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  1. Can't wait to download this. Very good setlist. Love the Joad album!!!
  2. I have always loved Bruce's storytelling especially the River story from Live 75-85 and the Goddam Guitar story from the Roxy in 78. One of my other favorites is the story from Growin Up about how he bought his guitar from 9/14/16 from Foxborough MA especially since I was there and I finally heard him tell a story before a song.
  3. Does anybody have a copy of the audio from December 7, 2010 at the Carousel that they could post.
  4. Badlands_89 MP3 is fine, thank you for Shea.
  5. Badlands_89 is it possible to repost this. I have been traveling for work and just got back, I was at this show.If not I understand.
  6. Does anyone have the last show at Shea from 10-4-03 that they can post?
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