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  1. Can't wait to download this. Very good setlist. Love the Joad album!!!
  2. I have always loved Bruce's storytelling especially the River story from Live 75-85 and the Goddam Guitar story from the Roxy in 78. One of my other favorites is the story from Growin Up about how he bought his guitar from 9/14/16 from Foxborough MA especially since I was there and I finally heard him tell a story before a song.
  3. Does anybody have a copy of the audio from December 7, 2010 at the Carousel that they could post.
  4. I'm Goin Down 8/2/08 Blinded By The Light 9/14/16 The E Steet Shuffle 11/19/07 Incident On 57th Street 9/14/16 Blood Brothers 10/4/03
  5. Happy birthday Karsten. Thanks for everything.
  6. Can't wait for this release!!!! Love his the characters in his solo material!!!!
  7. What a great release. Can't wait to download this. Love This Land Is Your Land.
  8. Thank you and it was my very first Bruce show ever and I was so excited. 35 shows later the passion burns just as bright.
  9. Club: Never Theater: Walter Kerr 6/14/18 Arena: Worcester Centrum 2/25/88 Stadium: Gillette Stadium 8/1/03
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