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  1. I believe the Help Dan wording will be on ALL shirts........just that the Shop has been a bit rushed to open ......so only got the one shirt mocked up to show at moment... I'm sure thats the position at mo but all shirts will have the HelpDan detail on it............(Which of course is VERY important for ongoing help and support)
  2. Great effort guys....keep up the fantastic work
  3. I wouldnt be too bothered about the odd comment on BTX ....
  4. Congrats to you guys and EVERYONE that might end up making and enjoying a difference with this idea / project
  5. Some form of Greasy Lake as a chest badge type thing would be great
  6. Was that not the guy who came on HERE yesterday and said...Damn wish id seen this thread first i just sold a few over on BTX.... Surely he can stop / block selling them over there now.... I mean....after all...it was YOUR ORIGINAL idea / T-Shirt And its for a GREAT cause
  7. I have put a post up on the T-Shirt thread over on BTX explaining that you guys here are hoping to create a fund raising effort with your version...be it the ORIGINAL idea etc And asking that people might hold on for your ones
  8. GREAT... Looking forward to ordering a few !!!
  9. Gotta make sure that they make plenty of money for Dan
  10. Is this not a great way to raise funds for young Daniel ??? These T-Shirts......i'd treat my family to a few if fund raising for Dan etc
  11. Yeah... I think its part of what makes Bruce........Bruce He connects with EVERYONE.... From top to bottom....Young and old
  12. Hahaha.. Didnt notice on the night but just seen Bruce mimicking hes hand movements..... Great moment
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