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  1. But you know that Burnin Train is opening the show. Ghost will be next!
  2. I only brought it up because it was just out of the blue that he called and was so confident. Sick kitty also back to normal.
  3. I'm not much of a gambler at all. I put a wager on the Colts maybe once or twice a year. But a buddy of mine called tonight, who happens to be a semi-pro handicapper. I mean the dude has graphs, books and charts to come up with a semi logical result. Told me to take the 7 points and the Dolphins. And if I want to really gamble take the under 46. I did put a wager on the Dolphins and 7. Not on over/under.
  4. After a 6 day stay at the hospital. One of my boys are back. What a roller-coaster of a ride.
  5. There is a reason why this album is considered in the top 20 most important albums in Rock n Roll history. Thunder Road -Classic Bruce Tenth - Classic ESB Night- very underrated, one of my favorites Backstreets- Classic Bruce and ESB Born to Run - One of the reasons why we are all here She's the One - great RnR tune Meeting - took me along time to appreciate this tune, but very needed going into the next tune Jungleland- Clarence!!
  6. He's back! https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-agree-to-terms-with-cam-newton
  7. Premier league to start 8 days (Boxing Day) after World Cup final 2022. Seems a bit unfair for clubs with the majority of their players plays for their country. https://www.espn.com/soccer/english-premier-league/story/4518074/premier-league-to-restart-eight-days-after-2022-world-cup-final-in-calendar-shake-up
  8. If I remember correctly, Jointer was part of the team when Don Coryell took over, great years. I remember the last few years of the Big Red (St. Louis Cardinals Football) when the Cardinals were playing in the East, Cowboys, Redskins, Giants and Eagles. I forget the players name for the Big Red, but he scored a touchdown late in a game v the Redskins. Got up did his little dance, and Redskin defender, just tapped him on the shoulder and showed him the scoreboard. Redskins 34 Cardinals 10
  9. France's Tonya Harding! That's one way to get on the pitch! The next story down in that thread is interesting also. The French are something else!
  10. Bushy will be by shortly, with his Bushmaster.
  11. I think that maybe the worse cover Bruce has ever done! ^
  12. Looks as Jessica maybe explaining how the game is played!
  13. Must be cross threading here, as I have no idea what you are talking about.
  14. Boy I'm disappointed, I was expecting 2 big long paragraphs, with 3/4 of the words I would need to Google.
  15. I'm going with this one anyway, I only link the song and not the group. Back in the USSR - The Beatles
  16. Can I ask which one is the song, and which one is the group!
  17. Rushing the stage was a thing back in my day. I remember the Richie Blackmore/Rainbow concert I attended, in my early 20's. The main set ended and waiting for some kind of encore to start, I pushed my way to the front of stage. Blackmore came out himself and played a 5-6 minute guitar solo. At the end smashed up his guitar and threw pieces of it in the crowd. I got the guts of the Stratocaster. I took more punches to the upper body ever trying to get out of there. But worth every moment!
  18. oh, I guarantee they are going up! And what I don't get is people actually dig that!
  19. I'll leave most of this to the expert Jim CT. Federal Tax laws are for all, the differences are in state income tax. Like I listed above, there are a handful of states that don't have income tax.
  20. I remember you saying the one time your wife went with you. And she jumped out of her seat to go help your kids, she was afraid when the show first started and the mayhem that started on the floor. You said you calmed her down and said they would be OK. Hopefully I'm not putting words in your mouth. Was there any talk of the kids going to this show?
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