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  1. Its never going too be stopped they can just set there own re sale sites up + Ebay & Gumtree etc then selling them out side Stadiums/Arenas or even away from in the Citys on event days. You can get tixs dirt cheap on show day if your willing too hang around ive brought under FV tixs off Viagogo on show day & they all were legit tixs
  2. Jake flys the flag for Max they are 2 of the best
  3. I agree be nice too use other Stadiums other than Wembley & H.Park
  4. When the Croke Park tixs went on sale TM made a big thing of saying 180 thou tixs SOLD OUT in a day then few wks before the shows all tixs for all sections were on sale same as U2 in Dublin 2015 people were paying £££££££££ for tixs then the week of the shows GA were on sale every where/
  5. I wemt too U2 JT @ Twickenham paid £187 for what was considered 1 the best blocks we was still MILES AWAY seen U2 in MEN Arena last year paid £120 inclu fees absolutely best view ive had & was upper tier 5 rows in front me was £210 with absolutely no difference in view them prices are totally the wrong way around. Hydro in Glasgow & MEN are 2 the best BIGGER Arenas ive been too.
  6. WOW thats a big croc ive always wanted too see a real 1
  7. 100% agree with this flights can be so cheap these days i live in South Wales 15 mins from Celtic Mannor Hotel right by M4 its easier for me too drive too LHR or BRS than too drive too Ethiad Stadium or Olympic Park with traffic & parking fees & petrol etc.
  8. Also is the time frame good here we 6 months in now if there a tour nx year im guessing we should start too hear things in like 3/4 months time & he wants too write an album & get it out & drop tour dates by end this year
  9. SDFrance is a great Stadium with great transport connections the train station is a few mins walk away. People are saying aboit the Spanish & Italians let NOT forget the Irish fans they are super crazy for The Boss & ESB cheap flights as well. People say about sound in Stadiums every Stadium will have there problems with sound they are MASSIVE open air Stadiums...!!!!!! Yeah Warsaw is a good place too see a show you can get amazing Hotels very very VERY cheap & everyone likes too get there most for there money.
  10. Ullevi is much much better than Friends Arena also Warsaw has a good good Stadium & Hotels are cheap if you can get them as soon as the news breaks also you wount need much spending money as its things are cheap
  11. Oslo & Gothenburg are great Citys too see shows compact Citys every where is walkable Yeah i agree on Prague its on an Airport/Field it dont look the best & most will agree
  12. Prague Vienna Zurich Any excuse too visit new Citys
  13. Buying the tixs booking Hotels & flights is all part of the fun enjoy the coming build up...!!!!!!!
  14. GA line already forming out side Ullevi...!!!!
  15. If there is 2 b a tour & its as good as June now only few months & we should start hearing things