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  1. Maybe because Rolling Stone magazine has been the leading rock 'n roll publication for the past 50+ years.....at least until the internet showed up.
  2. Ironically, in the lifespan of rock 'n roll, Rolling Stone is hammering the last nail in the coffin.
  3. I'm a big Replacements fan, but to put "Left of the Dial" (one of their minor, throwaway hits) ahead of "Atlantic City", "Jungleland" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" is silly.
  4. Yeah, any list that puts "Layla", "My Generation" and "Purple Haze" significantly behind Britney Spears' "....One More Time" needs to do some serious soul-searching.
  5. Apparently, the best rock n' roll songs are now R&B, soul and rap songs. Let's show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Dan.
  6. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-songs-of-all-time-1224767/ A "sign-of-the-times" listing of the "500 Greatest Songs of All-time". This follows their re-do of the top 500 albums of all-time from about a year ago. Bruce's top ranking song is at 27 with "Born to Run". Strangely, only one Bob Dylan and no Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, The Ramones, Pearl Jam or The Who make the top 50. I guess that lists are meant to be argued, clicked-on, and re-clicked-on. RS is just doing their part.
  7. yes! Was very excited about that show in Cincinnati in 2000. Because SY's sound is so, how you say, noizzzy and maybe a little rough for the casual PJ fan, I got to stand front and center stage for their set. Even Mrs. Sonic got to suffer through that one. I recently listened to the SY set from that show on youtube and the last "song" that SY played was just an amazing wall of feedback for about ten minutes. Pretty stunning, but I imagine that it was annoying to most fans there to see PJ. Same audience rapport happened when SY opened for Neil Young back in 1990 or so. Saw that in Chapel Hill, NC, and the Neil Young biker crowd was not amused. It was like a had the whole show to myself at the foot of the stage...and then I just stayed there for the Neil Young set. Really memorable for me. As a sidebar, the Ramones opened for PJ in San Diego in 1995. I think Johnny and Joey even got on stage with PJ during that one.
  8. A little Sonic-family trivia, almost exactly two years to the day after that show, me and the Mrs. got married. Our first dance song was "Let My Love Open the Door" which was covered by PJ at that show.
  9. Soldier Field. That was my first PJ show!
  10. No spares, but I got mine from this website. It seems that he still has some in stock. It's a very nice poster! https://www.dking-gallery.com/store/BrucetFoxboro.html
  11. Hi Daisey, Thank you for asking. Life is good. Mrs. Sonic and I are empty nesters now that the three young-uns are off to college. So, it's a bit quieter around the homestead than usual....but that's not always a bad thing. Hope all is well with you and your family.
  12. It's definitely something one could build a career off of. I'm sure the payoff from the work he put into the brilliant Sgt. Pepper cover didn't begin and end with the release of the album. Good on him for not moping about it.
  13. Hardly a sexualized photo on the Nirvana cover. The kid has embraced his fame from the Nirvana cover over the years to the point of getting the album title tattooed across his chest and posing for similar photos for money. The parents/guardians were given consideration for use of the photo before it was released. Perhaps at the time, they should have negotiated for more than a 12-pack of beer and $200. So, there is really no case at all here. Just a money grab. If you want to get into a discussion about album artwork that was grossly underpaid for, just read up on the creator of the Rolling Stones tongue logo.
  14. Just found this one rolled up in my basement cabinet. Forgot I picked this one up years ago. Love collecting posters from shows that I've attended over the years....Bruce and otherwise. I have three basement walls covered with them....and leftovers stashed in various closets. Happy hunting. It's as much fun looking for them as it is having them. Check out www.expressobeans.com for what's available out there and www.ebay.com to purchase some.
  15. I have: Nashville Sommet Center 2009, and… Cincinnati, US Bank Arena 2005 I just cant see myself parting with them.
  16. Where does one buy an inflatable trash can?
  17. Someone tied a proverbial cement block to the Reds' leg and threw them into the Ohio River.
  18. Didn't George play guitar on this track? That says something.
  19. Let's end the season now. Reds #1, baby!!!
  20. Cubs got a measly 4 hits in their 7-0 loss to Milwaukee today.
  21. @JimCT It's a life-long bucket list adventure for me. Fortunately, I have 4 willing accomplices in my immediate family who also like to visit ballparks and tour the surrounding cities. At this point, I've been to more than I haven't.....but as new parks pop-up, my list keeps growing. Still need to get to: Seattle, SF*, AZ, Denver*, KC, Arlington, Houston, MN, Atlanta*, Miami*, NYY*, NYM and Toronto. *Visited the old stadium, but not the newest one. Surprising new favorites were Detroit and Pittsburgh, but still hold Fenway and Wrigley as my all-time best.
  22. I only engage yo honor the memory of @bbb He’s the man!!!
  23. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/03/30/no-georgias-new-voting-law-is-not-return-jim-crow/ another good non-FoxNews article about the GA law. It’s an opinion piece, but makes some logical and clarifying points.
  24. @JimCT Love your approach to this, but there are some serious bones of contention here especially in the “racist” angle introduced by the left. Here is a very fair, straight-forward article from ABC News regarding the reality of the new GA law. Jim Crow on steroids? I dont think so. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/breaking-claims-georgias-election-law-true/story?id=76897349&cid=clicksource_4380645_3_heads_hero_live_hero_hed
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