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  1. Terrific- 28 people dead so far not too mention millions of animals.
  2. Hopefully everything thing will be under control? These fires have been raging for over 3 months, all indications are that they will get worse. I doubt that religo, climate change denier morrison is capable of controlling any thing soon or ever come to think of it.
  3. Shit, I was rather hoping they would hold back on this one & make it an official release not just a dodgey old cdr which deteriorate after about 5 plays.
  4. "Sir, when a man is tired of Winterland, he is tired of life; for there is in Winterland all that life can afford" - Samuel Johnson circa 1750.
  5. I almost forgot, the greatest album cover of all time
  6. This was the album that turned me on to Bruce, Quiet simply the greatest live album of all tim e, in fact the greatest album of all time. Each song on the album is the superlative version.
  7. Thanks, but that's shit. So am I correct in assuming that the 13 live songs are interspersed with bruce waffling & pontificating? What is the longest sequence of songs one can watch ? I hope it's more than 1!
  8. All his tours with band since TOL have been nostalgia fest, the e street bandwagon is no longer relevant. Long live WS!
  9. Do you have a big enough following to play msg ?, Got to say i've never heard of you, but good luck with your plans