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  1. Good, maybe it will save at least this season. @DarknessandHope are we good?
  2. Jimmy James

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    I was there a couple weeks ago. I'm learning!!
  3. Jimmy James

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    VVD too many yellows?
  4. Jimmy James

    Turn the guitar up

    No, why good or bad?
  5. I'm sick and tired of Growin Up. I hate all the stories, I flip the station every time it come on.
  6. Jimmy James

    One Or The Other

    Chocolate Chip SOB or any Archive series show
  7. Jimmy James

    the person below me

    Yes, Fabulous tpbm: has seen Hamilton
  8. Jimmy James

    Album Cover Tag

  9. Jimmy James

    Turn the guitar up

    Actually I believe Patti's part of this show are the best the show has to offer. IMHO But back on subject: Why would a mixer turn down a guitar solo? Isn't it the point of a solo? I semi-understand during a song but not during a solo.
  10. Jimmy James

    David Sancious (Rather Than Charlie)

    Thank you David for stepping aside to allow Roy to join. Couldn't have worked out better for the all of us.
  11. Jimmy James

    E Street Band health update

    If Bruce called today, I would be stunned if not everyone says lets go. But maybe Steven as he has a whole tour planned.
  12. Jimmy James

    The Manchester United thread

    So why aren't they being hit with a FFP thing?
  13. Jimmy James

    The Manchester United thread

    No City has been truly hated because of it ownership more than any other club, but maybe Newcastle
  14. Jimmy James

    Ryan Adams ...

    Have you noticed how easy it is to put you on tilt?