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  1. Spoiler tags prob aren't needed now, right? Since lol at the idea of opening this thread if you haven't seen it yet. He didn't kill Todd because odds are Jack & Friends would have murdered Brock as revenge if he did. The field trip with Todd was after Andrea's death, and Andrea's death scene ends with "Remember, there's still the kid", and the first thing Todd said when letting him out was a reminder that Jack would keep his word. Plus all the normal psychological reasons and learned helplessness. I went in with very low expectations and wow I liked this QUITE a bit. It did a lot of things right. What were y'all's favorite things about it?
  2. Oh yeah I def look forward to any new Killers content. They're one of my favorite bands.
  3. This movie has basically no good reason to exist. Here's hoping it exceeds its concept and pleasantly surprises me. I don't even think it'll be bad necessarily, but man, it's just so weirdly unnecessary.
  4. I saw them live, and man, I triiiied to get into it, and for a time I could, but... it's just... not a good song. I just couldn't do it.
  5. "All These Things That I've Done" is a bad song and one of The Killers' worst.
  6. Very well-written; however, they should still at least get together for a raucous rendition of "Octopus's Garden".
  7. I saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood; it was the first Tarantino movie I've ever seen. I enjoyed it. The ending was pretty wild.
  8. I took a 21-hour bus ride to see these guys live in February -- 21 hours to Dallas, about 18 hours in Dallas, then 21 hours back -- and it was worth every minute each way. They have some great stuff that didn't make it big.
  9. To celebrate National One-Hit Wonder Day a couple days ago, I made a playlist of some of the best Deep Blue Something songs. I'll paste over the post here -- take a listen to some and maybe you'll find something you like. In honor of National One-Hit Wonder Day, here is a playlist of just some of my favorite songs by one-hit wonder Deep Blue Something, the band that did "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but have lots of other great songs that didn't get as much attention! They're one of my all-time favorite bands, and I've listened to them a ton this year in particular. There are a lot of other solid songs not here, too, this is just a selection. One-hit wonders are a weird concept, like imagine creating something so many people connect with but then almost none of them bother checking out your other material so use this day to listen to at least another couple songs by one of my all-time favorite bands <3 and if you like anything here or add it to your OWN library let me know!! there is more where these came from Little notes on the songs just in case anyone wants them since then if you think a song seems alright you can read and contextualize what it is for yourself: 1 - "Gammer Gerten's Needle": Instrumental opening song to Home, the Breakfast at Tiffany's album and my literal single most-played album of all time. It's an intro track that does an excellent job taking me through a magical little whirlwind, it sounds the way the album cover looks, and it's a great way to set the stage and beckon me towards listening to more of them. They opened with it when I saw them live as I was hoping they would and it was great. 2 - "Josey": Also off Home, this was released as a single and actually did okay in Europe where they were very, very slightly less of a one-hit wonder than in America. This song is like prime "chill 90s alternative rock" and I dig it 3 - "Dr. Crippen": To move the playlist in a more rockin' direction, this is a song about some murderer and before I even Googled the story I pretty much figured it was because the whole song has this kinda dark, foreboding feeling as though it's muffling and concealing some sort of secret; at the same time it's got a really strong intro and great guitar parts right away that give it a lot of forward energy and make it pretty catchy. Would love to hear it live. This is off their third album, Byzantium, which has some absolute standout songs. 4 - "Song to Make Love to": If there's one DBS song that should have been a hit single besides B@T's it's this, very very accessible and immediately likable, has their signature, kinda watery guitar sound in the bridge and some great, straightforward lyrics about listlessness, ennui, and wasting your life. Another one off Home, incidentally. 5 - "7 A.M.": Only song off their first album I represented here since parts of it are a little less accessible, but this is a beautiful, subdued, kinda sleepy song. About the narrator and his sister like sneaking out at night and going to concerts and parties and doing drugs and being rebellious then coming home and having to answer for it, I love the little like domestic rebellion of this song and it's very pretty, very real, and very sweet on an album that usually is pretty dark and sparse. Has a great, extended intro, too. 6 - "All Make Believe Off": Off their 2015 EP Locust House which is the only thing they've put out post-2001, just a very catchy song with a great guitar riff, there are better DBS songs out there but this is one of the ones I go back to the most often as it's one of the easiest, quickest ones to learn and like so probably one of the most accessible. 7 - "War Song": Also off Locust House, I was on the fence about whether to include it since it had to grow on me but it's in their top 4 most-played on Spotify so others must like it even more than I do; despite the title, it's a fun, bouncy little summer-y song. 8 - "Red Light": Fast-paced rocker off Home, this song absolutely kicked ass when I was fortunate enough to see it live and is one of the two most energetic songs off the album. 