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  1. Can't wait to download this. Very good setlist. Love the Joad album!!!
  2. I have always loved Bruce's storytelling especially the River story from Live 75-85 and the Goddam Guitar story from the Roxy in 78. One of my other favorites is the story from Growin Up about how he bought his guitar from 9/14/16 from Foxborough MA especially since I was there and I finally heard him tell a story before a song.
  3. Does anybody have a copy of the audio from December 7, 2010 at the Carousel that they could post.
  4. I'm Goin Down 8/2/08 Blinded By The Light 9/14/16 The E Steet Shuffle 11/19/07 Incident On 57th Street 9/14/16 Blood Brothers 10/4/03
  5. Happy birthday Karsten. Thanks for everything.
  6. Can't wait for this release!!!! Love his the characters in his solo material!!!!
  7. What a great release. Can't wait to download this. Love This Land Is Your Land.
  8. Can't wait to download this tonight. Great release!!!!
  9. Don't forget the release the Friday before Christmas they have doing the last few years. Wonder if they will continue that this year.
  10. 7/7/78 Roxy 6/5/81 Wembley 1990 Christic Shows 9/20/78 Passaic 11/5/80 Tempe ( Full show mixed)
  11. I am anxiously awaiting today's release but I have also been listening to this quite a bit. A shout out to the late great Tom Petty!!!
  12. Totally disagree. I think Incident is one of his best songs and proud to say it is one of my favorites.
  13. Excellent times, was at the second last show in August when Emmylou Harris sang Across The Border with Bruce
  14. Badlands_89 MP3 is fine, thank you for Shea.
  15. Badlands_89 is it possible to repost this. I have been traveling for work and just got back, I was at this show.If not I understand.
  16. Does anyone have the last show at Shea from 10-4-03 that they can post?
  17. Last show of The Rising tour at Shea stadium!!!
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