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  1. Boy, sweated that one out. But my boy and Jesus to the rescue
  2. Maybe the 11:30 central time Saturday game on NBC?
  3. Watched this 6 episode series last night. Great! content://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/16114160292771283758047.jpg
  4. Well my daughter gave us a year subscription to Peacock for Xmas. It's only $50.00 a year. Right now. They can always move footie to CNBC, MSNBC, USA, and so on
  5. Fire on the Mountain - The Marshall Tucker Band
  6. That how I like these answers, plain and simple, no controversy that way!
  7. @Daisey Jeep, all these names you hear on these types of threads are our Childhood hero's and Jim's young 20's hero's
  8. Matter as Fact I'm going to listen to this right now.
  9. What was the deposit amount? See i think it's totally wrong that these outlets can keep your money for no services. Last year I had tickets to see the Stones here in town $200.00 per. When they "Postpone" the show, ticketmaster said no refunds because the show was postpone. Bullshit, I took my complaint to FB and Twitter, hashtagged both Ticketmaster and Live Nation in. Had my money back in 10 days. Was talking to the CFO of our company just a week ago, he just got his money back! The show was to be back in June 2020. Can you imagine the money TM/LN made buy keep your money in the bank!
  10. See I have different ears than you guys, my Chicago Free Show sounds perfectly fine to me. As a matter of fact, I listened to this show I believe just this last weekend. The intro story after MMITC and before TTTB, lets go down to The River and see what we find, then the thunder of Max's drum to start The Ties That Bind, gets me every time.
  11. In the book “Sixty Feet, Six Inches,” Gibson said, “Frank Robinson might have been the best I ever saw at turning his anger into runs. He challenged you physically as soon as he stepped into the batter’s box, with half his body hanging over the plate. “His fearlessness played a tremendous part in making him the hitter he was. He practically dared you to clip him or knock him down and, when you did, he’d use it as intensity. He seemed to gain strength from it. If you couldn’t drive him off the plate _ and you couldn’t _ then you couldn’t take away his outside corner. “As a rule, I’m r
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