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  1. Hey all! I've got some fun news for Northeast Lakers. I am currently a film student. I am spending the first week of my summer interning at an Indian film festival in NYC. I just found out that one of the screenings will be "Blinded by the Light." The screening will take place Saturday, May 11 at 6:30 at Village East Cinema in the East Village. Here's the ticket link: If you are interested in Indian Cinema take a look at the rest of the screenings, lots of cool stuff:
  2. Wow! Thank you so much. I knew I could count on you guys.
  3. Hello all! I have not been on the Lake in ages - no time, since I started college last semester. For my final in a theology-esque class I am taking, I am analyzing biblical themes/tropes/episodes in Springsteen songs. It obviously doesn't take much digging, but thought I might as well reach out here and see if anyone has any unique interpretations or examples. Thanks so much! Peace&love.
  4. Remind your friends Born in the USA is not a patriotic song haha
  5. I enjoy it, but can't deny some parts are cringy. My favorite is forever the man overcome with emotion who just breaks down in his car. And who doesn't smile at the couple dancing in the kitchen, I mean c'mon?
  6. I would love to get up there and absolutely rock out with the whole stadium bumping to something like Badlands or Rosie, but I have to go with Growin' Up. To recite those lyrics that have become so personal to me, with the man who wrote them would mean the world.
  7. I'll never forget the first time I saw him, when he emerged on to the stage. I turned to my friend and said, "That's Bruce Springsteen." That was the night I first believed in magic, so that night will always have a crucial spot on my path of life.
  8. Love this thread! Some were easier than others, but these are my honest answers. Greetings: Growin’ Up WIESS: Incident on 57th Street BTR: Jungleland Darkness: Badlands The River: The River Wreck On the Highway Nebraska: Reason to Believe BITUSA: No Surrender Live 75-85: Rosalita Growin' Up War TOL: Spare Parts HT: Human Touch LT: Book of Dreams Tom Joad: Balboa Park Tracks: Thundercrack Where the Bands Are Pink Cadillac Back in Your Arms 18 Tracks: I Wanna Be With You LINYC: My Love Will Not Let You Down The Rising: Mary’s Place D&D: Reno Seeger Sessions: Jacob’s Ladder Magic: Long Walk Home WOAD: Working On a Dream The Promise: Ain’t Good Enough For You Wrecking Ball: Death to My Hometown High Hopes: American Skin
  9. Sorry Lord of the Flies, Born to Run should be on the required reading list.
  10. I am six chapters and could not enjoy it more. It is so incredibly well written, yet not to the fault of losing the casual tone that makes an autobiography. Beautifully detailed recollections of classic stories and new ones. Can not wait for everyone, everywhere to get their hands on this!