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  1. My son plays club hockey down in Cincinnati. By no means "good hockey", but it's fun and he gets a chance to hit and get hit on occasion. Anyway, they've teamed up with their brother school out of Louisville to play at Nationwide Arena in Columbus this Saturday immediately after the Blue Jackets v. NJ Devils game. Should be a great memory playing on the same ice as the big guys....really looking forward to it.
  2. Not bad for a first year year could be a toughie though. Final 2019 AP Top 25 1. LSU (62) 15-0 2. Clemson 14-1 3. Ohio State 13-1 4. Georgia 12-2 5. Oregon 12-2 6. Florida 11-2 7. Oklahoma 12-2 8. Alabama 11-2 9. Penn State 11-2 10. Minnesota 11-2 11. Wisconsin 10-4 12. Notre Dame 11-2 13. Baylor 11-3 14. Auburn 9-4 15. Iowa 10-3 16. Utah 11-3 17. Memphis 12-2 18. Michigan 9-4 19. Appalachian State 13-1 20. Navy 11-2 21. Cincinnati 11-3 22. Air Force 11-2 23. Boise State 12-2 24. UCF 10-3 25. Texas 8-5
  3. Awesome that they are going through STL. I hope to catch them in Nashville. Do we know if there is an opener in the US? Expecting a fall tour as well.
  4. Wow, this looks fun!! What a band and what a day this must have been!!
  5. Very, very sad. What a tremendous talent.
  6. I've always wanted to request The Beatles' "I'm Down". I think it would be perfect for the E Street Band. It's short. It's fun. It rocks. And, it's about unrequited love. Perfect! Brings a smile to my face to watch this again.
  7. Here's another great live, gritty rendition of the song "Money" from Swedish TV in 1963....
  8. One of my favorite live Beatles' renditions. Shows that they still had that gritty rock 'n roll showmanship that they must have had in the Hamburg days....
  9. Apparently, just you and Greta Thunberg.
  10. I don't think there is really a question on his ability to make people laugh.
  11. Let me throw out a 'for instance' here. If I keep saying over and over that I am a 'Champion of Women', does that actually make me a "Champion of Women"? No, of course not. But, doing or saying things that reflect on me being a "Champion of Women" may actually cause you and others to see me as the true "Champion of Women" that I am. Does that make sense?
  12. And a heck of a nice person. My wife met him in Cincinnati, and he couldn't have been nicer.
  13. But at the same time, you'll never hear any plumber say, "hey, before I get that clog out, can I tell you how happy I am that women have the right to decide about their own bodies?" I think that was the gist of his admonition. Basically, you're not that important. You're not that smart. No one wants to hear about your take on world events anymore than they want to hear the grocery cashiers take on world events. Grab your award. Thank your agent, your mum and your plastic surgeon and skidaddle. Look at Ellen Degeneres as an example. I've said it before....that woman is a saint and a role model. She doesn't have to tell us that women are strong, or powerful, or victims or anything else. She leads by example by being kind, genuinely funny and an equally opportunity enjoyer. Her speech was long, but terrific.