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  1. Dear Rachel, I just tripped across this thread tonight - had not been to the Lake in ages. I read all of it, cried several times, and I’m so, so sorry. Your ideas to gather all these messages for Ray so he sees how much everyone loved Marsha, and to get a bench on the boardwalk in her memory - just perfect. Again, my deepest condolences to you, and hope that her memory surrounds you with love.
  2. When I first met him, all I had was a lousy envelope with frayed edges, and he signed it very graciously for me.
  3. It was an article from 1986. “Bob Geldof's autobiography, Is That It?, is making something of a splash in Great Britain (so far there's no American publisher). Lengthy chapters on Geldof's boyhood in Ireland and the Boomtown Rats' rise to semifame may be of nominal interest to American readers, but his blow-by- blow account of how Band Aid and Live Aid came together is quite pithy. Geldof was relentless in pursuit of acts for the show. For example, he guilt-tripped the feuding Who into re-forming for the event. But somehow Geldof just didn't have the nerve to confront Bruce
  4. I agree. I’ve liked Bruce and his music for most of my life, but it’s never been the American aspect that drew me to it. At all.
  5. I know what you are saying, but I don’t think we are out of the gloom yet, unfortunately. Still some time to go.
  6. I watched most of the show, then left when Bruce was done (had to walk the dog). Did anyone else wish they’d kept the camera on Bruce when he was singing, rather than keep going back to the field and the band? He didn’t have that many lines, so he should have been the focus when it was his turn.
  7. I haven’t been able to get into Sirius radio since the first show, and I’ve only heard bits here and there on FB later, but here is a transcript of the whole thing yesterday. Makes me very happy to read it. Now I’ll go look for the others. http://backstreets.com/news.html#s01e04 FROM HIS HOME TO YOURS, S01 E04 "Live every day as if you're going to live forever" In the fourth volume of From His Home to Yours, Bruce Springsteen spared no time addressing a major loss since his last broadcast: "Let's start the day by allowing me to introduce to you Little Richard Penniman.
  8. Oh, so it’s not actually Bruce’s jacket? It’s just merch?
  9. https://portal.bid-ingroup.com/WebBidInApp/27CA35C3-D907-42F6-91DA-838D7C4F86A0/auction/bidPrizeDetails/21046?myBids=false
  10. I absolutely love this song. Everything about it. One of the last times I saw Bruce, that was one of the few songs I filmed.
  11. She was very cute. Showed some of her favourite portraits and talked about shooting lots of different people, including Bruce, of course.
  12. At Instagram site Morrison Hotel Gallery. She’ll be showing pictures, telling stories, answering questions.....
  13. Yes, I found that photo distracting. Did he think we wouldn’t remember who he was?
  14. Lovely to see Bruce tonight. Clearly he still has access to hair colour, which I do not.
  15. Tony Bennett is 93?? Wow. He did great. I hope I am still around at that age. I used to work at a place that had concerts-in-the-round, back in 1981-2. Tony Bennett played there, and he seemed oldish back then, and he was wonderful!! I remember he dropped to his knees (!) and said, “I love you, Toronto!” so sincerely. Of course I’m older now than he was then. Geez....
  16. Looks like I can see it on Newjerseydevils.com. Same display as AMIW has.
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