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  1. To be fair the injuries you’ve had are beyond safeguarding against. Apart from Matip I guess. He’s never going to be reliable. I’m a huge Klopp fan but I do agree with those who think he’s not helping his side this year. Seems to think the worlds against him.
  2. In the current circumstances this would be mine:
  3. Everton might still finish top 4. Great manager and they’ve bought pretty well.
  4. Nailed on top 2 unless they go deep in the CL.
  5. Had their chances but looked wary of pulling the trigger.
  6. Playing some nice stuff today. They’ll still be amongst it.
  7. Tranmere actually got to the ground today before being told it was off. Instances in both camps. What a farce that his.
  8. Congratulations to Manchester United. Just glanced at Twitter and it seems you’ve won the league. Incredible stuff from wee Ole.
  9. Also, the comparison bar may be a low one, but Fred has improved. Think you look more dangerous with Pogba and Cavani starting on the bench. It’s a threat to change the game when you need it. Still don’t think you’ll win it though.
  10. He seems to be somewhat of a loose canon doesn’t he.
  11. Ha ha. I somehow doubt that. Anyway, a happy new year to you and indeed La Busstop. Wishing you all the best.
  12. Bloody hell, you’re posting a lot more this season than last I’m sure it’s just a coincidence
  13. RIP - a good age but still very sad at any time.
  14. To use our comrade Mr Busstops, own well used phrase. For United, surely this is “THEIR CHANCE”. City all at sea, Spurs off the pace, Leicester and Everton never going to win it, Liverpool with a CM at centre half and a combo of prawn crackers and Prof Hawkins alongside him. It’s now or not for a looong time.
  15. 3 positive cases? If that’s true I’m surprised it got postponed.
  16. They are. Changes so fast though. Look at Spurs.
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