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  1. I agree with your first two with out a doubt. but the 84-85 shows I find Bruce talking too much. I thick Bruce is legend for how long his shows were in 84-85. But if you take out all the talking we have a 2 hour show here! (I know that is exaggerated)
  2. I enjoyed listening to the first half on ESR earlier. And I have purchased it and will give a proper listen tonight and tomorrow. But really don't I already have this in Atlanta? 15th Winterland? There will never be anything like 9/20/78. That was the height of Bruce.
  3. Excellent!! LOL!! Didn't know if I should have given that clip a laughing, Bruuuuuuce, a Heart or just a like emoji. Anyway I loved it!
  4. Grealish and Sancho have to be fuming about right now! Can I ask what wing would Sancho play? Haven't watched him much!
  5. So, I can't be a fan if I believe some of his last couple things done, I don't like? If liked everything that would make me a numb brained robot! theboro, are you a numb brained robot? I bet not since you been around since 2002. There is only a handful of "projects" that I don't care for, they all just seem to be all clumped together here at the end. When Bruce gets back to rockin on stage in 2022, all will be better.
  6. Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas
  7. Well it's been 10 years since the Cardinals last Championship! Last of 11!
  8. Retro Baseball: There are 8,318 hits in the photo
  9. @Eileen, @Rizla and @burghfan do I dare put a like or a smiley to this? burghfan won't understand so: Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs are arch enemies. Like Auburn v Alabama mean!
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