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  1. Where does one buy an inflatable trash can?
  2. Someone tied a proverbial cement block to the Reds' leg and threw them into the Ohio River.
  3. Didn't George play guitar on this track? That says something.
  4. Let's end the season now. Reds #1, baby!!!
  5. Cubs got a measly 4 hits in their 7-0 loss to Milwaukee today.
  6. @JimCT It's a life-long bucket list adventure for me. Fortunately, I have 4 willing accomplices in my immediate family who also like to visit ballparks and tour the surrounding cities. At this point, I've been to more than I haven't.....but as new parks pop-up, my list keeps growing. Still need to get to: Seattle, SF*, AZ, Denver*, KC, Arlington, Houston, MN, Atlanta*, Miami*, NYY*, NYM and Toronto. *Visited the old stadium, but not the newest one. Surprising new favorites were Detroit and Pittsburgh, but still hold Fenway and Wrigley as my all-time best.
  7. I only engage yo honor the memory of @bbb He’s the man!!!
  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/03/30/no-georgias-new-voting-law-is-not-return-jim-crow/ another good non-FoxNews article about the GA law. It’s an opinion piece, but makes some logical and clarifying points.
  9. @JimCT Love your approach to this, but there are some serious bones of contention here especially in the “racist” angle introduced by the left. Here is a very fair, straight-forward article from ABC News regarding the reality of the new GA law. Jim Crow on steroids? I dont think so. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/breaking-claims-georgias-election-law-true/story?id=76897349&cid=clicksource_4380645_3_heads_hero_live_hero_hed
  10. My yard at home is covered in snow from a morning snow squall. Hopefully, it will all be melted by first pitch.
  11. Reds still get their first game at home, but about ten years ago when MLB started doing a Sunday night ESPN game as the first game of the season, the tradition ended. Now, they are just another opening day game, but we do parades, flyovers, etc. still (no parade this year though). 13,000 allowed in the stadium, mandatory masking....though that sounds like overreach since we will not have anyone sitting by us except our group...and we'll be outside.
  12. Jimmy, I will be at the game this afternoon with my wife and two of my kids rooting on the Reds. Very happy and blessed to be able to see live baseball again but it is turning out to be the coldest or one of the coldest opening days in Reds' history. I think we will top out at 39F today. I'm not expecting great things out of my club this year....probably just sit back and watch the Cards clobber them again. But, baseball is baseball, and as long as it's Opening Day, there is still hope! GO REDS!!!!!
  13. He's 17 going on 12. These days there is typically a parent that oversees their kid on their high school Senior spring break. Once they're in college, all bets are off.
  14. Later this month, I'm going on a road trip with my son and two of his friends for his spring break....eleven hours to the panhandle of Florida. Little does he know that it will be his captive indoctrination into quality my music! It's about time for him to chill on the rap records and get a good dose of the Ramones, Feelies, Replacements, X, Sonic Youth and Guided by Voices among many others. He's already well versed on Bruce, Petty, The Who and Led Zeppelin. Should be a lot of fun!
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