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  1. Terrific collection of songs here, it always disappoints me that the bitusa album could have been so much better than what we got.
  2. Love the pretenders especially the Chrissie Hynde vocal, any good ballads on here?
  3. Paul Weller - On Sunset Paul Weller - Live Aspects
  4. Donate the album to a charity shop as I did years ago, It's still there now.
  5. Like what exactly? I'm quoting facts- faith equals a lack of facts
  6. Why?, Bruce is an intelligent human being
  7. I'm working on it, Can you pay me half up front & half upon completetion?. I'll ping u my bank details
  8. Fantastico, why can't we get an official release (sight & sound) from this tour, the 2nd best after darkness.
  9. I'm not buying into this. IMO anyone that can't see that BTN is one of bs greatest songs should be barred from this board asap.
  10. A true bruce, cinematic classic. I don't care wot anyone thinks, this should have been doteot
  11. Now, they're a real band
  12. Lifer, is bird watching terminology for a new tick or new species never seen before, In this case I'm asking for a top ten list of your best loved songs that you have carried with you for long periods of your life. I know I've included WS in mine which is barely a year old but I'm confident this song will stand the test of time. Fick it, I left off, We've Only Just Begun - The Carpenters