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  1. WASHINGTON -- As Reds right fielder Aristides Aquino keeps lifting baseballs out of ballparks, the sensation and buzz about the rookie’s awe-inducing power continues to crescendo. With a two-run home run in the eighth inning, Aquino made history again during a 7-6 Reds’ loss to the Nationals on Monday. It was his eighth home run in 12 career games, which set a new Major League record. “A lot of us say we’ve never seen anything like it and that would explain it. It’s never happened before,” Reds manager David Bell said. “The great thing is with the success, just the way he’s handling it, just his maturity level, he’s handled it with a lot of poise. We believe in him. We believe he’s going to keep going. ....... So far, the Reds have been able to retrieve all of the balls Aquino has hit into the seats. “I want to give those balls to special people I have in the Dominican,” Aquino said. In 11 games since he was called up from Triple-A Louisville on Aug. 1, Aquino is batting .429 (15-for-35) with 16 RBIs. That means his eight homers account for 53.3 percent of all his hits. Aquino, who had one big league at-bat last season, has also notched at least one RBI in seven consecutive games. The franchise record is 10 by Joe Morgan in 1976. “I think the timing has been perfect,” Aquino said of his early success. “God has a plan, and I just want to go out there and do the best I can do.”
  2. I guess this means that I once donated to Planned Parenthood. At least it was voluntary and not based on a set of unfortunate circumstances.
  3. Memories (Can't Wait) on the live "The Name of This Band...." album is maybe my favorite version of any Talking Heads song.
  4. Excellent photo, and great info on the re-issue. Very doubtful that they changed up the setlists during that tour.
  5. Don't know why this one isn't more popular with the kids.....
  6. Just read the story. Amazing piece of baseball humanity.
  7. If you like beautiful pop devolving into rocking noise, you've come to the right place...
  8. Oh, now I've bored you, crying my life away....
  9. Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World - The Ramones