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  1. Not like it use to be. Yogi, had a great "yogiism" about a place on The Hill, Rigazzi's Restaurant, "No one goes there anymore, because it's to busy"
  2. See I think we already have that "Great Album" with Letter To You. So Tour, Open with Burnin Train and close with I'll See You in My Dream, everything in between is up to Bruce.
  3. Number 8 there is a St. Louisan!
  4. Miracles do happen when you're gone for a week. Smokey never does this, that's why Moma snapped the pic.
  5. What the hell @burghfan, with the trolling.
  6. Finished a couple nights ago, thought it was pretty good over all.
  7. Yes! A little stat I seen yesterday. Cardinals and Dodgers have played 2031 times, Cardinals have a 3 game adventure right now.
  8. Welcome Dennis to the Lake. Enjoy
  9. Doing Andrew's job. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/04/football/claudio-ranieri-watford-manager-spt-intl/index.html
  10. I just think the kid is ready, and shouldn't delay his progress any longer. If Wentz wins, let's go.
  11. Pearl Jam No Code. You can barely read upper half of cover.
  12. Driving 12 hours to Florida tomorrow, listening to soft rock/pop the whole way. So I'm playing this one right now. And this one on the way home
  13. I could be wrong, be it been late like this the last few month's as ESR here in NA has changed their lineup. I'd look for something in the next hour or two, after all the new programing is over. 4:00pm Central Time, 10:00pm England time.
  14. It really doesn't matter. Still one and done. As hot as the Cardinals have been, rest is not what they need. Cards have Wainwright ready/set up for the buy in game. That's how weak this club is!
  15. I switched my avatar to support my club a bit more. As Man City will win by May anyway. Cardinals are one and done!
  16. I wasn't a Bruce fan back then. But I agree with all said here. I "would have loved this tour" as I do with the Live in Dublin CD.
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