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  1. Ole, after the game, said that whenever you leave Arsenal feeling like you should have won then it’s a step forward. Erm...
  2. Carragher, screeching bellend that he is is, makes a very valid point there. City with no strikers and Liverpool with no defenders. This was uniteds chance.
  3. He was never going to play more than a game or so at a time anyway though. This just means you’ll miss him in the big games.
  4. Ha ha. Better than being one of them who only pipes up after a game. Indeed - Wi Fi issues continue until at least Saturday!
  5. Henderson and Prawn Crackers at the back!! Expect last nights Wi-Fi issues to be fully resolved by about 21:50!!
  6. Played some great stuff these last few weeks. Look on fire and probably hitting form at the right time.
  7. What was that defending about for their second?
  8. Must be issues with WiFi in some homes this evening. Been so busy on here lately. Doubtless the issues will be resolved as soon Son and Kane have finished beasting whatever back 4 monstrosity Liverpool throw out tomorrow.
  9. Was watching the Ev game. Leicester looked good second half. Anyway, just seen the Sheff winner. That defending was beyond belief ha ha.
  10. But what character. Technicians. Still can’t see Liverpool in there but as long as United don’t win it all is well with the footballing world at least!
  11. I don’t think I could possibly put it better than that ha ha. Brilliant and very accurate. I’d omit the tribal piece to be fair. Simple idiocy is suitable.
  12. City nailed on. Fancy Leicester. Surely United. Just can’t see Liverpool getting in there. Logically how can you give the defensive situation. I’ll go Everton or Chelsea. Bout you?
  13. Form is only temporary. Plenty of clowns out there calling him a fraud.
  14. Title well gone. The defence is literally 2 centre mids or one CM and Matip. No way on earth it can be done. Top 4 is unlikely I think.
  15. That wasn’t a pop at you by the way - although you did call them a “mid table side” not too long ago ha ha.
  16. Maybe Leicester stay in it. Can’t see anyone else getting involved given the various situations and challenges they face. United will blip soon (I hope!). City have shown they can do it for long periods. CL could distract them. We’ll see.
  17. All those idiots pulling the “Peps a fraud” card not too long ago. Chewed crayons everywhere ha ha.
  18. Hard to see Liverpool coping with the likes of Kane, Son, Antonio etc with their current defensive situation. Top 4 could look fanciful by Sunday night...
  19. Pep vs Ole down the straight. United gone too early.
  20. Apparently not allowed back in to say his goodbyes to the team. Roman is cold.
  21. Not so sure. I thought the same at first but he never looked like he enjoyed what he was doing to me!
  22. Load of shouts for the owners heads on social media from Liverpool fans. Don’t quite get that. Bought in top level players over the past 3 years and spent huge money on a keeper and CB. Modern game is a mad world. Fans need to accept success isn’t guaranteed every season. If a first Prem title in 30 years, two CL finals, 1 CL win, 1 world club and another euro trophy in the past 2 years isn’t enough to buy some calm when things don’t go right then following the game can’t be much fun.
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