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  1. 1 and 1 makes 3. Death may take Bruce, one of those two original parties may be gone... ...but that still leaves 2. That still leaves the magical intangible SOMETHING that is the result of human connection. And that is this album. 1 and 1 makes 3.
  2. Haven't checked out the documentary yet but this album is an instant classic, almost definitely a least my #8, might end up even higher, at this point ranking it or even saying it's my favorite album I've listened to on launch day by any artist feels trite because I mean this is just amazing, it is such a gift to devoted fans, it is specifically for those of us who have been on this train for however many years, at times a very very direct message to us(/letter to us), it's a reflection on mortality but in such a beautiful beautiful uplifting hopeful optimistic way - I love it. I love this. Th
  3. "Old buckskin jacket you always wore Hangs on the back of my bedroom door Boots and the spurs you used to ride Click down the hall but never arrive" ONE TRACK after "If I Was The Priest"! I love it!!! There's a TON of other things along the way I've taken as possible references, too. But that one is undeniable!!
  4. Will there be a new thread for when the album drops? I didn't know it leaked and at this point won't listen to it til it comes out
  5. ^ These two comments capture my thoughts very very well. I am digging it. Listened only once. Tired right now, too tired for this sort of music, but had to give it a listen. I'm enjoying it. I will take "generic Bruce" if that's what this is, since, well, I like Bruce. lol. This, too, was an excellent comment. With the implicit mortality in "Letter To You"'s meta reflection, really really interested in doing a deeper dive on this one and the album as a whole and the commentary about 'ghosts' - too tired to be too eloquent about it now - but, this seems like a very very
  6. Listening now. This is such a fucking Springsteen song!
  7. Not being active on this message board while the autobiography was coming out and taking in everyone else's thoughts on it, too. But I suppose I can still read the old threads any time, if I want...
  8. Catching up on the thread now -- I'm thrilled that I'm far from the only one who thought this. Lucky Town is good, but held back by some things in my opinion; hearing something similar but in a more polished, E Street Band format is exciting. Maybe this isn't the place for me to do so, but I'll still use this as a chance to real quickly plug Jake's 2017 solo album, Fear & Love, for anyone here who's missing him here. Good stuff. It's not an ESB album, it's not meant to sound close to one (lots of songs don't even have sax) - but still - for some Jake Clemons saxophone in your life
  9. Haven't read anyone else's thoughts yet, but after a first couple listens, here's how I'm feeling. - Seeing (and hearing) the band working together like this even in 2020 is inspiring. Like I know I'm not the only one on this board who has wondered - with all the '70s stuff at the end of the last tour, Clarence and Danny gone, Max 10 years out from heart surgery, etc. - about the future of the band, but as of now everything still seems promising! - Very satisfying to hear the E Street Band together again in general (the organ at the 2-minute mark!!) - The execution of
  10. I think it's one of the easiest albums to put on in the background for sure! "Down in the Hole" is a go-to to me when I want something truly depressing, "Harry's Place" is one of my all-time most-played Bruce songs, some very fun tracks on there. "Frankie Fell in Love" is inspiring, "Dream Baby Dream" is beautiful... The album as a whole is my 11th-most played Bruce album (which isn't to say it's my 11th-favorite - but it's not too far behind that!) Ugh; even the cover is a recycled outtake? There's no creativity to the Boss anymore. Especially if it would have be
  11. 1 and 1 makes 3 is the definitive line of the Springsteen canon, and "Down in the Hole" is a fucking masterpiece. Sorry, fam.
  12. It should have been "LETTER TO" and then a giant mirror, as such.
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