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  1. Most important song in his whole catalogue. It is quintessential Bruce and condenses everything he’s about into one burning, simmering explosion. Rage, loss, fear, nothingness and triumph. Greatest last verse he’s ever written too. Racing is maybe just a fraction behind it. Only a fraction mind.
  2. BTN is a great shout. I love Saint and also For You but, personally, maybe think they’re just short of masterpieces. Darkness is one for me. Something In The Night definitely is.
  3. “Tonight the riders on sunset, are smothered in the Santa Ana winds” is certainly a Masterpiece in Seconds. What a line.
  4. Hell yes. Love that song. Chuck in If I Should Fall behind too please.
  5. One Step Up, Brilliant Disguise come to mind. I think they’re the amongst the neatest, most effective and truest songs he’s ever written. Promised Land would definitely feature along with Sandy, Incident, NYCS, both of the “Born....”, Racing and Moonlight Motel. There’s tons of others.
  6. Love the album version. Wasn’t keen on it live though.
  7. 80m for Maguire????? Ha ha ha. Absolutely fleeced if that’s true.
  8. Saw them against Tranmere last week where we received our usual pre season hammering. I think you may have a player on your hands with that Hoever kid. He came on second half and just had that look about him.
  9. Aye. Sounds like he’s been on a 5 day bender and someone’s trying to dry bum him.
  10. I’m already intrigued as to what other stuff they played with the album. I remember reading he was a bit pissed at what he saw as a less than stellar reaction to Wrecking Ball. Good he’s got such a positive response to what is a tremendous record with Western Stars.