9 - "Halo": Sounds 90s-alternative as hell and is more of the like ~dark, edgy~ type of 90s alt-rock as opposed to the "Josey" kind -- but like "Josey" this was also a single that did sort of okay in certain places. Has a kinda darker and more brooding sound to it but still ultimately very catchy. This is yet another off Home. 10 - "Pullman, Washington": We go back to the underrated Byzantium record, the follow-up to Home, for this song. If "Josey" was one of the better chill 90s alt-rock songs out there this is one of the BEST chill 90s alt-rock songs; it starts off nice and pretty right away, and at first it seems like a kinda sleepy, nice, pleasant background-music type jam but as it goes along he hits bigger notes and the song develops a bigger sound and ultimately becomes this very big, full thing that's a more dynamic, rewarding song than I expect that sounds wistful yet also very, very at peace with life. Beautiful piece of music and one of the best things on this playlist. 11 - "William H. Bonney": Another off Byzantium, this is just a fucking cool song I wiiiish I'd get to hear live because the chorus is so catchy and would probably be a great singalong with the crowd. This could be a total crowd-pleaser and I absolutely wish this band had had more success since man with a song like this being a deep cut there's some good stuff in their catalog. 12 - "Parkbench": Off Byzantium (album #3) but was re-released alongside some others on album #4, this is a song I think they had high hopes for -- and rightfully so, and they did it live when I saw them -- since it's very catchy with a great like synth line that repeats throughout the song, great guitar, it's a very very easily likable song. If it were like 3 and a half minutes long instead of 5 then it 100% should have been a massive hit single, though this isn't to say that I get tired of it listening to it as I don't. 13 - "Winsome": bringing the playlist towards its end, this is the closing track off the recent-ish Locust House EP and has a really big sound and vibe compared to most DBS songs. It's a total wall of sound and I'd love to hear it live, one of the most interesting-sounding standout ones. 14 - "Cherry Lime Rickey": The second-longest DBS song, the like one article online I found about this band named this as one of their top five, and it's grown on me, so I figured I should include it. More quasi-abrasive 90s rock than the like Josey or Pullman, WA kind this song's just got a really good grove to it. If you like it early on, it won't feel too long, though if you don't dig it a minute in you may as well hit skip, but I like what this song does, the chorus is very strong and catchy and memorable. ch ch cherry lime rick-EYYY 15 - "Becoming Light": I'm a sucker for a good closing track, and "Becoming Light" closes Byzantium excellently with this great, climactic energy on the chorus. They didn't do this live when I saw them, but I think it would make an amazing song to end a main set since the whole chorus just has this great feeling of finality as they repeat it and it's a very satisfying song 16 - "Wouldn't Change A Thing": Possibly my #1 favorite DBS song, this song closes Home; it's a verrrry well-paced, deliberate song whose drums pull me in right away, then it adds some like tension with the guitar, it's got like an organ?? chilling in the background to fill it out and add this like suspense and weight to it, when the vocals start it feels like a live performance like I could so hear this at some kind of bar or club, and the whole song is building this mounting tension that pays off near the end in a burst of rapid-fire lyrics I could still barely understand even after listening to the song over 250 times. And the song is about not changing up what kind of music they want to make in order to become more successful -- which is fitting, so I guess they don't mind being a one-hit wonder all that much!! -- but still, some great songs in their catalog deserve more attention.
  10. "Pretty Melody" by Butch Walker. Someone please tell me there's other Butch Walker fans hiding on this board.
  11. Thanks! I'll need to check this out, and see what some other R.E.M. fans I know think about it. LRP is excellent! Probably my... fourth?-favorite album of theirs, but the title worked for a thread title. I do think there's a strong argument that it's their best, though. "The Flowers of Guatemala" is probably my second-favorite R.E.M. song of them all, "Fall on Me" is beloved with very good reason, "Cuyahoga" is good and I'm pleasantly surprised to see it's so popular, "Hyena" is outstanding with a great energy, "What If We Give It Away?" has a great mournfulness and "Swan Swan H" has a strong kinda Fables-y, kinda "Half A World Away"-y vibe, "Underneath the Bunker" is a nice little curiosity, and "I Believe" is growing on me rapidly as of late; I ignored it for a while, but now I'd easily call it one of the best. It honestly borders on overwhelming just how fucking many truly great songs I keep finding even on albums I already know, like there's so much off the first three records I still don't really know. Ha, yeah, I'm much the same in switching back and forth between them, in recent years. Fun to know we've had a similar journey. What are some of your favorites?
  12. Thanks for the insight!; yeah, trying to create something to tour again does make sense and contextualize it a fair amount, I suppose. Still ends up feeling as it does to me, though, unfortunately (though on Wiki it looked like it got decent reviews?) Ha, interesting, as I liked it less than the sum of its parts, but I get where you're coming from in saying that; to each their own. Man, I wish some of my favorites would take off.
  13. I expected a Linkin Park thread.