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  1. I haven't listen to this in 10 years. Gave my catalog a spin, and this came up. Why not!
  2. Good!! Celebrate sure! But keep in mind tackles and sacks for losses is your job! Boy I wish I could go over to my competitors office and pump out my chest and dance in their lobby every time I beat them out of a bid!
  3. No, I believe it was the out of town investment firm? Jamie doesn't have the balls. It would be a major twist if it does turn out to be him.
  4. Hey you Whiskey Runners, Another question or two? I know I could look this up on the net, but what's the fun in that. Does Penske have a team in this series? If so which Whiskey Runners Does The Boston Red Sox/Liverpool FC have a team in this series? If so which Whiskey Runners.
  5. Let's forget about that, and move on to Tennessee. Without Henry, still put an ass whooping on the Rams!
  6. Pretty great opening 2 hours. Hey what happened to the hidden message eye? So what's the trick to apply a hidden message?
  7. LB's tackling QB's, RB's and TE's by the ankles, happens just about every game! That why it isn't a story! Why didn't Burns address the media?
  8. I forgot to mention Saturday, our keeper actually made a save!
  9. I don't know exactly what you want here. But I believe this is the best Saint ever recorded!
  10. I'm sure there are players after every game saying shit was dirty! I really think a dirty play to me anyway is an intent to hurt!
  11. As I agree young Tenth maybe just a bit over the top with the Patriots'. I wouldn't call that a dirty play, just a reactionary play. Was he called for a penalty? It would be a dirty play if he tried to twist the guy ankle off!
  12. It's nice to see! As the defense has been a problem over the last few years. Where's Yadi?. Bader! , Yes you see him on Sports Center a lot, because he dives for everything, even when a nice running catch would have done nicely. No Arm? But nice hair! While I'm on my bandwagon, about Bader. And I know we didn't get to see all the highlights back in the day. But does anyone ever remembering seeing Paul Blair make a diving catch? No! because he ran the ball down. Played the shallowest centerfield ever.
  13. https://www.kmov.com/news/travis-scott-says-he-is-devastated-after-8-people-died-during-his-astroworld-festival/article_de643bd1-f6a0-5ba5-a65d-6af187d5481a.html?block_id=990844
  14. 8 people dead 13 in hospital. How terrifying must have this been. @sonicramone I know your kids are big fans, and you been to a couple shows. Hopefully you guys weren't there? https://www.facebook.com/454639950602/posts/10165833007490603/
  15. For having two of the best managers in football today, what a mess of a first half. No flow by either side.
  16. Cancelo crossed the ball into the box. Bailey tried to send it into the crowd, but the ball hit up his shin no control and into the net.
  17. OK, a win is a win. But after performance I now believe a main striker is needed. We should have won 5-0. But we passed the ball around the pitch nicely. DeGea was great today.
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