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  1. I'm not a JM fan, but there is nothing wrong with this tune at all.
  2. Has anyone seen the set list from the STL show? If Bruce played a set list like that, people here would be saying kinds of nasty stuff.
  3. A month ago the Cardinals were 8 games out of the last playoff spot. Tonight they are the last team in. 17 in a row
  4. McDonald made the DB's very commercial and very rich, but took the soul out of the band. IMOH
  5. At least he didn't get schooled by that power Young Boys! Didn't get to watch the match as it's on a streaming service I refuse to pay for!
  6. I keep thinking the Cardinals went on this 16 game win streak to get to the second spot of the wild card to have to play the LA Dodgers and Max Scherzer. One and done as I see it. Hopefully not, but I just don't see it. Ning and @JudgeBrown will be rooting for us? No?
  7. And for I just to enjoy the music! We(wife and I) help out here and there also.
  8. This time next week, I'll be on the beach, hopefully without a care in the world. Most likely not.
  9. "Faces look ugly when you're alone" Hells Bells - ACDC
  10. Brighton could go top of league with a win today!
  11. I Googled Hot Laker Chickies with Cricket Bat! And that came up!
  12. Oh, that won't upset me at all, now I don't care of Brady the person. But think he's the greatest QB of all-time. Stats and Super Bowls don't lie.
  13. Tenth, a American Football fan!!!!! Who's your team, if you have one? Love to see American Football has taken hold in China!
  14. 16 in a row for the Cardinals, new franchise record.
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