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  1. Wasnt me either, congrats to the winner, interested to see whats next.
  2. Yes Im in too another 500 entries here Fingers crossed for the win!!!
  3. Its new its the one I came home with, aling with a long sleeved SOB shirt, both brought from the smaller merch stall in the alleyway between the theatre and the hotel..its just before you enter through the security checks!
  4. Just more gossip that it will be extended..nothing exciting! Wish i hadnt waited in now...!
  5. Fox news following up coverage from last night by teasing Springsteen news/announcement/gossip at 9.00! I will be watching and report back..not another extension?
  6. Just popped down to the 7-11 on the corner of Broadway for more supplies and the roads closed and swarming with cops..i turned back they must be reading this!
  7. Just a 100 yards away from Radio City sitting in my hotel room watching, but after a day at the Brooklyn Brewery I might be tempted to rush the stage so sitting tight here with another beer!
  8. No I think we will be seff guided..I looked at the guided tour but in the end sadly it came down to money. Thank you again its been fantastic so far.
  9. Thank you were still talking about it! I think that the show has evolved and it felt that Bruce was more comfortable with the auidence participating..to a point, fortunately until the end the crowd were very well behaved, Bruce himself commenting on this! Yes will be heading out to Asbury later in the week, waiting for the good weather to arrive.
  10. I tried to write something last night but was simply too tired.. jet lag has hit hard this time... Its 5:30am now and im wide awake writing this, Im greatful because thats much better than 2.00am the time I woke yesterday. Last night was "my turn" the show I had been waiting for since December the show that thanks to a lucky PPI claim has become a 10 day adventure to New York! It was everything i hoped for and more. I want to start with Bruce himself, the night before we watched him arrive at the theatre he seemed to be struggling in his walking, last night no sign of this, Im pleased to report he looked fit and well and whilst I appreciate this wasnt an epic 4 hour stadium show come the end he seemed as fresh as at the start...again having given us his all! What really impressed me was the sound quality, it was amazing I could hear every note and although it was louder than I had expected still crystal clear.I loved the bits where Bruce sang away from the mic his voice still so powerful, the stage set lent itself to the story and the music. The songs, the stories left me in tears several times the love for Clarence, his family, aspects of his dads life that I can relate to it all really took me on an emotional ride, we spent the day at the 9/11 museum it gave meaning to "The Rising" an album that for me still reflects those terrible events and the need for more love in the world. I wont go through song by song everyone knows the set list by now but for me it was a perfect balance, it just so happens all my favourites were there and many I was hearing acoustically for the first time. The duets with Patti were a chance to again hear a couple of my favourite TOL tracks it was great to see the love between them! What did suprise me and something I wasnt expecting was the audience interaction, I overheard a comment on the way out " that tonight wasnt a show more like a concert" the atmosphere was incredible with Bruce responding to the crowd and even a passing Police car commenting "they coming to get me" I think during DITD it got a bit much with Bruce asking the crowd to "sit down relax, your scaring me!" Overall he seened so relaxed and at home. I will end by saying I loved it every second and feel very sad that its over, equally I feel very grateful to have the the opportunity to witness this amazing show, I took my wife whose not a fan even after dozens of shows she said with tears in her eyes "that was special" it was...
  11. Yes will look out for you..i need to find both my hotel and flight details before i leave currently feeling very disorganised! Im pretty sure hotels on Times Sq hence the closeness..safe flight.
  12. Yes thats a shame, I may well be lurking most nights hoping for some pics ... hotel is a 4 minute walk away so will probably pop down each day!
  13. Just 5 days before its my turn, making a holiday of it with a trip to NJ very much part of it, all ends with Def Leppard at MSG...flying Monday.
  14. Woke up an hour ago and first thought was "ticket" half asleep I checked..its still there! Just hope Im not dreaming