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  2. Just tried but saying there’s an error. I’ll try again.
  3. Aniello just posted a brief video clip on Insta in the studio. Pretty sure it’s Bruce’s voice you can hear in the background.
  4. I can’t think of a scenario where that statement is not an applicable response to be honest.
  5. And get ready for this tripe to be repeated as endlessly as the Klopp’s a clown, serial loser, Bale to United, “Zizou to United”, the DNA is back, Ole at the wheel, last year was THEIR CHANCE etc, etc drivel. All of it a load of old bollocks of course.
  6. If they can’t beat us, regardless of what side they put out, they really do need to just hang it up.
  7. I once spent an afternoon wondering whether Steve’s weight gain and singing style could lead to Bruce wiring his jaw shut. Think about the multiple benefits. Mind you he’d probably tweet more so, for every wish, there comes a curse I suppose.
  8. I can see why why united fans love and identify with Little Ole so much. He can’t answer a question without mentioning Liverpool can he. Just seen his latest press conference and he’s at it again.
  9. Just watching the game now with a stinking hangover. Wolves really are a good side to watch. Traore unplayable at times. Perfect goal from them to equalise. Liverpool just have such great balance throughout the side. Keeper is absolute class and obviously Van Dijk at the very top of his game. Id still say that City side of last season are the best PL team I’ve ever seen but this lot aren’t far behind. Love to see Wolves break into top 4 next season.
  10. So we now know the answer. The bus didn’t stop.
  11. Still can’t believe that happened. Might be hard for us to lift it physically after that but what a night. Sunday is going to be huge.
  12. Aaaaaaswsaassaqarbshydbbhxjdjdjjdjekwkkwlakskskskskskskskddkdkdkkddkdkkddkkddkdkdkkdkdkdhwgqgsicn aakozkdmskks!!!’nnnnn!!!!!!!!!!! Gettttt iiiiinnn. bring on the SHITE!
  13. I think we have an outside, albeit very small, chance. Pearson has done a top job since he’s come in but I agree they may focus on the PL position. Bloody hope so!! Getting through to then face that lot would just be perfect!