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  1. I only know Ann as Whispered Secret now.
  2. Really. That’s the part I thought was so surprisingly personal. More than I expected him to ever share.
  3. I love lots of things already posted above. Here are a few others...just because I think he has a wonderful way with words. “It wasn't the cold river bottom I felt rushing over me It wasn't the bitterness of a dream that didn't come true It wasn't the wind in the grey fields I felt rushing through my arms No, no, baby....baby, it was you.” “And she’s so pretty that you’re lost in the stars” “Wrap your legs ‘round these velvet rims and strap your hands ‘cross my engines.”
  4. That song still bothers me, since I had a jerk boyfriend when that song was really popular. It’s been a while.
  5. It doesn’t matter. He has plenty of appreciation in his life. These awards would mean a lot more to a less-accomplished artist.
  6. This guy does not look what I used to think 70 looked like. Geez.
  7. Oh yes, Devil’s Arcade. And if we are talking Tunnel of Love, yes, Valentine’s Day.
  8. Are there ever actually “facts” in songs?
  9. That part in the song, even on the album, is so perfect. I turn it wayyyyyy up.
  10. Ok, I listened to both versions. It’s really hard to tell in the original version, but in the film, it does sound like “onto”. You win.
  11. I think he drank all three shots. “And then it was one more shot poured out in the parking lot” means (to me) poured out of the bottle. Why waste good Jack?
  12. I know this has been said before, but Broadway was a completely different experience in real life. The video simply does not capture the magic, that’s all.
  13. A couple thoughts I wanted to share after my fourth viewing of Western Stars.... Busier night at the theatre, with about 30 people in the audience. Perhaps because it is half-price Tuesday. Someone posted earlier that Bruce was reading the lyrics while performing for a big part of the film (don’t recall who said that, sorry). I watched really carefully and I just didn’t see that. To me it appeared like he was looking either directly into the camera (and thus, right into my eyes, a LOT) or just singing to the audience. (This is in contrast to SoB, where I perceived him as reading quite a bit.) Patti has never been my favourite part of the band, but I think her contribution to Moonlight Motel is really strong. It improves the song, in my opinion. (Stones, not so much.) I absolutely love the live performance, but on the way home afterwards, I put on the original CD for the first time in a week, and Bruce’s voice and performance is still excellent there. I anticipate I’ll be listening to both versions in the future, not just the live one. And there was no fish-flopping. Not at all.