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  1. A Dozen How many snacks a day do you have on average?
  2. You new guys, really need to look over the forum before jumping in. This is like the 5th or 6th in the last two weeks. Maybe introduce yourself? Stick around have some fun! Or are you here just to hijack a few shows?
  3. Yesterday I shuffled Bruce while waiting on a meeting, today I shuffled the whole lot. Here's what I got.
  4. Not to say The River is bad or even anything close. But I think I've listen to side 1 like maybe 50 times more then the other 3 sides put together!
  5. House! Rainmaker, my lest favorite on the album. I'm not a big acoustic Bruce fan, but this last one with the House of a Thousand Guitars was perfect! Priest or Orphans
  6. Never heard of Pineapple on Hamburger, so Tomato which I love anyway! Lawn Mower: Gas, Electric or Battery?
  7. Light on or off doesn't matter to us. I like lights off for any movie to cut down on the glare. Will be having family over for dinner this week?
  8. Four Day Weekend Holiday I'm enjoying these more and more
  9. My Daughter tested negative yesterday and will be coming home for Thanksgiving!!!!
  10. 7-3 1st Place Indianapolis Colts. 13th place Manchester City
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