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  1. Ok, so this has to be a pretty good statement. I have never seen a @AMIW like ever. So can someone help with this statement?
  2. The Red Baron https://www.stltoday.com/sports/hockey/professional/year-old-red-berenson-steals-the-show-as-blues-alumni/article_446499de-f209-5b33-9a43-fe7de740aa3f.html
  3. I had read somewhere that, that performance was the most nervous Brandon had ever been on stage before.
  4. I think VABOSSFAN is the biggest PJ fan here. And he had said most likely there will be a second leg to this tour. So hang in there.
  5. This made me happy this morning.
  6. Again, most likely Man U. will put out a B side(club, team, franchise) as they have to play Man City on Wednesday 2nd leg of the League Cup semi's.
  7. At least you will still be able to eat tomorrow! This club is amazing!!
  8. Heard it a handful of times now, almost has a Talking Heads vibe/beat to it.
  9. Well I'm going to be on this type of kick for a little while.