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  1. 0 for 2 in my predictions. Go figure. Anyway, it's been a fun series to watch...even if my teams went home weeks ago. Astros v. Nats should make for a fun but low-rated World Series. I'm done with predictions, but I'd like to see Verlander or Cole take a loss in one of the games just to make it interesting. Strasbourg, Scherzer, Verlander, Cole....four future hall of famers?
  2. So funny when they depicted Bruce in the private plane. Like that would ever happen!
  3. And, you don't feel the need to cherry pick songs. To get the whole picture, you need to listen from song A on side one thru song Z on side B.....kind of like you wouldn't watch a great movie and then turn it off half way through. That is Born to Run for me.
  4. 1977, arguably the greatest year in rock n roll since 1967.
  5. I was not. Obviously, it was a big deal around here, but the 1982 show in Louisville was my first chance at seeing The Who. BTW, did you know that Roger has been back to the area on his own accord recently to visit a memorial that was set up in a town outside of Cincinnati for a couple of the kids that perished in the stampede. Very big of him to pay his respects that way. Nearly 40 years ago, three Finneytown High School students died at The Who concert at Riverfront Coliseum in Downtown Cincinnati. Over the summer, The Who's lead singer Roger Daltrey returned to Cincinnati to meet with organizers and supporters of the P.E.M. Memorial Scholarship Fund, a fund set up in remembrance of those students. RESLV, a video agency based in Greater Cincinnati, captured the visit and produced a mini-documentary The P.E.M. Memorial Scholarship Fund was founded in August of 2010 in remembrance of Stephan Preston, Jackie Eckerle, and Karen Morrison. Those three Finneytown students were among the 11 people killed prior to The Who concert on Dec. 3, 1979. A crowd of 2,000 people rushed to get inside the Riverfront Coliseum to try to see The Who practice before their performance. The 11 victims were from Ohio and Kentucky and ranged in age from 15 to 27.
  6. Does anyone recognize this poster from the The Who's "final" tour in 1982? I am now the proud owner of this from an eBay sale, but I have no idea about the origin of it. Not shown in the picture is the word "Salute" at top of the poster. It's very difficult to find anything about this....I'm guessing that it is from a radio station promo, but then I would expect the station's call letters to be on there as well. Anyway, if anyone recognizes this from anywhere, I'd appreciate a little background.
  7. Surprising to see the Nats do so well against the Cards. Sure, good pitching will beat good hitting, but the Cards seem more solid from top to bottom. But, that's baseball for ya!
  8. I know that he has a fantastic band behind him, Charlie Sexton, Matt Chamberlain, etc., but it's hard to enjoy if you don't recognize the song until 3/4's of the way through it.
  9. So, is this something that you will go and see? I've had trouble understanding him the last couple of times I've seen him, though I did read a review that his first show on this tour was really terrific. He's playing the Cincy area next month. I don't think I can get my wife to go, but I might ask my brother to come down. Would love to see further reviews on how he enunciates this time around.
  10. T. Rex - Yes Doobie Bros. - Yes The rest? No. So many great ones missing: Peter Frampton, The Smiths, Sonic Youth, The Replacements, Jethro Tull, The Jam, Willie Nelson, just to name a few.
  11. Nice interview. I like it. Thanks for posting. The last answer reminds me of the old saying that George Harrison added to one of his Beatles songs..."the farther one travels, the less one knows."
  12. Agreed. Just don't think you need knee slides and jumping off of pianos to pull off a successful stadium show. Bruce has plenty of energy and makes his way around the stage pretty well. I say, while I prefer arena shows, Bruce is up for the task of a great stadium show.