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  1. Off to see Ms. Hynde next week. Looking forward to it!
  2. Took a listen to this, @took me long enough. Enjoyed it, but gave me an itch to revisit the originals.
  3. I’d have Astral Weeks in there, and would also try to find room for Village Green. 1st Clash album, but would that bump out the Pistols? Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures feels like it needs a place too. Hell, let’s make it 20!
  4. Oh yes. I felt that ‘back of the neck’ tingle that you get when something you’re listening to hits that sweet spot - I swear you could hear a collective intake of breath in the theatre.
  5. Well I’ve spent all afternoon listening to this. Loving the retro blissed out vibe on much of it. Dunno about album of the year, but feels like top 5 certainly. I missed his 2nd record - will have to go back to it sooner rather than later.
  6. Stellar review in the Grauniad. Heading to the record shop this am.
  7. It’s not even 8 o’clock and you own the internet for the day! Good work sir.
  8. Looks promising.......just checked & it’s available to stream on Tidal. Will check it out at the weekend.
  9. Van the man. Voice in great shape on Sunday night, tho’ he’s been a grumpy old man since his teens.