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  1. Are there ever actually “facts” in songs?
  2. That part in the song, even on the album, is so perfect. I turn it wayyyyyy up.
  3. Ok, I listened to both versions. It’s really hard to tell in the original version, but in the film, it does sound like “onto”. You win.
  4. I think he drank all three shots. “And then it was one more shot poured out in the parking lot” means (to me) poured out of the bottle. Why waste good Jack?
  5. I know this has been said before, but Broadway was a completely different experience in real life. The video simply does not capture the magic, that’s all.
  6. A couple thoughts I wanted to share after my fourth viewing of Western Stars.... Busier night at the theatre, with about 30 people in the audience. Perhaps because it is half-price Tuesday. Someone posted earlier that Bruce was reading the lyrics while performing for a big part of the film (don’t recall who said that, sorry). I watched really carefully and I just didn’t see that. To me it appeared like he was looking either directly into the camera (and thus, right into my eyes, a LOT) or just singing to the audience. (This is in contrast to SoB, where I perceived him as reading quite a bit.) Patti has never been my favourite part of the band, but I think her contribution to Moonlight Motel is really strong. It improves the song, in my opinion. (Stones, not so much.) I absolutely love the live performance, but on the way home afterwards, I put on the original CD for the first time in a week, and Bruce’s voice and performance is still excellent there. I anticipate I’ll be listening to both versions in the future, not just the live one. And there was no fish-flopping. Not at all.
  7. So my husband just saw a story online about a Canadian musician, Jim Cuddy. I’m sure @Pregnant Sallyand @Marilla Gorillaknow him. He’s just about to release an album he recorded in 2018, in the upper level of his barn , and one song is a cover of Rhinestone Cowboy!! He is quoted in the article as saying, “Aw, Bruce, COME ON!!”
  8. Maybe I liked the mini film at the end because I’d seen the main film twice before, so I was happy to see even more. I understand if it was a first viewing, that people would like to leave on that high.
  9. It’s showing in my town (in Canada) until the 31st, it appears. Can’t tell if it goes any further.
  10. Woot woot! After seeing it on Friday with my husband and brother, my son was at my house today and I asked him if he wanted to see it with me on Tuesday. He said sure. It won’t be on a big screen for long, so it’s best to seize these chances now.
  11. Bits of film festival interviews, other footage, clips. Chat about making the film. New comments from Bruce.
  12. Just saw the film in a theatre. 3:20 pm matinee. There were the three of us, two singles and two couples. Lol. Easy to get a good seat. This was my third viewing, twice at the Toronto Film Festival and now this. I loved it (again). I think my brother cried That new mini film at the end was a treat.
  13. The cheek pinching sounded familiar, but it was the voice and the accent I really liked. Adorable.
  14. I hadn’t heard that grandfather story before, and it was sweet.
  15. I can barely remember my anniversary date (6th? 5th?) so getting the year wrong is fine by me.
  16. I just don’t think this will happen. Not like Bruce at all.
  17. Well, even though the Springsteen on Broadway theatre made a special announcement before the show to turn off phones, some idiot left hers on in my show, and it rang during the most touching part at the end, when Bruce was talking about the people who are no longer with us, like Clarence and his grandmother. It was so obnoxious, and the worst timing possible. Just to say, some people need to be TOLD how to behave even though it may seem obvious to others.
  18. This. Exactly this. It’s so personal what he is sharing with us.
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