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  1. I think he’ll be up for doing that. Whether the owners buy into that is a different matter. He’s a great legacy at LFC already of building a team that improved over a number of seasons until they reached the goals set of them. I also think the theory that almost refuses to acknowledge excellence unless they “do it time and time again” is a bit thin. The stratosphere that contains those sorts of managers is minuscule and reserved for the likes of Ferguson, Paisley, Shankly, Stein and (possibly Clough). What Klopp has done with a club that fell such a way from their glory years is incredible and he deserves that recognition no matter what happens now. The modern mentality of players, fans and owners is embarrassing far removed from those of pre Prem years and that has to be factored in too.
  2. He’s written his name into the legend there regardless of what happens.
  3. Doesn’t seem this move has landed particularly well. The advert seems to have picked up a bit of stick whilst SVZ on Twitter is saying it’s not an ad. I don’t follow that. It’s clearly an advert. Nice message or not. He rarely puts a foot wrong (outside of his fanbase) but this just seems really off.
  4. I think he’s there for a bit longer. Even in this mad world he has to be close on unsackable?? Back to back CL finalists, one CL, one PL, World Club Cup, Super Cup in 3 years. That is some run and then throw in they only lost a couple of games across 2 seasons. Their fanbase needed to get used to losing games. Even as a sympathiser for all the Merseyside clubs, and staunch ABU, I was starting to find their social media presence a bit grating.
  5. No, but just as his attitude has inspired them in other seasons it will rub off negatively this.
  6. Maybe there is a burn out effect from how his sides play or maybe it was something else. I’m a huge fan of him but I seriously think the way he’s carrying on is part of the team form issue. Losing his rag with everyone, blaming everything around him. It’s been fascinating to watch what he’s done with the team he built. Let’s see if he can come back from a tough spell.
  7. Ha ha, you may have mentioned this one before!!
  8. Get the ignore on like everyone on the Lions Den has. Haven’t read a word the prick has said in months.
  9. Maybe he’s just resting his shoulders after lifting just about everything in the last 3 years? Needs give himself a slap and stop moaning though.
  10. Yeah, fair point in the City comparison. Hard to tell if the players have almost given up for the season or whether they’ve hit the wall after ridiculous levels of consistency for 3 or 4 years. Im not sure I’ve seen them create a chance at Anfield in the last 3 games? It’s weird.
  11. Whilst blatantly ignoring the fact it was a human that got the decision wrong...
  12. Should bloody hope so. Terrible referee and, aside from his choice of football team, a bit of a bellend in general.
  13. Keane making sense here. Bad champions. I think that’s fair. Klopp needs to stop whining. They’ll be right back in it next season but FSG needs to get the dosh out. Firmino is gone, Wijnaldum will be gone, Henderson only has a few seasons left. They’ve been ridiculous for about 3 seasons but it’s probably rebuild time now. Will the owners back it?? I’m not so sure.
  14. Premier league title “race” over again it seems! No one even challenging for it by the looks of things.
  15. You can’t even blame the injuries in full. No press or pace. Feels like the players are just waiting for next season. Really odd.
  16. No. Repeatedly using that narrative style over similar images is beginning to feel cliched. Did it with WS, Letter To You and this. Western Stars is a fantastic album.
  17. It’s also such a Western Stars outtake. That slow narrative, no matter how well written, backed by plaintive scores and sweeping camera work has become a bit cliched real fast.
  18. Oh, undoubtedly there is some underlying metaphor that makes total sense.
  19. 100%. Sounds like even Landau was surprised so let’s not talk about the dreaded Bruce Inc.
  20. I thought that. Rather odd but tequila seems to be a very important part of the recent image. Wouldn’t have thought alcohol and cars were the most ideal of bedfellows.
  21. Even the story of him agreeing to do it has to be an act of grandeur and majesty. He’s got this game wrapped up to be fair.
  22. It’s the very best type of marketing and, be under no illusion, this is an absolutely huge coup for Jeep as a way of selling more product. Nice accompanying words or not it’s an ad to sell Jeeps. I’m not jumping up and down in rage about it but it is what it is.
  23. I suppose it’s in the “expected the unexpected” vein that’s been a common one for quite a while. Morello touring with the band, whole album shows, Broadway and its ticket prices, recording an album live with the band, long lost 70s numbers appearing on albums etc. The form book has been tossed out the window a long time ago. The overall impact of Bruce being less predictable has been good although I’m not so keen on this decision.
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