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  1. For the Week of December 9, 2019 1. LSU 2. Ohio State 3. Clemson 4. Oklahoma 5. Georgia 6. Florida 7. Oregon 8. Baylor 9. Alabama 9. Auburn 11. Wisconsin 12. Utah 13. Penn State 14. Notre Dame 15. Memphis 16. Minnesota 17. Michigan 18. Boise State 19. Iowa 20. Appalachian State 21. Navy 22. USC 23. Cincinnati 24. Air Force 25. Oklahoma State
  2. Definitely lost some of the best posts in the history of Greasy Lake because of disruption. What a shame!
  3. One of my favorites....gotta say the title track is always a winner at parties. Great beat, Stones at their peak, and words a little dirty. Just the best.
  4. Michigan managed to draw 112,000 fans (at least for the first half) to watch this beatdown...again. Although, I did hear a lot of cheering over the radio during OSU scores.
  5. The scoreboard in Michigan Stadium read: Ohio State 56, Michigan 27. For a record eighth consecutive year, the Buckeyes beat their archrival, turning the sport’s greatest rivalry into their own personal fantasyland, except it’s reality. And for the fourth time in Jim Harbaugh’s five years as Michigan head coach, the Wolverines lost to the Buckeyes by double digits — 29, 29, 23, and 11. Ohio State used its superior offensive line to bully Michigan, opening up Grand Canyon-sized holes, as the Buckeyes rushed for 264 yards on 50 carries, an average of more than five yards per touch. Michigan’s defensive line was mauled by OSU, a massive mismatch where the outcome is often decided. For Michigan, it’s another third-place finish in the Big Ten East and a trip to either the Citrus or Holiday bowls. And 364 days of disappointment and questions. “They played really well,” Harbaugh said of Ohio State. “They made those plays, they made those drives, they got those stops, and they played good football.”
  6. BTW, some local commentators are suggesting that next year in Columbus, the Ohio State v. Michigan game have a running clock for the second half as a way to ease the pain felt by Michigan fans, players and coaches. In the last two meetings, Ohio State has scored 118 points....which might come across as running up the score even though OSU coaches put the brakes on during their last couple of drives. I personally don't think a running clock is necessary, but it's out there.
  7. Yes, I read that OSU and LSU are definitely in no matter what happens during their Championship conference games. A couple of College Football Playoff contenders fell to the wayside on Saturday, and in doing so, helped to clinch berths in the playoff for current No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 LSU. Even if the Buckeyes and Tigers wind up 12-1 with losses in their respective conference championship games, the strength of their schedules and dominance over the course of the season will place them ahead of even 12-1 conference champions from the Big 12 or Pac-12.
  8. For the week of December 1, 2019 1. LSU 2. Ohio State 3. Clemson 4. Georgia 5. Utah 6. Oklahoma 7. Florida 8. Baylor 9. Alabama 10. Wisconsin 11. Auburn 12. Penn State 13. Oregon 14. Notre Dame 15. Minnesota 16. Memphis 17. Michigan 18. Iowa 19. Boise State 20. Appalachian State 21. Cincinnati 22. Virginia 23. Navy 24. USC 25. Air Force
  9. College football starts tonight and carries through a very busy weekend. Great matchups include: Oregon St. at Ohio State Washington at Auburn Tennessee vs. West Virginia and of course, Michigan at Notre Dame