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  1. Didn't get to watch the game, as I had a ton of yard work to do, because vacation next week. Will have read the summary. My Sunday night just ended with a great result.
  2. I think these were just some friendly pokes. And good with that. But if you watched the match, it wouldn't have mattered if Lewandowski was playing in the middle for us.
  3. I love the fact that they would pick a place with plastic chairs and tables in the gravel.
  4. Dan my brother don't get so upset, that makes no sense. OK, I'm hoping I get my Bruce history right here, if I'm wrong or need some adjusting please do so. I believe before that East Berlin show, the promoter and government told Bruce "Born in the USA" was off limits. But Bruce felt the need to play it anyway. I "think" he needed to play it because of the people there needed to feel some kind freedom. Did you hear that crowd! BTW: Dancin in the Dark is his best known song!
  5. Dan, again very simplistic! Here's a two tune bit was the last time I seen BITUSA performed. First song is lovely, second song is an anthem!
  6. Blue Orchid - The White Stripes
  7. Thanks Dan, we have come a long way, haven't we. Actually I kind of thank the lack of the FC in that. I am very simplistic, naïve maybe not so much. An Anthem is part of Americana, even though some of these songs aren't American, they are part of us growing up history. 1. Stairway To Heaven, 2. Freebird, 3. 2112, 4. Born in the USA, 5. Layla, just to name a few. But I still don't think I answered your question what a anthem is. Best I can do is, that song that makes me(you) feel great!
  8. as they should be! If you feel my comments have been, please delete.
  9. Floom and Kooly have shown us how crazy our politics' have become. How the hell have you all become Bruce fans? I listen to all songs presented and think of nothing more then what they are Anthem's. OMG, we could sit here all day long picking apart Bruce and everyone else's tune. I'm going back to devil worshipping and Judas Priest, no Wokeism there at all.
  10. Yes, I find it a bit odd, that same pressure has been here all long. Should fans turn out in groves to see Wycombe on Tuesday night?
  11. Sirius XM radio is the best paid service/streaming service there is. You have to fight with them and threated to leave a copy times, but I get service for $6.77 per month. I'll lose a lot of other things before XM Radio. My pre-sets: 1. ESR, 2. Little Steven's Underground Garage, 3. Classic Vinyl, 4 U2X, 5. The Bridge(soft rock, Moma's Channel) 6. Pearl Jam Radio, 7. The Beatles Radio, 8. Spectrum(little bit of everything), 9. 70's on 7, 10. Ozzy's Boneyard, 11. Margaritaville, 12. Phish Radio
  12. But Spurs will be more then happy for the NFL come in and tear up their ground?
  13. I remember a few years back when U2 360 tour came to Busch Stadium- St. Louis. The Cardinals(baseball team) took up the whole playing surface and donated it to a local high school here. After U2 left, the cardinals installed a whole new field. This was during a 2 week break between the Cardinals being on the road and the All-Star break, which is mid-season.
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