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  1. The best version of My Father's House is from the Christic shows
  2. I forgot that you're a Boston Bruin fan. We would have had fun in the Lions Den. @judyg. Lost a little bet to me. That went on for a couples weeks in the LOHAD'S
  3. I don't like to flood a thread with my silly comments. So this is my last. Are we voting for what's on the Nebraska album or other versions?
  4. Just to let everyone know, I'll be voting off The Price You Pay until it's truly off.
  5. And RJM...... how dare you. My Fathers House should be the winner.
  6. Please tell me you didn't enjoy this! What a horrible boring film.
  7. Are you a Spurs Supporter?
  8. That's the club's fault not his fault. Wouldn't we all take that deal. He will play sooner or later.
  9. I knew when we were all telling you to go, you weren't going to handle that part very well. I got a bit choked up also. And then to ruin the moment, when we got out of the theater I had to explain the whole part to my wife.
  10. Wife and I seen it over the weekend. 3/4 full theater with about 4 kids in theater. I believe Disney may be on to something, as our children grew up with the film, so did we the parents. And looking at the people in the theater they most likely are correct. This was absolutely fantastic. You didn't think you were watching animation.