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  1. Worse thing that could happen for the anti LFC brigade is that this side doesn’t bust the 100 plus mark. History appears to tell you that recently.
  2. I’m the other way I think. Give me as much new material via new records as he can. Archve stuff wouldn’t go amiss either of course!! Less bothered about a tour unless it’s majorly scaled down band wise.
  3. Don’t think he cheated to be honest. It was just an awful decision. Think he expected to get clipped but it didn’t happen.
  4. Started off well but you could see them lose heart after that bizarre penalty decision.
  5. As bad a penalty decision as I’ve seen. The fact VAR hasn’t over ruled that is just baffling.
  6. Couple of random questions for the Liverpool fans: - how much is Salah worth? - who’s the best captain Henderson or Gerrard? Going past 90 points in consecutive seasons is some going. The measure of this side for me is not necessarily how they play football but the consistency and ability to come back from 2 narrow misses to win the 2 biggest prizes in football. Like a machine.
  7. Definitely a part of it. Liverpool seem to be relying on creating future contingency plans rather than buy to replace so let’s see how that works for them.
  8. Greenwood absolute class. Maguire is seriously going backwards. The price tag is bonkers. I’ll not start worrying till they look like they might actually win it though.
  9. I’d disagree with that comment about City being a better side than Liverpool. They definitely play better football. No question about that. The league answers the question about whether they are a better side this season. I don’t think it’s about hunger, they’re just not consistent enough defensively.
  10. Well, aside from winning the Prem I guess.
  11. Crazy game. Thought Liverpool started well but then fell away terribly after the second. Mane was absolutely awful. Good on City for getting into them like that. Next season (with fans) is going to be a cracker. Clearly these two are the standard setters but there’s a good few that will be pushing them.
  12. You need a new keeper. De Gea is starting to decline and whilst Romero maybe the best number 2 in the PL he’s probably not your right number 1. Maguire is average and I don’t think Shaw is good enough either. Wan Bissaka is class. Stick a top class CB alongside slab head and bring in quality left back and keeper and you should challenge. Having Pogba and Fernandes alone guarantees you win games you’ve drawn or lost in recent seasons.
  13. On paper that attacking line up is ridiculously good.
  14. He’s great fun to watch but I’ve still got this feeling he’ll ultimately frustrate. That shoot on sight thing could get tired. Very creative though.
  15. The only game I forgot there wasn’t a crowd was Chelsea City