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  1. Indeed. It’s also the casual “reformed war criminal” comment. Just a mere trivial matter.
  2. By the way - the previous post is not about the political content but more about the ability to put forth such unpopular, and to be honest, cringe inducing opinions. Guy is starting to come across as a bit of a helmet at times on Twitter.
  3. On the subject of unpopular opinions..... This is an atrocity of an opinion. A reformed war criminal!!
  4. I can’t agree with that. I don’t think many, if any, of these characters are plodding on happily. They might be reflecting on bad decisions but there’s a recognition of the damage they’ve caused. Mostly the damage is irreparable in one way or another. I don’t find it downbeat or depressing. Just honest.
  5. If I were Ancelotti I may be thinking tactically about what result Napoli would like to get against them in one of the ties.
  6. Just seen it. Not a pen. Liverpool fans can’t really complain - got a few decisions last year. The whole VAR thing is getting confusing though. Are they even bothering to use it? Some weird lack of use on occasions in a few games.
  7. Cracking game first half. Thought both sides looked top notch but the quality faded second half. Mane and Firmino were terrible I thought. Not seen the penalty. Clear cut?
  8. I suspect a fair few were derailed before this particular train skidded to a halt.
  9. She’ll be under the bastard if she’s listened to the SVZ “reimagining” He’s shown her a tune can change.
  10. To be fair it’s highly unlikely Stevie is breaking news in terms of Western Stars material given his audience. Agreed that it’s a nice touch as a mate though. I reckon Bruce has laid more than enough opportunity and platform for Stevie over the years. I hope Eileen thanked him for what he’s done for Steve when she met him! (Insert smiley face thing here to indicate general playfullnes!)