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  1. Ha, no, my brother is not yet 90. And will never have a blue rinse. Interesting ear fluff - wonder if she’s got a bit of lynx in her.
  2. Now that Tibby is back, safe and sound, I can tell you my news. I went with my brother to the local animal shelter yesterday and he adopted a kitty. It’s been a few years since his old cat died and it took him a while to be ready again. Anyhow, here she is. Her name at the shelter was Fluffy, but my brother might choose a new name. He’s thinking about it, as they get to know each other better. She’d been in the shelter for a few months, and is shy, but does let you stroke her head. She and my brother are a good personality fit, I think.
  3. I like that new name a lot, “bettertohaveloved”.
  4. Great stuff. I’m always amazed when people can play more than one musical instrument. I can’t even play one decently.
  5. There was just a little feature on the evening news (CBS, I think), where they interviewed her about her riding and her hopes for making it to the Olympics.
  6. I voted (thoughtfully) because I wanted to see the results. I was a bit surprised at the imbalance, but of course I shouldn’t have been.
  7. I love Somewhere North of Nashville. Also Chasin’ Wild Horses, Western Stars, Sundown. And more. Sigh. Post-script: how could I forget Drive Fast? That too.
  8. I am having a Celebration of Life tomorrow at my house, for one of my brothers who passed away a few months ago. All day, from about 9 am until 4, I was in my kitchen preparing appetizers, desserts, etc., and so I listened to the album over and over and over. It was funny, as the day progressed, I kept hearing new things. “I LOVE this - what is it?” “This song is beautiful- what is it?” I’d have to go over to the iPod, and turn on the screen so I could find out the titles. I just love it. Just so, so good.
  9. Ok, this isn’t about Bruce but it is about Adam Ant, who has changed my life. Not completely, but in several ways. It’s an example. When I rediscovered Adam Ant in 2012, I started participating in a forum like this. I met new friends there, then met up with them in various places to go to shows - NYC to start (I’m from outside Toronto, Canada). Since then, I’ve travelled all over the UK and also several places in the US. When I go to these shows, I tour around and explore the city too, which is great. Rediscovering Adam meant I rediscovered the pleasure of concerts, including standing at the front of the stage - absolutely the best place to be for a show, which I had long forgotten. I am going to the UK again in November for five shows (almost all new cities for me), as well as meeting up with a few friends to see some US shows in September. I now have a friend whose flat I’ve stayed at in London UK several times, and another close friend from New Jersey that I travel with quite a bit. Another friend had me stay in her house that John Lennon used to live in, in Liverpool (she collects “Beatle houses” - she has one for three of them, just missing one for Paul.). How great is that? Without Adam, I never would have gotten that chance. I now own a guitar (Gibson, previously owned by Adam), and learned how to download bootlegs (a skill I have now put to good use here). I also have a very close friend who helped me through a very difficult time with my daughter about 5 years back. Without her emotional support, I don’t know how that would have gone. All to say, this part of my life did not exist before, and it is some of my most fun stuff. I do say Adam has changed my life.
  10. “PROVENANCE Mike Appel (Springsteen's former manager) — private collection” https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2019/fine-books-and-manuscripts-online/springsteen-bruce-thunder-road-working-manuscript?locale=en