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  1. I Googled Hot Laker Chickies with Cricket Bat! And that came up!
  2. Oh, that won't upset me at all, now I don't care of Brady the person. But think he's the greatest QB of all-time. Stats and Super Bowls don't lie.
  3. Tenth, a American Football fan!!!!! Who's your team, if you have one? Love to see American Football has taken hold in China!
  4. 16 in a row for the Cardinals, new franchise record.
  5. Colts are looking great. Go to the game in 3 weeks v Houston.
  6. Has the $150m striker scored a PL goal yet?
  7. You know who will be by to give you a good ole spanking!
  8. I think you said it best either here or in some other thread, I think at this point of the season Pep will be not happy but satisfied with 2 points over the next two match's.
  9. https://www.kmov.com/news/mick-jagger-visits-the-arch-ahead-of-rolling-stones-concert-at-the-dome/article_84b11d56-1d3c-11ec-9760-63b65e3de66d.html?block_id=990844&fbclid=IwAR2hBYpkKGLUjVA7PmkAzRMWUV2nwqAsbUf68r3Vte9BO_qqWpvyr3d8zxs Mick at The Arch!
  10. I find this a very interesting argument. The two games before the CL final Chelsea found away to shut us out both times. I think it was him trying to find away to score against them. Two things happened in that match, one has something to do with no holding mid-fielder. And that was a perfect pass down the middle of the field. Mount will never be able to make that pass again. 1000 in 1 chance. Second part of this, (I'm sort of new to this sport), Chelsea had a "MAN" in there middle, Kante, one of the most outstanding matches from any one person I've ever seen. So in the end, Pep should have played a Holding Middle, and hope for penalties, that we haven't been good at all season.
  11. How is this tune sad, when Bruce has this big a smile on his face?
  12. That's exactly what I'm thinking when my wife buys this for me for Xmas. She doesn't get my(our) obsession. But I'm going to ask her to sit down and watch this one. the Blue Ray.
  13. Tears of saddest : I'll See You in My Dreams, sometimes I-Day, sometimes Racin in the Streets. Tears of Joy: alot but just to name a few, Burnin Train(thinking about the opening tune next tour), Candy's Room, (intro in this tune from River 16)Ties That Bind. Prove it All Night 9/20/78.
  14. I've Got A Rock n Roll Heart - Eric Clapton
  15. Cardinals have won 12 in a row. Doubleheader today with the stinking Cubs. Should be 2 very exciting 7 inning slow pitch softball games.
  16. After watching the trailer for this very excited, didn't think I would be, as I have the download already. Kind of reminds me of Tempe 80'. Nice Christmas present, yes I'll wait!
  17. OK, took a ride to Springfield Il for a job meeting. On the way back I decided to play one song(first full) from each of my Pre-Sets. 1. E-Street Radio - snippet "I'm on Fire", full - Where The Band Are - both Bruce 2. Little Steven's Underground Garage - Snippet - "In the City" Cocktail Slippers, full - Don't Look Back - Temptations 3. Classic Vinyl - No snippet right in the full - Rollin Down the Highway - BTO 4. U2X - Snippet - A Day Without Me - U2 - Full - Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga 5. The Bridge - snippet - Take It Easy - The Eagle, Full - Lucky Man - ELP 6. Pearl Jam Radio- no snippet Full- Hail Hail - Pearl Jam 7. Beatle Radio - snippet I Want To Hold Your Hand, Full - Happiness is a Warm Gun - The Beatles 8. Spectrum - snippet- Heart of Gold - Neil Young, Full- Heaven Beside You - Alice in Chains 9. 70's on 7 - Get Down Tonight - KC and the Sunshine Band 10. Ozzy's Boneyard - snippet - Godzilla - BOC, Full- Mr. Crowley - Ozzy 11. Margaritaville - People Get Up - Bob Marley 12. Phish Radio - snippet - Cities, full - Stash both Phish Pretty good day of music. except for that one!
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