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  1. I saw Emmylou in Manchester in 1975 and also went to the Wembley Stadium show, where I thought the Band were easily the best that day.
  2. Hi Rob. The other concert was in Spring 1972. Initially set for February, there was an electric strike on at the time (year before the miners strike) and power was switched off indiscriminately. The Pink Floyd concert was in fact warned this may happen and they only played 2 numbers before the hall was emptied. A revised date was made for late March that year and this went without a hitch. They toured Dark Side of the Moon on the 1972 tour some 12 months before it was actually released. I have often wondered how much different the live 1972 version was to the eventual release in 1973. As far as I am aware there are no recordings of the 1972 tour available. I lost interest in them when they became really famous, but saw them for a final time in December 1974 in Bristol, which I think would have been the tour you saw. I had a few friends who couldn't get tickets to the show in Manchester which if my memory serves me correctly was at the Palace.
  3. 1. Pink Floyd. Manchester Free Trade Hall December 1970. The tickets had been on sale for some weeks before I rolled up to the shop selling the tickets, this 2 weeks before the concert and the man selling tickets said "oh this has concert is selling quite well, it might even sell out". 2 years later in order to see them I had to queue on the morning the tickets went on sale, (same shop) as I knew they would sell out in the first hours. 2. Rolling Stones. Belle Vue. Manchester September 1973. I was on the 4th row, the Stones were in my opinion at their peak, had released Goats Head Soup the week before, this was their first UK tour in years. 3. Bruce Springsteen. Manchester Apollo. May 1981. Don't really need to say anymore. 4. Bruce Springsteen. Manchester Etihad. June 2012. This concert has been discussed on this forum frequently. Best concert I have been to, and I am a United fan. 5. Joana Serrat. Manchester Gullivers. May 2016 Most intimate concert I have been to. In a back room of a pub, with about 20 people in attendance.
  4. Day 10. I was aware of Jason Isbell before this came out, I even had a copy of Here We Rest, but this made me realise how good he is. Also went back over the Drive By Truckers back catalogue as a result.
  5. You Never Cry Like A Lover, after One Of These Nights, my favourite Eagles song.
  6. Day 7. This started a passion I had for World Music
  7. Day 5 Bought on a whim. Probably most significant of the 10 .
  8. Have you tried listening to the version on The early years 1971 Reverbation?
  9. Apologies accepted. I still stand by what I said in the rest of the post though.