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  1. No way I could do my top 100 with any conviction. A few things I do know though... - Rockaway The Days would not feature in it - Promised Land would always be numero uno - Racing in the Street and Brilliant Disguise would always feature in the top 5
  2. The best team won full stop. They are just a better side.
  3. Good win but a strange Madrid performance. Hope you win it.
  4. Even though I’ve missed going the game, I’ve completely got used to watching it on the TV without fans in there. Probably because I don’t support the sides that play televised football but even so. Shows what you can get used to.
  5. I’d watch Back to the Future every time it was on TV. What a film.
  6. Rumours now it may not be as close as thought.
  7. Sancho a done deal virtually it seems. I will admit that it’s a concerning development.
  8. It’s certainly not bad but I don’t think it would make my top half of the best songs on that album.
  9. Really think Werner will absolutely kill it in the Prem
  10. Super Cups def shouldn’t be counted. I’m not sure about the WCC thing. Bit of fun but somehow more meaningful than the SC.
  11. Not sure to be honest - shields won’t be in there
  12. Patting yourself on the back there.
  13. Rumours of Jimenez to united. Great buy if true.
  14. I’m hazarding a guess that anyone checking your search history features as number 6.
  15. How do you balance your time between this and your National Front commitments?
  16. I like Ake well enough but I’m not sure he’s the type of player City need to fix that back line.