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  1. Apparently there is going too be a concert in aid of the fires in Australia The Boss along with Ed Sheeran & The Rocket man tipped too play it.
  2. Just reading an article online his daughter Jess is competing in this years summer Olympics & also Bruce will want too be there this starts 24th July ends 9th Aug making less chance of him being on the Rd.
  3. Im going there May 29th GnR looking forward too it as been all others,
  4. Anyone know whos already listed for Croke Park being they only have 2 or 3 shows there??
  5. Surely if U.S dates were too come maybe Start in May there would be strong rumours by now im guessing they start in U.S right....
  6. I think U.S dates if anything in 2020 then EU 2021 there no hints of them being in studio it would have been picked up by someone on here if so
  7. Thats Aug June & July cant see any 1 else getting in there
  8. Yeah GnR May 29th @ Spurs Stadium ill be there....!!!! As said above Wembley all booked up for EURO 2020 & the final is also there
  9. Its all going too depend on weather they stsrted this new album or not for all we know it coudl be half way done.
  10. I think it will be EU 2021 & USA 2020 if anything
  11. Just how long can it take too record & get it out its bound too be many months that alone & it might be nearly finished already then it may not even be started........