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  1. Joe Strummer - 001 vinyl box set. All 7 sides of it. Had a dust in eye moment after Silver & Gold.
  2. The Curse Of Lono - 4am & Counting, twice. My album of the year so far. Love it. Little Steven etc. - Summer Of Sorcery The Byrds - Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
  3. It's an absolute corker, @took me long enough, isn't it! Whole album is stuffed with quality, if you haven't heard it. Deserves to sell by the truck-load.
  4. I'd obviously say yes! I'd heard good things about CoL, and finally caught up with them supporting Southside on his recent UK jaunt. At the bluesier rock end of Americana, whatever that means. Bought the 4am.... record on RSD 19 on the strength of their set. I rate it. Grand Drive plough a similar but lighter furrow. Thier main man, Danny Wilson, subsequently put together Danny & The Champions of the World, and more recently Bennett Wilson Poole. Both worth checking out IMHO. Understand he's a major fan of our hero too. If you enjoy CSN, Byrds, TP etc definitely check out BWP. Wear their influences on their sleeves, but really enjoyable. Great fun live too, tho' seeing them Stateside might be a bit unlikely. Entertaining videos on YouTube. Check out the Oh Brother Where Art Thou pastiche.
  5. Didn’t Hardwick Circus support the Jukes last but 1 tour? Whatever, good to see a young band playing guitars - they were pretty good as I recall.
  6. Got to be over 30 years since I last listened to..... Tom Waits - Nighthawks At The Diner Won't be so long 'til the next time. Wonderful record.
  7. An utterly ridiculous mish-mash of styles, influences and downright steals. Only Stevie could make it work! Mrs D proclaimed Soul Power Twist a jive and insisted we play it over & over again as she danced around the front room! So looking forward to hearing this live.
  8. David Bowie - Now The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound Curse of Lono - 4am & Counting Little Steven etc. - Summer of Sorcery Elvis Costello - Purse ep Grand Drive - The Lights In This Town Are Too Many To Count
  9. Re Blue For Lou, first few listens were a bit meh. Gave it a couple of further spins over the weekend, listening 'properly' i.e. No distractions, lyrics in hand, and it's a grower. Loving City Lights, title track and Too Blue To Play in particular.
  10. Nils Lofgren - Blue With Lou Lou Reed - Street Hassle
  11. Apologies for the hijack but I feel the same way about 45's. In my teens they were my route into this obsession. Still sit down every now and again with a random selection and give em a spin. And if it has a non-album b-side and picture sleeve so much the better Occurred to me that they are potentially the perfect solution for our vinyl hipster, short attention span youth, if only they were sensibly priced! Must admit I got excited when I heard new SVZ & Bruce 'singles' were on their way. As far as I can tell none were put out in what I understand to be the 'single' format.
  12. Blatant, I'd say. Great record, and title track is just tremendous. Love it.
  13. The Clash - The Clash (twice) Our hero - East Rutherford '92 Eddi Reader - Angels & Electricity