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  1. I'm hoping you guys don't go down. What will it take in your mind in points to stay up? How many points (magic number)? I'll be pulling for you guys.
  2. Do you think he'll stay if you do go down? I'm hoping you guys don't.
  3. , I thought watching a Euro match a couple years back he was on the sideline. I must be wrong....again.
  4. Didn't this dude also Manage Chelsea and Galast...... (team from Turkey) for a while? Boy, this league changes and recycles manager/coaches more then the NFL. Why not start with a fresh new face. (every once in awhile?)
  5. Last Friday Night: You have to have a big imagination. But entertaining if you like action
  6. I know "Journey Right", but this is their first album in 1975. Pre Steve Perry by 10 years. If your not aware, give it a listen you'll be amazed. Of a Lifetime and Topaz are gems.
  7. Out washing the car today, ahead of the show tomorrow night. Beautiful day to and again tomorrow. Anyway have the Ipod on shuffle. and Blinded by the Light SSB came up. I believe thats better then the original.
  8. So 40 points is the magic number, not to be relegated?
  9. Canary in the Coalmine- The Police Livin on the Edge of the World - Bruce Smell of Teen Spirit - Nirvana Time - Pink Floyd The Rack's Song - The Decemberists
  10. Can I ask you guys, how the hell do I post a video like you have been doing? I can only seem to able to post a link to a video?
  11. Plus, I didn't give them much of a change against PSG, but really all they have to do is win 1-0 right? With the away goal?
  12. That's what I've been saying about my favorite Football team. "Man City"
  13. Matter as fact that would fit in perfect coming out of the River album into the second set?
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