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  1. Sounds like he’s been on the disco biscuits most of the time.
  2. Max sounds like he’s punching someone head in on this album. The drumming is a standout. And Charlie too.
  3. Janey marginally pips it for me. Orphans growing on me.
  4. Ridiculously so. Absolutely smoking. Charlie blows it away on the outro.
  5. The harmonica solo in Janey might be his best in the studio since The River
  6. What about that lyric that suggested he was goddamn proud to be an american or something? Tracks 4??
  7. I only thought One Minute and Rainmaker sounded like older recordings.
  8. How do they compare with the versions you heard at that listening party?? Looks like there was a lyric change in the Power of Prayer.
  9. Can not get into Rainmaker at all. The rest I think are pretty great. Even LTY works better as part of it although I’d have both the singles down at the bottom of the pile. Janey could be amongst my favourite ever studio pieces. Vocal is spellbinding on it. Same goes for Priest. That little trio of Last Man, Prayer and Guitars are great modern day Bruce tracks that really work. Sax on Prayer is Bobby Jean like. Having been a bit mixed on his studio work since Joad (Magic apart) I’m delighted by how much I rate this and Western Stars.
  10. Really like that middle 3 of Last Man, Prayer and 1000 Guitars.
  11. Rainmaker my least favourite so far. Can’t quite get into that one. Opener is a nice little intro although it’s very Joad like in the vocal. Don’t think I can pick a fault with Burnin’ Train through to House of A Thousand Guitars. Really like them all. Some great lyrics in 1000 Guiitars, particularly the one about the bitter and the bored searching for the lost chord. Janey is another level of good. Priest is just mind blowing. Orphans - least favourite of the older songs but fun to hear it with the band. I’ll See You In My Dreams is a really nice closer.
  12. Heads just fallen off listening to If I Was The Priest. Bloody hell.
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