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  1. Glad that yellow didn’t rule him out now!!
  2. Some awful keeping on display there tonight. United winning nowt this season are they.
  3. This is a damming verdict from a man who must have seen some shambolic, shameful football in his time!
  4. I think he’d stick for a Europa season for sure. I do think Salah/Mane would leave and you couldn’t blame them. Only a season or two of real prime left. If they qualify for CL (huge if) they will be bang back at it again next season though. Enjoy it while you can ha ha! Genuinely pivotal season!!
  5. I’m not sure how well he suits you to be honest. As you say, maybe different with a first choice midfield around him. I just think Klopp has to trust the new signings at the back and shore up the midfield as a result.
  6. There hasn’t been much room for memes in amongst all the trophies for LFC last few years to be fair!
  7. Said it before but I think you’ll struggle to finish top 4. Not winning the title isn’t a disaster but not finishing top 4 could be. I think a lot will depend on how the new centre backs settle. If they fit in, you get your midfield back too. What are your thoughts on Thiago so far?
  8. Could see Salah and Mane out the door if top 4 slips......
  9. Couldn’t lose at home and now can’t win! Top 4 will be a real struggle.
  10. Chance of a rare Busstop two night shift on the cards here! Liverpool so pedestrian.
  11. Post when you’re winning, you only post when you’re winning.....
  12. Frankenstein’s monster misses the Everton game.
  13. That’ll smart a touch. Can’t lose this one surely.
  14. You may, or may not, get a response later tonight.
  15. I like him. Looked decent whenever I’ve seen him play.
  16. No idea if that Kabak is any good or not but I also don’t understand how LFC have got away with a loan deal and an option to buy?? Should have had their pants yanked firmly down given the well known defensive absences.
  17. It is the most bizarre of seasons to be fair
  18. Salah is 19 goals behind Ryan Giggs. 491 games less apparently. Definitely hit less women than Giggs.
  19. Hard to understand a season where Liverpool get beat 7 - 2 with Van Dijk, fail to score in god knows how many games then play some of the best football they’ve played all season with some of the strangest line ups. Oddest season.
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