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  1. I can't remember which meltdown event this occurred in over the past three and a half years, but I'm sure it was glorious.
  2. Heck, I would marry him if he gave me a VG+ copy of the Butcher cover album.
  3. Looks like Eddy might be the first copier of said lyrics. But, I don't think copiers should get all hot and bothered if they get copied. True dat?
  4. Wait! He was on the Mets too?
  5. We have a publicity photo of Bruce hanging in our basement (one of several) that was signed by Bruce and given to Mrs. Sonic after an Indianapolis show during the Born in the USA tour. She was given his harmonica too. But, she didn't meet him. They were passed back by a friend who worked backstage. She also has a signed ticket from a Columbus after show during the Rising tour. Those are the only autographs. She has a few pictures with him as well....Montreal, Chicago and the book signing in Cincinnati. (I always seem to be the picture taker. )
  6. 7/11/95 was my first pJ show....and one of my favorite concerts ever. Really an exciting event that Mrs. Sonic and I felt lucky to be able to attend. Didn't even have tickets....had to pay the guards to get in the place.
  7. On the less known, but more powerful side of the ledger.....
  8. Can't have a discussion of trios without the Po-po...
  9. Probably on his feet or in his closet at home.
  10. That's a 147 years of A-list rock n roll in that picture. I wish that John were still here. He'd be 80 this year.
  11. I know that this helps you nada, but the show was July 5, 2016 ....and it was a very nice setlist! Neil Young + Promise of the Real After the Gold Rush Heart of Gold The Needle and the Damage Done Razor Love Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) Out on the Weekend Human Highway Here We Are in the Years Someday Unknown Legend Winterlong Words (Between the Lines of Age) Alabama Bad Fog of Loneliness Love to Burn Mansion on the Hill Fuckin' Up Western Hero Vampire Blues After the Garden Seed Justice Wolf Moon Revolution Blues Rockin' in the Free World Cortez the Killer
  12. Back to the topic at hand.....
  13. My birth year. You'd think I would know better. They used to play this song on 97X during my college years. It fit the format of catchy, alternative power pop, but every other song played was from the early 80's....Replacements, Smiths, XTC, etc. Kind of like the old WHFS format in Balti/DC. Anyway, thanks for the reminder. Great song!
  14. Nice call on that song. Haven't heard it for a long time, but I love it. I've never been sure if that was an older song from the 60's or a contemporary song from the 80's when I first heard it. Adding it to my spotify list now!