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  1. 9/100 So last century..... https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/sep/13/100-best-albums-of-the-21st-century?utm_term=RWRpdG9yaWFsX1NsZWV2ZU5vdGVzLTE5MDkxMw%3D%3D&utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=SleeveNotes&CMP=sleevenotes_email
  2. Thanks for putting the link up. In the Car Wheels shows I caught in the UK a couple of references were made to how much fun it is to play ‘rawk’, so the prospect of a couple of loud & dirty 2020 releases excites me. The book would be the cherry on top.
  3. Well, never knew that! Every day’s a school day, though this looks like a very dangerous rabbit hole you’ve just presented to me.
  4. Always thought Caution Horses was under-rated on account of its predecessor. ‘Cos Cheap Is How I Feel has to be a contender for my favourite Junkies track!
  5. I recently picked up a couple of Blue Note ‘Tone Poet Series’ releases: Lee Morgan & Lou Donaldson. Superb quality pressings, so if that’s a concern & they match your tastes then have a look at their catalogue. Dunno how they would pan out price wise in SA, £30 here, tho’ I got mates rates here so £50 for the pair. Nice....... Must confess I get a bit a bit p’d off with all the 180g/ltd edition coloured vinyl for a premium price - it’s bull. They are bought to play so just give me good, clean black pressings and I’ll be happy to pay around the £20 - £25 mark.
  6. Likewise, but these are the only Beatles albums currently on my phone, I had a long drive and I felt in a Beatles frame of mind, so why not?
  7. Latest revision:  1st Feb: Frank Turner - Bournemouth  8th Feb:  Brian Fallon - London  24th Feb: Brian Fallon - Bath  22nd Mar: Southside Johnny etc. - London  29th Mar: Bennett Wilson Poole - Witney 6th Apr: Todd Rundgren - London 22nd May: Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul - Bristol  24th May: Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul - London 29th May: Saving Grace - Frome  21st June: Eddi Reader - London 23rd June: Stray Cats - Birmingham 27th July: Lucinda Williams - Barbican, London 28th July: Lucinda Williams - Bristol 2nd August: Lucinda Williams - Birmingham 25th Sept: Frank Turner - Portsmouth 16th October: Curse Of Lono - London 18th October: Curse Of Lono - Oxford 20th Oct: Lloyd Cole - Salisbury 25th Oct: Squeeze - Oxford 27th Oct: Van Morrison - Oxford 9th Nov: The Delines - Oxford 25th Nov: Frank Turner - Southampton 2nd Dec: Billy Bragg - Birmingham 5th Dec: Bennett Wilson Poole - London
  8. Pleasantly surprised by the new Chrissie Hynde record, and also The Imperial. Sheryl Crow? Not so much. Palominos an old favourite from way back when.
  9. Came late to ‘Til Tuesday, and kinda lost touch since The Forgotten Arm record. Need to put that right.