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  1. Been listening to the show for a couple hours. Love the full, deep mix of this concert. Where the e-street band is a raw, hard-rocking sound with clean, clear sounds, this band has that early 90's synth sound with deep bass. Good to have some variety when it comes to Bruce. It is fun to hear him reinvent his sound over and over and keep it fresh. Many are reluctant to change where I look at this as "experimenting".
  2. This is a difficult choice for me but for the following reasons; I look at it based on the movies that were released that give me a greater appreciation and depth of what Bruce was trying to convey on these albums. Western Stars is a true look at himself and society as a whole. Where they have been, where they are, and where they are headed. Letter to you is a professional look at the same thing. It almost felt like to me the letter was to the band and the fans for the 50 years of joy that music has brought to his life personally. John Landau holding back tears said it all to me. I see you in my dreams was a cinematic masterpiece. It showed that as much as we hate it, the end is near. When that is, nobody knows. But you could feel the emotion in the room and see the Satisfaction in Bruce's face of a job well done. It dears me up every and I told my daughter... You play that song at my funeral please. Enjoy the ride because at some point, the train stops and we have to get off.
  3. For a man that is 71, the magic is still there. You can tell that "Janey Needs A Shooter" was written in the 70s. It has that raw power from a man 40 plus years younger. It hits you like a freight train. "Letter to You" is the staple for me. It sums up nicely how he feels about the band and his fans. It's like the greatest gift to give at a time we need it. I wish people could just take a moment, separate politics and music and enjoy musicians and songwriters for the gift they have and give to us. This album was just what I needed, a smile.
  4. Paolo, I think you will be making a mistake by not seeing the film IF the interludes are not on the album. To me, it is the interludes that set the scene for the great performances that follow in the movie. I fell in love with this album even more after hearing the true meanings of what each song means to Bruce and what questions it creates for our own existence. This movie makes us take a deeper look at our life and our dealings with struggles in life. The line about baggage in the movie is spot on about the longer we live, the more unsorted baggage we carry is so true of someone dealing with depression. If you haven't been there, you don't understand the feeling of hopelessness that one has. What we see on stage is an act. it is a facade of what really goes on deep inside the mind of someone that battles everyday with that feeling of wanting to "see that sunshine". To truly understand "Bruce" and just how amazing his music is, you have to see the movie. Every song he writes is a tale of the meaning of being human. I don't want to give the movie away to those who haven't seen it but the movie did "speak to me". It made me question my existence in life and why I choose to do what I do. I perform on stage as well and not for an audience that is there to see me, but is forced to be there. Being a teacher, I have to put my struggles and problems aside and put on a show night after night. Performing for Bruce is his medicine. His opportunity for three hours, to allow his fans and himself, a chance to get away from the struggles of everyday life and just bask in the glow of his music. That is why music is so special.........It speaks to us in its own unique way. It's not "one size fits all". Is this the hard rocking E Street Band, NOPE. But for the message it sends, the strings bring the powerful message and the violin solo in "Stones" is as powerful for that song as the saxophone solo is in "Jungleland". This is why he is one of the best at what he does.
  5. just saw it myself and yes, you MUST see it in a theater with an amazing sound system!!!! Agree with the assessment about Stones, very powerful. Two great things about the movie without giving anything away. The sound mix is awesome and how they isolated Bruce’s voice to where to can hear every word to every song clearly brings the song into focus even more. i will see it again
  6. Looking very much forward to Saturday night and spending the evening seeing this with my 17 year old daughter. I think that quite a few of us on here have found something valuable from this album and I think that after seeing the movie, it will all become clear. Bruce is amazing at painting an image and allowing us to interpret it as we see it. I could see how a 22 year old might not "get it" while someone above the age of 40 might totally relate. There is something here for all of us. It is the "baggage" that Bruce refers to that makes this album so special. From losing love, to battling with depression, or just taking that long drive at sunset on the open road to just reflect on where we have been as a person. Life is what we make it and until the chapters have been written and we look back at the book and see where we have been, we truly don't appreciate the journey. That journey is reflective in both "Hitch Hikin" as he goes down life's "highway" at different stages. Or in "Hello Sunshine" where you struggle to get up in the morning and just hope that one day, the "sunshine" or "happiness" appears for just a moment to clear the cloudiness away from your life. This may be one of his best works because it is a reflective piece but people struggle because he didn't do in in a way that we would expect. But, just like life, we change and adapt and "slow down" a bit and in this album, he does just that.
  7. I'm sure there will be a blu-ray release in the next couple of months. We were all a bit surprised in June that there was even a theatrical release on the way. Warner Bros. will most surely want to cash in on this. It may not do as well at the theater but will sell well in blu-ray format. I am looking forward to the full sound experience.
  8. Just did a nice little side by side comparison of the two versions and you can hear how "smooth" his voice sounds in the studio version while the live version is vintage Bruce. The horns are well placed and his voice has that nice grizzle sound that makes it sound rugged like the western landscape. Can't wait to hear the rest of it. Bruce is like a handful of artist that I will take his live stuff over the studio stuff any day of the week. Only downside, which is minor is the background vocals are a bit overpowering at times but that is just a tiny flaw.
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