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  1. This and Steve's album release early next month. It would be a horse's ass to do this.
  2. No it's not 2012-2013, funny thing, it may never happen again. Or maybe not for a long time.
  3. Yep, what TJ said is mostly correct. I'm not a player, so I only drop in here now and than. But I do like to here what you all say. Most of the time i do learn something. But anyway if I was a guitar player, i would play this and this only.
  4. Another "kids show" I take it by the face? Chaifetz Arena is right across the street from where I work. Just saying. Plus the best BBQ in the Lou 2 block east. Pappy's outstanding.
  5. Nope Jungleland all the way. Just think how long it was to record the two different songs.
  6. @Jerseyfornia, can you tell Green Fox what this song is about?
  7. You and I must have been built out of the same mold. Noticed how i left KISS out?
  8. It appears in the first 20 minutes Cardiff is getting the screw job again.
  9. After watching this performance this morning, so far end of half. May need to re-think this.
  10. We have only gotten though the first two so far. Started Hanna last night.
  11. Why not? You'll be guarantee a great show every night. Better than some Acoustic stuff, that you get to sit on your hand the whole show. Already been though two years of that.