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  1. This. Had 6 listens and for me the jury is still out.
  2. Those nice people at Badlands got my (honey coloured) vinyl copy here on Friday, release date, despite everything! Hats off. Was starting to get excited at the prospect of catching a couple of the May shows. Disappointing but bigger fish to fry - they’ll come around.
  3. Big Kinks/RD fan here. Recall reading an interview with the man at the time of its release. Asked about recording the track with Bruce he complained, in a light-hearted way, about just how LOUD he insisted on playing.
  4. Been regularly listening to a promo for a few weeks now. Enjoying it a lot. As you note a real contrast with the 2 previous solo records and even more so with GA material. Sound of a man happier in his own skin I guess, content with family. I guess the punk’s grown up.
  5. I’m largely sticking to the quiet country roads around here, and a couple of byways. That way I can ensure I’m at least a cars width away. I did come upon someone at a bridle way gate earlier in the week and they made to hold it open. I stepped back and waved them through which resulted in a puzzled look. Had to pull the gate open and then didn’t touch anything until I got home, washed my hands and put some sanitizer on the door handle, tap etc. Am I being paranoid? If we don’t see the anticipated ‘flattening of the curve’ I expect we’ll see the exercise dispensation removed. Meanwhile the guy opposite hops into his workmates van every morning, 07:30, and off to work as usual.
  6. Sorry Kay, I’ll stay away from the gallops! I’ve been doing it for 40 years now and I ain’t stopping if I can help it, tho’ I have been taking care to give anyone I see a wide berth. Hope all’s well with you.
  7. Spin on bike yesterday, and day off today. Exercise 6 days in a row, so not feeling too guilty. Will be out tomorrow tho’. Amazingly 18 year old has managed 4 of the last 5 days.
  8. 24 April , on yellow vinyl should it take your fancy!
  9. Even my sedentary son has dragged himself away from the x-box and got out there for half an hour each day this week. Strange times indeed. I prefer to listen to the birds tho’.
  10. https://americana-uk.com/lucinds-williams-lost-girls-listen
  11. I thought it refreshing, in a lemonade-y sort of a way.