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  1. It is one of my top five- think I have listed it in one or two of the subjects in the near past. I absolutely love it. The way he sings it and the tone of his voice in this song, suits the mood of the song perfectly. I found it by accident when listening to the cd in the car and noticed in strangely lengthy period of time left after City of light. Moody, intense and some excellent lyrics imo. As for the interpretation of the “Contentious phrase”, I don’t get hung up on the possessive Intent. The other lyrics show his feelings and that phrase has been used time after time - Bryan Adams, Carly Simon, even used in Shrek the movie. This subject came up on here before, and if I recall correctly, some were questioning the use of phrases like “little girl” and the likes. People will interpret any lyric Differently in a way that they see fit. They may also be swayed to change their opinion when certain aspects are pointed out to them.
  2. Lol. the song we hooked up to was OMD’s England’s Gay. Can’t beat a nice electronic pop tune allied to sone lyrics of mass destruction. such was the way of mating couples back in the day.
  3. I wrote some of these song lyrics on a card that I sent to my then girlfriend, with a big bouquet of flowers back in 1982. big sop that I am. We will be married 37 years in October. she is now a Springsteen fan too: although Brilliant disguise is one of faves, don’t know if that makes me uneasy a tad
  4. First one that springs to mind is Outlaw Pete. when I first heard it I thought... what the hell! Although like may be a strong word, I listen with a smile and enjoy it as a form of escapism- and transports me to - well I kind of imagine it being Arizona or the likes.
  5. 1st place goes to "...Way out in front......... The Way. 2nd Racing 3rd Walk like a man 4th if I should fall behind 5th Tougher than the rest 6th I wish I was blind 7th Meeting across the river 8th The Promise 9th Jack of all trade - suburban ballad? 10th May be a little twee, but when I was younger it hit a soft spot....I wanna marry you. Compiled using Lampi’s rule 1 and 2 Policy but not rule three. - when it suited.
  6. Loved the song long before I knew Brucie wrote it. Still love it, also prefer Patti’s version"........Smith, that is.
  7. I popped in to say 1978 and detail why; you have saved me the time: some sort of telepathy I guess. Well done and thanks.
  8. Could have listed songs from 9 of these groups my top 20, or indeed any other day.
  9. In no real order; fine lines and all that. Bruce:: NYCS Santana: Carnival / let the children play Bob Seger: Night moves New order: Superheated Meat loaf: For crying out load Darlene love: All alone at Xmas Ramones: A wanna be sedated Undertones: Jimmy Jimmy Elvis Costello: Book of love James: Gone baby gone.
  10. Watching and listening: Breakfast with Padua on YouTube.
  11. Close run race between Greetings and BTR. i can see my choice squeezing past BTR in the next few hours to claim first place
  12. Full WIESS, relaxing at the breakfast table, with a bread roll filled with a soft yoke fried egg, fried back bacon and topped with brown sauce. sun streaming in the window at 7am, what a day to be looking forward to, if only. Anyway might as well go big on the unhealthy diet now, you neveR know when you will check out. PS: what an album! i pick up that there are some that do not take to Kitty, but in the context of the album, it’s superb. Also, full album is perfect for a running blog, the only issue is that it is 40 minutes too long for any run I do.
  13. I would second Wild, the innocent. i would also put forward Darkness. Maybe it’s my speakers but the moodiness in his voice on Candy’s room made such an impression. As for Born to run - my copy is over forty years old and has a number of jumps, so much so, that when I hear it in digital, I get misled with some of the extra words. So hard to judge now. In saying that, on some tracks, the crackles and nuances add to my experience by taking me back in time. Ahh 78!