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  1. Also, as mentioned earlier, I filmed the Bruce interview, with closeups I do it all for you guys...
  2. In case anyone is interested, I did audio recordings of the interviews after the movie screenings of Western Stars at TIFF. The first one isn't necessarily new to people here who have watched the video posted above, but here it is, with both Bruce and Thom Zimny. https://soundcloud.com/k-bob-1/190912_2257-bs-tiff-interview The second is from the next morning -- I attended hoping Bruce would be there, but apparently he had to fly home to Jersey, so we had Thom alone. It was interesting too, hearing about their history together and how those old clips in the movie came about. https://soundcloud.com/k-bob-1/190913_1231-thom-zimny-tiff
  3. I honestly don’t know. I didn’t see her on the red carpet because Bruce was drawing all the attention. In the Q&A, Bruce didn’t point her out or thank her or anything. I didn’t see where he sat during the film. I know, I’d expect her to be there but I have no idea.
  4. I will definitely be buying it. (I didn’t buy Broadway).
  5. The red carpet was really long, with people lining both sides, and millions of security people and photographers clustered around Bruce, so it was not surprising we didn’t get an autograph. I’m glad I waited at the stage door at Broadway when I had the chance.
  6. Ok, it’s good someone else got this Q&A captured and posted, but I swear, mine has more closeups!
  7. Responding to @Captain Chaos, Patti played a bigger role in Stones than she does on the album, spending a lot of time at the mike with Bruce. And Moonlight Motel’s intro by Bruce was one of those very personal parts. I won’t say it because I think it’s for everyone to hear for themselves.
  8. The songs are performed true to the album, but they are just better in my opinion because they are live. I wondered if Sundown would follow directly from Chasin’ Wild Horses like on the albums, but it was played separately, with a bit of story in between songs, like all the others.
  9. Yes, it’s performed in exact sequence. “In its entirety, in sequence”, as Adam Ant likes to say.
  10. Oh, and many people here will be happy to hear that he clearly sings them as “horses”, not ‘orses.
  11. They sounded great live! The ones I love, I loved even more. Like Chasin’ Wild Horses, and Western Stars. So, so good. The bonus was the ones I don’t particularly like that much, Hitch Hiking and Sleepy Joe’s Cafe, were much better live. Much. I quite enjoyed them, while often I skip them on the album. I loved the whole movie, to be honest. I’m seeing it tomorrow morning again at the festival, and cannot wait.
  12. I haven’t read the review posted by JF yet. Just want to give a few of my own thoughts first. I thought the film was really beautiful— so much more personal than the Broadway show. I mean that while SoB was stories about his mom, dad, friends, history - this was about Bruce himself. He said things I was surprised he would reveal. I found it very, very touching. I had a few tears. And his voice was great. It didn’t seem at all adjusted from his filmed live performance (maybe it was, but I sure couldn’t tell.) I highly recommend seeing this in a theatre where the music is full and surrounding, rather than on your TV at some point down the road. I loved the last song! No spoilers from me He did a Q&A at the end! They often do them after premieres at the festival when the director and stars are present, but it’s very rare they do them at that big venue, apparently. Lucky me! I filmed it, so if it isn’t posted by the time I get home on Monday, I’ll put it up on YouTube. Also, Bruce came out before the movie started, (after the festival people introduced it), and he was warm and funny, and asked that if we felt like clapping after any of the songs in the film, please not to, because the film is “a meditation”.
  13. He signed a lot of stuff, but stopped and crossed over to the other side just before he reached us. But that’s ok. Now we are in the theatre, glass of wine in hand, and finally sitting down after 5 hours. Geez.
  14. He’s not here yet. Two or three minutes, apparently.