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  1. Im sure he will get the 2nd date at Croke
  2. What's these Stadiums in Cork & Limerick like anyone on here been ??
  3. Yeah it's all over the news now April 23rd tixs on sale this Sat
  4. Kings of Leon confirm UK Arena dates in June July 22
  5. Ullevi is much much better than Friends Arena Gothenburg is very compact everything is walkable like Oslo Cheap flights from STN to GOT with RAir
  6. They would or could run it like 2016 1st UK show was Manchester in May
  7. I'm sure Ed will get the 2 C Park dates then its just 1 date left that is correct 3 shows a year there
  8. Well its NOT Ed S playing Croke next year he playing Cork and Limerick in April and 1st week of May
  9. Ed Sheeran confirms UK Stadium tour in 2022 also EU dates tour starts in Cork Ireland Cardiff x 2 nights Manchester x 2 nights Sunderland x 2 nights Glasgow x 2 nights London x 3 nights
  10. If it was to be April tixs will surely be going on sale very soon also if it is April the tour I'd say must be starting in EU.
  11. Just being said now Chairperson Patrick Gates told RTE's Today With Claire Byrne this morning: "The first I heard of it was last night on social media really. "It's not confirmed, we're still waiting for some sort of confirmation in relation to that. "For the residents, it's not really about who plays in Croke Park but how it's managed, particularly outside the stadium and the residential streets... because we do suffer quite a lot of disruption. "Croke Park just don't seem to be able to manage the external environs to large events. "They have a licence for three concerts... we don't have a problem with who it is, but we do have a problem if it's more."
  12. Gareth Brooks looks set for Croke Park in Sep 2022 Country music star Garth Brooks set to perform concerts in Croke Park next September (thesun.ie) Bruce Springsteen linked to 2022 Croke Park gig after Garth Brooks rumours emerge (msn.com)
  13. It's sort of and does go over a few days but everyone goes home every night Pearl Jam are also there to headline.
  14. Rocket man confirms BST Hyde Park on Friday 24th June
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