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  1. It’s all about layers of protection , not just one action- my mask, your mask, distance in between, hand washing, all the easy things make a difference. the more layers applied then the less chance of transmittal a Swiss cheese effect takes account of the inherent weakness in each layer by placing another barrier in the way. masks are uncomfortable but you do become used to them. we spent 16 hours with mask on going to Canada and back in the last two weeks and it was worth the hassle for the reward of travelling again. Canada seem to be taking the precautions seriously and masks were enforced indoors - at a hockey game there were about 5 people without masks but had doctors certification, last night we went to see James in concert in Glasgow, and it was lucky if 5% had masks on- but we did. on the subject of hand washing, many guys just wander straight out the toilets without washing- this is gross at any time not withstanding a pandemic. anyway, I don’t get why so many Scots are happy to ignore the rules. It may come down to the fact that the government is paying lip,service to the rules they put in place and not enforcing. Each to their own, but it has been a while since I got a waft of someone’s hangover or garlic breath thanks to wearing a mask. ps. I don’t like garlic.
  2. I hope he doesn’t shake the hand of the guy top right
  3. Well here’s the thing. If you read my full comment, you should derive that my whole point is that he can’t write another album of that type. i don’t expect him to write another of those albums, that ship has gone. His whole mindset has changed with age, just like all of us. His life is in a different stage now, and he is far removed from the lifestyles that inspired him to write and Candy or Spanish Johnny. I am not that thick that I need anyone to remind me of this basic principle of the ageing process. That is why I chose tour. As for a Joad, Devils and even Western stars, well that isn’t my bag. One man and his guitar doesn’t grab me. However, it is all about opinions, and my opinion is the only one that matters to me. Likewise, your opinion will matter more to you.
  4. Hands down a tour; particularly if you are suggesting they would be albums akin to Western Stars or Letter to you. Tbh, I haven’t listened to either since Christmas, and that was only because the vinyl LTY was a pressie. They were fine at the time but I do not hold a great deal of affection for them. Bruce can’t write the type of songs that attracted me to him any more, so rightly or wrongly, I prefer to revel in his past glories. Now if I am wrong and he could pull another Darkness or Wild out the bag, I would happily eat my words.
  5. Full orchestra videos of NYCS, it’s the beauty in the music, not the words. if I should fall behind, the video when they all share the vocals.
  6. Spot on! Depending on the time and place, sometimes it’s just about the tune.
  7. Kind of weird how the word Kill in the sentence is less of an issue
  8. Like any item in life, there will be many levels of fandom for Bruce. me, I am a fan mostly of Bruce Springsteen and the E street band. In particular the first six albums - I got older and Bruce got older- we both changed, our tastes changed. when he ditched the band, I ditched Bruce’s tours and records for a while- just didn’t get me. I am nowhere near the level of fan-ness (made up word due to lack of education) as most on here: but maybe a bit more than a few. I like some parts of his latest output but not all. I don’t expect him to be able to put out five star product in his seventies- I know my performance Has dropped a few levels over the years. I commented on Bruce’s voice earlier, in the last two joint releases it seems weaker and both songs were sung similar, on Broadway was also similar in my opinion, can it sustain a tour? anyway I have never bought the tee shirt, but I did dream of him playing at my wedding.
  9. Just had a listen, I hadn’t heard the track previously: I like it. Whether Bruce was necessary is a different subject. after hearing Bruce’s voice on this and on Chinatown girl, I have concerns on his voice holding up on a long tour. still, as long as he brings the band, I’m sure it will work out.
  10. Cadillac Ranch. when I listened to it on the album, I thought it was cringey at best. when I saw it live in 85, I was enlightened to the fact that some songs are written for a fun time. To me this song came alive that night when they looked as if they were having a ball on stage that night.
  11. Wild BTR Darkness. For me, that is the answer to any question involving the words, Album & Best.
  12. I’m not surprised if Bruce got a little choked and emotional, for an American, I would imagine there can’t be many more iconic stages to play. For a non American that leaves American politics to the Americans, I found it particularly poignant when he looks out from the top of those steps towards the Washington monument, lit up in the darkness on the edge of. It brought the image of the lone piper at Edinburgh castle at Hogmanay to me. Must be some feeling.
  13. A bit pedantic I know, so don’t know if anyone can define the overall best performance, given the numbers involved. however, the most memorable for me was St James park Newcastle in June 1985. first song I ever heard play in person, never forget the chills and volume.
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