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  1. Hello,

    I was on a business trip this week, Monday evening meet a customer at dinner in Schaumburg.

    Shaw's Crab House!!!!!!!:wub:

    WOW, what a great dinner, I don't drink wine, but the other three loved the wine list. And for four people eating and drinking wasn't totally outrageous. Semi, but not total.

    Was wondering if you have ever been there? And your thought's?



  2. OK Rob, just wondering? I remember when I first started posting here, that you had said something about being in sports media here in St. Louis. Then I've notice since I looked at your profile contact methods KFNS. Which brings me to ask: Rob King? And there was another Rob there at that time, but can't remember the name, either one?

    I'm just asking because I find it fun to kind of put a face or in this case a voice with the messages?

    But then again I'm thrown off by the Tampa Bay location and joined in 2002. The Rob that was on KFNS very popular at the time moved to I think Memphis. Again you?

    Just asking your secret is good with me. If you like to answer.


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