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  1. I think we've since the last of the e street band now. Most likely we've seen the last of all live music.
  2. But Daisey, cricket is so much more than just a happy thing , To me it represents -life & death, both should be celebrated.
  3. yes that's him, It's such a shame that most people only remember him for that. Whereas a minority of us regard him as UK finest song writer
  4. Which one Daisey? Fo me it's Another Day - a love affair that was bound too happen, but didn't The 4 saddest words in the english language - It might have been.
  5. Our very own - Roy Harper. If you have not heard of him, check these 3 songs out, (my fav. lifer songs) When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease - No 1 song at atheist & humanist funerals & will be at mine Another Day (also recorded by Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel amongst others) Twelve Hours Of Sunset - so melancholy, so sublime
  6. How do you assume that? I grew up on bruce, he will always be a part of me, Always been my second fav artist of all time & always will be. I'm not an obsessive fan, but then again I'm not obsessive about anything. I always look in on the board on the hope of new or retrospective material, Doesn't mean I have to like it though, although I was pleasantly surprised by WS. Does that make me a lesser fan than you or anyone else? Most likely, but what sane, rational person would care?
  7. Not mad at all Jimmy, I also saw him on the reunion tour, thought that was pretty dire as well, Not liked anything he's done since TOL until WS.
  8. I will be, not bothered with the band since the embarrassing HT tour, Still whatever floats your boat.
  9. Hmmm, not convinced. I suspect we have seen the last of the e street band as we know it. Hopefully it will encourage Bruce to tour with smaller & tighter bands instead of the cringy power & fake passion of the e street band. Here's to hoping
  10. "We are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are listening up at the Western Stars " - Oscar Wilde circa 1892
  11. Yes the second best whistling Bruce after One Love. This will make you want to put your false teeth back in & whistle along.