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  1. Looks like the significance heaped upon Fat Frank telling Klopp to “fuck off” the night he lifted the Prem title (not long after he’d lifted the Club World Cup, the Super Cup and the CL) turned out to be a touch flimsy. A horrible, horrible club Chelsea with a largely horrific fan base but I always liked Lampard as a footballer. Seems a bit of a tit since he turned manager.
  2. Fat Sam still talking up the genius of his point like Bilic hadn’t recently got one at City too. No issue with the way he sets his sides up but he really is an awful individual.
  3. First postponement of the season in the prem? Surely only a matter of time before there are no fans anywhere again too.
  4. Liverpool may have thrown away points against WBA today but think about the ones they’ve got away with. Missed penalties when they played Man City and Brighton plus they were absolutely awful against Fulham. On balance they’re lucky to be top still I’d say.
  5. The sort of man who would think nothing of eating a roast dinner whilst on the toilet.
  6. Although I suspect no man alive smells more of flatulence and Kouros than Big Sam. Especially at Xmas.
  7. They created more than Liverpool second half. If sides can’t break them down it their own problem. Liverpool were awful second half and wasteful in the first.
  8. I get what you mean but think you got Wolves and Villa (??) next. Neither are a walk in the park although you’d start favourites I think.
  9. Why do you say that? It’s the next game that applies to I’d say. A lot can change in 3 weeks for both sides.
  10. Chelsea and Southampton results going Uniteds way although Villa ahead of them if they win their game in hand. Such a better watch with most teams dropping points everywhere.
  11. Nearly a Cavani assisted winner. Bad drop that. Maguire starts off the first Leicester equaliser and the look of despair as the camera pans in on his face following the next one finishes the second perfectly.
  12. Yeah. Songwise (and as a complete work) Western Stars is way out in front of most of what he’s ever done never mind LTY. Letter To You is a real emotional grab though, packed with really good songs and incredible playing from the band.
  13. I always felt the stories were a bit too self aware and syrupy on the BITUSA tour. A bit more forced and contrived. The one before Racing is awful. The 75 and 78 stuff just feels more natural to me. They didn’t always have to be long either - that little set up on the 78 Thunder Road about the dirt road is perfect. The “preach” thing on 10th and Working on a Dream sits only behind root canal work sans anaesthetic in terms of its ability to inflict pain upon me. Terrible.
  14. I remember being horribly wrong about Ibrahimovic. Never really rated him before he went to United. Could be the same with Cavani. Looks really clever.
  15. Exactly the same here. I used to listen to live stuff over studio constantly. That’s totally flipped in recent years. Funny how you change.
  16. Probably not the best time to mention how good that young Leeds keeper has been so far this season. Neville and Tyler’s comments about Leeds fans were interesting I thought!
  17. Well he ain’t dragging himself out of this imaginary financial abyss with this 1978 boxset is he.
  18. You’d think he was selling £5 kids meal deals for a tenner. This is a collection of shows recorded over 40 years ago that most fans probably already have in one format or another. It’s absolutely the very definition of non essential, luxury item when it come to Bruce stuff. No idea what people are moaning about.
  19. Some of you clearly have a limited grip of reality if you think he’s selling stuff to fund lifestyle choices at this stage. I’d suggest he’s not glancing at the calendar and working out how long there is until payday.
  20. Bloody hell, it’s not like he’s not been fairly busy! By all accounts there’s a tracks 2 coming soon anyway. The gates are open like they’ve never been before. I would have killed for this and the live series years ago but now I’m just not into it. Heard it all before over and over and I’m good with that. The flow will continue for years to come. Take what you want and leave the rest. It’s all good.
  21. I grew tired of him for a bit too. I moaned plenty. I realise how tedious it was. That Jertucky fella said it the other day. He’s a man of contradictions. We all are. But in this case it’s just available product. There’s no harm done.
  22. So if you want the CDs it’s about 13 USD (9 and a bit quid) per CD. Hardly daylight robbery. People have been skint in times of a pandemic or not. That’s just life.
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