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  1. Agreed. Nils is technically superb but it’s all coming from the right place too.
  2. They need a solid keeper behind the likes of Stones. Someone in the mould of a young Alan Rough or Jim Leighton perhaps.
  3. No idea how that pen hasn’t been given. No idea how City only scored 1. Fabinho is a monster. Salah brilliant I thought too. United fans day took a turn for the worse didn’t it. Goodo.
  4. Smashing them Serbian 4th place sides to pieces!
  5. VAR was still used and the decision on the back of that intervention looks wrong.
  6. Son definitely not at fault there.
  7. How and why was the handball not given against Dele? I get it wasn’t intentional but that’s a pen under the current rules surely??
  8. Son hasn't broke his leg. It was the next collision.
  9. Great that “Tony” is back though.
  10. Calling that Firmino goal offside is worrying.
  11. Thankfully, he is the manager of Manchester United. Ideally he shall remain so for a long time.
  12. Ole looking like a smack head in the post match interview.
  13. And that’s all I was guilty of at that wake last week. I still can’t understand why the wife was so upset.
  14. I thought the shows were fun. They almost always are. They just seemed a bit odd to me.
  15. Agreed - I personally thought The River RebootTour was the most pointless thing he’s done so far.