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  1. Yeah many people where I live its the same story
  2. Happy new year every 1 and hopefully see you all on the Rd UK / EU May the letter to you tour be with us all in 2022 & 2023.
  3. 3pm Thursday NJ time or even the Thursday after lol
  4. As we get older the more we see go in my town a few have taken there own lives this year and last we never know what's coming nx enjoy life because it can be very short.
  5. So sorry for the news having lost my nan last month I know how you feel
  6. It really is horrible horrible thing i always say HEALTH OVER WEALTH can have hundreds of thousands you get terminal no money will save you.
  7. Lost my aunty to cancer last year and RIP Gary never a good time
  8. I've been Royal Arena but not Parken Stadium any good for shows ??
  9. Bojo obviously is not bothered pictured at the D.S Xmas party NO SD NO MASKS while the UK was in FULL LD.
  10. Nx summer 2022 will be like this year then nx winter will be just the same as this now its like a revolving door.
  11. Well if they book say 20 Stadiums with each costing a few hundred thousand then having to pull out
  12. How many different viruses can we get thru between now and summer 2022....!!!!!
  13. Should be on jabs 4 and 5 by then.....!!!!! How many jabs do we need to be safe...!!!!
  14. The book written with four hands with his friend President Obama is the faithful witness of what the songwriter has become. Together, the statesman and the rocker analyze all the battles fought since their youngest age, and recall the contradictions of this country, between disappointed hopes and dreams of better days. Speaking of better days, the announcement of a Boss tour in 2022 is imminent. What could be better for next year? Best wishes and Happy New Year.
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