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  1. Lets Be Friends (Skin to Skin) - Bruce
  2. Been playing this little game on FB. You have one pitcher to pitch a perfect 9th inning of a World Series. And one Hitter to hit the winning RBI in a World Series. Here are mind: Pitcher: Really any doubt, Bob Gibson Hitter: A bit different, Tony Perez
  3. All things "Springsteen" are in The Circuit, "Grand Master"
  4. Fuck Covid, The Colts have a Foot problem. Nelson out now with a foot.
  5. They will always get to use their real name, the state of Puerto Rico!
  6. Hate to say this but we(wife gave up 4 episodes in) We moved on to "Your Honor" on Showtime, we did a free 7 day trial to get us to the end of Billions and continued with Bryan Cranston in "Your Honor". First and only season so far and maybe for good. Great 10 episode series.
  7. Just think, next year she will be holding the American Flag.
  8. But will he be saying the same thing when he's playing centerback about half way though the season!
  9. I think this is wrong, a foul is a foul is a foul. Doesn't matter where on the pitch it is. This will really hurt the smaller forwards (Sterling, Salah, Mane just to name a few) as they can get pushed off the ball easier then the bigger strikers, yet still be a foul in the box. Now if they dive then card them and move on.
  10. The Adults are Talking - The Strokes
  11. Thanks Jim, I'm in, but I'm terrible. Only took like 5 hours to pick my club! STL FC!!!
  12. After reading these comments, I'm kind of afraid to write this comment. But here we go: The Rising is most likely in the bottom quarter of favorite albums. Even though I enjoy a lot of the songs on it. Mary's Place, The Fuse, World's Apart, The Rising. But as an album as a whole haven't listened to it since I first got it.
  13. OK, young @Mumford, when you first started this thread we couldn't relate to "cool summer night" as we were in the middle a heat wave. 95-100 degrees F each day. Yesterday it broke. 85F very little humidity. Was at poolside most of the day and evening. Grilled some steaks and grill shrimp along with some veggies, while the pool lights were on along with a handful of Tiki torch's. Beautiful evening. Wife not a huge Bruce fan, I told her about this thread, but she said if we are going to listen to Bruce it would be side 4 of the River. So side 4 of the River it was. Not quite Nebraska!
  14. I guess it's not that bad as said above, I have told my wife most of this story. ZZ Top May 9 1980, (looked it up) Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Which is about 100 miles south of STL. Had no idea about the concert until about 1:00pm that afternoon, heard it on KSHE 95 Radio, big and powerful station. No tickets were available when we called, called a friend who was going to school there, said come on down we will get you in. So a pal and our girls went on down, we thought the worst case scenario is a road trip and a good time. We made it there with about a half-hour before the show. Our buddy Travis said to come around to the west entrance, which wasn't an entrance at all for this show. Security tried to stop us from coming in, my buddy and Travis pushed him down and ran into the venue, never seen that dude again. It was a signed seating but soon after the band started it wasn't anymore. a free for all to the stage. Which my Buddy, Travis and our gals were elbows on stage, in front of Dusty. What a great show. Gets a bit tricky from here, on our way home up Route 3 which at that time "we" thought was the only way home. We go though a bunch of little bitty hick towns. And what my buddy didn't tell us before leaving was he had a short in the headlamps for his car. So when the lamps got to hot they would shut off. So us genius' high on Yellow Jackets, weed and beer, said lets keep the lights on out here in the country area's and turn them off while traveling though the small towns. Surprisingly enough we made it. The part I haven't told my wife or daughter was the girls we had thought that was so cool we were happy at the of night and never left the car.
  15. My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink And I Don't Love Jesus - Jimmy Buffet
  16. Seen that this morning. Eason will be ready! Keep in mind top 2 O-line, top 3 running game. And top 10 defense!
  17. Just finished this weekend. TV series don't follow the books as the first book doesn't even have Bosch married yet, and in the TV show from episode 1 Harry's not married yet has a child with Eleanor Wish
  18. @JudgeBrown, I see you guys picked up Kris Bryant over the weekend! And dirty rotten Cubs also traded Rizzo to the Yankees. I was hoping the Cards would do the same with Molina with no such luck.
  19. What song do you think this sounds like. As I can't hear it as Bruce at all.
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