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  1. Shortly after the vinyl release of this Nils Lofgren toured over here. I spoke to him after one of his shows and mentioned I’d been listening to it. He told me before the original studio album was released Young started playing the entire record live end to end. When audiences complained and demanded they play something they’d heard before Young proceeded to play the whole record a second time over........ Gotta love the guy!
  2. Deluxe vinyl £215. Ouch! Going to have to settle for the triple I’m afraid.
  3. Indeed, tho’ would have been nice to see our man pick up the guitar. Thought Lu Williams, Fallon and Tweedy contributions were particularly fine.
  4. There’s another ‘Joe’? In our house Bruce is you know who, Joe = Joe Strummer, Bob = Bob Dylan and Van = Van the man. They’re a given - no explanation or expansion required.
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