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  1. Seeing the apparent success of the vaccine rollout is bittersweet. Like most people, I pray it signals a road out of the darkness we’ve all felt over the last year or so. I lost my mum to COVID about 6 weeks ago. Would that have been the case if the vaccine had been about 6 months earlier? I’ll never know. Nor should I really expect it to have been. The speed it’s become available is both incredible and maybe also a bit open to question. Here’s hoping it’s the both the route out and the saving grace that’s so desperately needed.
  2. Not after that breakfast I’ve just put paid to!
  3. They seem ok without a striker to be fair. Agree on Lukaku. No way he works at City.
  4. Thought City were the pick in terms of where Haaland goes? He looks unstoppable at times.
  5. Looking forward to the game tonight. DCL out for Everton I think and maybe James too. I’ll be rooting for a dark blue win but think they’ve got their work cut out.
  6. The trolls/multi accounts will be quiet in their parents box rooms for a couple of nights more at least I guess. To be clear, I don’t mean Busstop here, he’s clearly a decent guy. Those others though, I mean literally no one even responds to them. Everyone got them on ignore??
  7. They played well tonight. Thiago looked more settled in Europe and I thought Jones/Henderson/New centre back were all really good. Salah is just an incredible footballer.
  8. Fullbacks definitely look like they’ve dropped off. Part of that is because the press isn’t there meaning the opposition is normally in shape and there’s less spaces to hit.
  9. Not sure if he can play the lad from Preston but I think he needs to go with two natural centre backs. Not only do you miss Henderson in the middle but that Thiago looks a liability without two engines alongside him. He looked every bit as good as his rep suggested at first but he looks like he’s had a few cans of special brew pre kick off lately.
  10. So. He wasn’t actually involved this weekend?
  11. Leipzig look a handful going forward. Who you think he’ll go with at CB?
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