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  1. You're right, I don't like their music so haven't been following their careers. But what you just said makes their name change more likely a stunt. As I haven't heard about them in years.
  2. They did it for publicity, good or bad, just something to get them back on the front page their music is shit. No outrage here, just it's all very silly.
  3. No!, their music just sucks. And that's before the Bush comments.
  4. Ok, just watched the video posted, I got to go get some more. Never paid that much attention to them.
  5. So, for us who hate VAR, you (Villa) would have been fucked anyway. I didn't see this match. So can't comment about the foul.
  6. The Killers, Bruce and others, just release the music you have now. And write, record and produce another album while you're doing nothing else. By the time everything opens back up they should have 3- 4 album by then and tour with no older songs being played. I could be wrong but I don't believe tours sell albums anymore.
  7. This played on ESR today, heard about the middle hour piece of it. Wonderfull!!
  8. If you're a Glenn Campbell fan! If you're a RnR fan not so much.
  9. But will we be able to watch without paying for it?
  10. If the "Evil Cheese" is back next year, then Levy is cheaper then what his reputation is! What a nightmare!
  11. Week 35 Norwich 1 West Ham 3 Watford 2 Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1 Burnley 1 Sheffield 1 Chelsea 1 Brighton 1 Man City 2 Wolves 2 Everton 1 Villa 1 Palace 1 Spurs 1 Arsenal 2 Bournemouth 0 Leicester 2 Man U 2 Southampton 1
  12. I guess thats why I never heard of these thing before, as I thought he was a very "B" actor. And never watched unless force to.