! Moma is out of town this weekend and I have a lot to do in the yard, will be full on!
  10. Was listening on ESR, made it though Man's Job, fabulous!!!!!. Already in my file of music, will listen to the rest approx. at 5:00pm on the way home and over the weekend. Bruce's voice is so powerful and happy it seems to me. Darkness!!!! OMG!!!
  11. This could be the boost this series needs as some say! I say most anything will be welcome!
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