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  1. I love Tom Petty and if you play Prince's Raspberry Beret for me when I'm feeling down, there's a 99% change of my mood improving instantly But indeed, Bruce is much more of a songwriter than those two. I have written articles on Bruce's songs that could be termed song-stories, and about Bruce being an author as much as being a skilled musician. I'll think about if I know of any other musicians that you might like. I personally also enjoy John Mellencamp!
  2. So happy for you!! I love how you took matters in your own hands and flew to NYC, which resulted in seeing Bruce on Broadway ánd getting an autograph! Faith has definitely been rewarded
  3. This beautiful lab was my dog Indy, who unfortunately passed away last year at the age of 13. I still miss him every day, he was incredibly loyal and our best friend!
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