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  1. Signs a few of the Liverpool side were playing themselves back into better form. They’ll take some positives from the game probably.
  2. Really good game. Either side could have won it. Nice to hear one without Neville and Carragher too.
  3. Just seen the LFC upcoming fixture list. On current form it’s not hard to make a case for no points from the next 6!!
  4. Not sure too many drop off quite so much as LFC have though - not given how great they’ve been. Still only 6 points but it’s hard to see them turn it around. Look totally shot.
  5. Fans will be back next season - income will go through the roof.
  6. Side is broken. Maybe it’s the mad consistency over 3 seasons or heads gone over the injuries but something badly wrong. Time to accept top isn’t a given, cash in on Salah and Mane and rebuild. They've won the lot with this squad.
  7. Now I actually thought that was a pen for the tackle on Fred.
  8. Definitely agree on the defensive front. Thought Shaqiri played well. I think Klopp recognised United midfield isn’t exactly packed with running and picked a 3 to out play them. That bit was right in the first 60 or so. Fernandes looked out his depth up against Thiago.
  9. Rarely has the term “number 1 with a billet” been more appropriate (or inappropriate).
  10. City started slow but are picking up the pace. Liverpool clearly regressed due to injuries, Everton/Spurs/United improved to varying levels. Leicester also showing signs that they could be more reliable as top 4 contenders. Those sides apart the level is probably about the same.
  11. Last year it was suggested the champions domination was partly due to a drop in quality overall. Does the closeness suggest this year the quality is improved or just reflective in part of the bizarre circumstances? I think most of the games I’ve seen have been pretty good. No fans clearly impacting of course.
  12. Yeah, does feel like they’ve written it off.
  13. The front 3 will come back into form. Too good not to. The loss of CBs is hurting their midfield too.
  14. Do Liverpool even finish top 4 if they don’t buy a CB??
  15. 6 points dropped by United in games they should have won (Leicester) and or games when whey played title contenders at bad points form wise (City and Liverpool).
  16. They’re missing Fabinho in the middle big time. City should dick them. You should have. Both front threes were crap. Fernandes a passenger too.
  17. If ever a game needed fans...... Great result for City. United looked more likely to win but a real chance missed for them. Two midfielders at CB and clearly in poor form - that game was there for United. Liverpool winning nowt this year I think. Probably same goes for United.
  18. Listened to the album for the first time in ages today. Such a warmth to it - really enjoyed hearing it again.
  19. Was disappointed at the time as I really wanted an acoustic set. Having seen what Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc put together I still think it was a big opportunity missed. Show is decent enough.
  20. Hmmm. Point still a better point for you than them though. Liverpool need to win this. I’m not downplaying you because you are playing such good football at times regardless, but I can only imagine the damage a wily forward like Cavani could do playing against which ever junior CB partners a natural DM at the back on Sunday! Liverpool look jaded and maybe at the end of their cycle.
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