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  1. While fixing breakfast this morning. 1. Death to my Hometown - Nashville 2014 2. Wild Billy Circus Story - WIESS 3. High Hopes - High Hopes 4. Cadillac Ranch - London 81 5. Janey needs a Shooter -LTY Loved this set, Wild Billy isn't one of my favorites but works well in this set.
  2. I think maybe the timeline right? I don't believe the demand is correct? I believe people have been ruin, I mean people are scared to a point of never trusting anymore. I believe if there is a tour never next year will be in stadiums and only 20,000 allowed in, not by governments or event place but by the artists.
  3. Oh, I like the horns, just not on some tunes, as listed above. As in 2012-2013-2014 I don't believe Adam or Roulette was played with horns, I could be wrong but I haven't heard it.
  4. Well I knew you would be with me here! But what about the rest!
  5. Which one would you like for lets say $500m? Stones, Dais, LaPorte or Garcia? , It a nice offer!
  6. That's great! I dig about going to church, please stay safe! Our church is a cathedral type of church, and really the only time it packed to capacity is Easter and Christmas, you know the C&E's. . We always go to church the night before for the burning of the palms great experience.
  7. I promised myself to not to be negative as much I've been, as I love Bruce and his music. But I do need to ask one question, this isn't a negative post, just asking a question. Adam, Roulette with horns? Born to Run with out the Band?
  8. Yes, and I have to apologize for that. Forgot to ask Jackie, about Ash Wednesday, were you able to get your ashes? Was thinking of you. Damn Covid!
  9. What? I kind of enjoyed the President's view on what was discuss more then Bruce's. Really!
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