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  1. Agree, the video is however one of his best videos, not that it means much as most of the videos are pretty average to garbage.
  2. Never mind wot Gower says, I say its the greatest innings I have ever seen.
  3. Hmmm, was hoping for a blu-ray plus audio disks release of this for xmas. Don;t think that will happen now. Looks good though, I notice he's singing wild horses & not wild "orses in this. Wonder if he's been viewing these threads?
  4. i suspect it's gone back up on the back of all the publicity for blinded by the light.
  5. A melancholic, wistful song but nonetheless strangely uplifting, the type bruce excels at. much better than the bluster of the e street band stuff which now leaves me cold
  6. Been listening to the album again all over the w/e & have come to the opinion that the song western stars is officially my favourite BS song of all time, There said it. Also want to add this comes from a doubter who had given theman up as a goner after TOL. To come up with an album like this full of great songs & now a personnel best song exceeds my wildest expectations. On a downer I just wish he would jettison the band & make more albums like this.
  7. Has anybody heard, I'll stand by you yet? If so is it any different from the demo version we've all heard?
  8. Not me, I love WS, hated seeger sessions so much donated it to animal charity shop. I was in there the other day & noticed (after god knows how many years) so was the seeger sessions album. So slight flaw in your logic there.
  9. Hmm - not sure what to make of this announcement, can't decide good or bad. As for tracks 2, can't see it happening this year.
  10. The sun always shines on TV. I interpreted this as about depression One of my all time favourite songs
  11. Am I the only 1 that thinks that sax sound had become largely irrelevant & contrived after btr. Ditch it now!  Wow, bold post. I admire your grit. i think I got away with it.
  12. A Jeremy Corbyn sax solo, do try & keep up, there's a good fellow