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  1. I’ve never read any of Mark’s words before - didn’t know him at all - but just came across this thread now. What a great writer. My eyes are wet after reading his thoughts about the stoop. I’m sorry for your loss, BillyB. And to everyone else here who misses him.
  2. Well, I certainly never knew The Beat were doing a cover! This forum is so educational.
  3. My husband and brother, both of whom like Bruce well enough but are not “FANS”, love this song. They love it.
  4. I can’t get it out of my head, to be honest.
  5. After 9 or so hours and many listens, it’s grown on me. Not a typical Bruce song in any way, but has its own charms.
  6. That’s the only bit I really DON’T like
  7. Agree. His voice is very different here.
  8. LOVE Hello Sunshine. Just listened to it again after my There Goes My Miracle marathon.
  9. Nice that he’s trying out different singing styles.
  10. I’ve listened about ten times now. I somewhat like everything except the chorus. I don’t think I’d ever buy this though if it wasn’t Bruce.
  11. All is not lost. At least I learned how to upload to Mega for sharing.
  12. My file says it's FLAC, but I am no expert. Maybe one of you can check. Here it is, in any case, with artwork and info. SPL Live Vol. 9 I Wanna Get Lost In The Rock and Roll. https://mega.nz/#F!XrA0mS6Y!gjjXF7dHJ7D_l4L7CaXKAQ
  13. This photo was on their website - maybe the owner?