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  1. Really can’t see the leagues completing now. On one hand it wouldn’t feel right if they did but on the other sports fans would at least have something to smile or grimace about. Sport is sort of simultaneously one of the most trivial things in the world but also never more important.
  2. It was a totally different world. Way less media influence. Certainly a very different type of media influence. I think it was a brasher world back then, more likely to take risks.
  3. I definitely agree on the mindset point. If this had happened in 1990 there would have been a hugely different response. For better or worse. We are where we are as a society though. Social media has forever changed our exposure to messaging and the worlds events. Suffocatingly so.
  4. I do think it’s very likely we never see Bruce tour again. At least not outside the US.
  5. Ok. I’ve probably got a top 3 that contains I’ll Work, Devils Arcade and Girls. Some incredible songs on that album. Girls is one of his absolute best.
  6. Not a bad tune but it’s up against some serious competition on that album. I’d rank it as “very good” but short of “great”.
  7. I’ve spent most of the season wanting Liverpool to win the PL just so I can laugh at United fans. I now just want anyone to win it so things seem a bit more normal again. I’ve a mother with cancer, a father with diabetes, an uncle with a heart condition, a 96 year old grandmother and a wife and family of my own. I bet most people on here have family set ups that look similar. It’s pretty scary the impact this thing could have on all of us. It will move on in time but right now it is all encompassing and affecting lots of people in different ways. Some things are definitely more important than football. PS. When I said before I now just want anyone to win the PL.... Clearly I meant anyone apart from United. There are some things even this Coronavirus caper will never change.
  8. I think there is a real chance the season is declared void. This is goIng to be around for a while. As well as impacting this season you wonder when 2020/21 will actually start.
  9. Ah well - you can’t get the final every year! Should have put them to bed inside 90 to be honest. Should still win the league. God knows when though.
  10. At the time I was a bit underwhelmed by the shows I saw on the Reunion tour. I’ve come to appreciate it more with hindsight though.
  11. Fernandes watch. Only saw the first half but he looked decent. Clever thinking for the goal. Should have done better with a headed chance. Starting to think he’s maybe not very top level but he’s certainly improving this side. Always involved.
  12. The key thing for LFC is the fact they could now win it before the inevitable happens and matches are played behind closed doors.
  13. Thought he was poor today. He’s a decent centre half but no more than that.