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  1. All his tours with band since TOL have been nostalgia fest, the e street bandwagon is no longer relevant. Long live WS!
  2. Do you have a big enough following to play msg ?, Got to say i've never heard of you, but good luck with your plans
  3. Good luck with the wait, Some of us (not me) still waiting for the blu ray release from sob,
  4. To me, it seems to be about an old guy ready to bow out of life, looking out into the evening sky, reflecting on his life & watching the stars shinning brighter than ever for him, confirming what he already knows that his race is nearly over, but hell it's been a long race & well worth it Now my favourite BS song of all time
  5. Hope u guys are betting responsibly & remember when the fun steps......
  6. Love it, a big thumbs up from Tupac The Puma, better than the studio version. If you read my posts bruce (and I spect u do), time to ditch that dinosaur the e street band has become. More of this please! On a downbeat note, still pissed of no blu ray with the release.
  7. I guess this means the end of a box set for xmas now, Had he released ws with blu ray I would have accepted that, in fact been overwhelmingly chuffed. As it is, it seems to be only half the job done. Not sure how screening on the big screen would outsell a sound & vision box set. Seems like a missed opportunity for Springsteen Inc or is this just a bs ego trip?
  8. Agree, the video is however one of his best videos, not that it means much as most of the videos are pretty average to garbage.
  9. Never mind wot Gower says, I say its the greatest innings I have ever seen.
  10. Hmmm, was hoping for a blu-ray plus audio disks release of this for xmas. Don;t think that will happen now. Looks good though, I notice he's singing wild horses & not wild "orses in this. Wonder if he's been viewing these threads?