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  1. @Early North Jersey... just in case you're interested, both of these shows have 'Open All Night' for us!!! Thanks very much for posting my GL namesake shows @This is The Way!!! ...time to get back to creepin' through the nighttime here at GMT -5
  2. @sunshine2020... you may be blonde (wt* is wrong with that?) but this post is pure platinum!!! Much appreciated!!!
  3. Tru dat @mickb... 'kerosine and hand grenades' in a camp fire context...
  4. Thank you @sunshine2020... I just had to move up to the 8GB mega level... ...and loving it!!! Much appreciated!!!
  5. Ho-Lee-Phở-King share... and there's more to come? I'm just a prisoner... of Greasy Lake!!! Thanks very @mickb
  6. Thank you so much @Twink! 3 shows, need 'em all AND, all from 2 weeks before my first Bruce concert... Priceless. Hotlanta Rocks!!!
  7. @thundercrack83,... can only offer: 1980-10-07 Richfield, OH - River Flood (Ivan) https://mega.nz/folder/3gtyhTbY#XzzDlhV_SWA_TE5gLSMjiA
  8. All killer, no filler! Thanks very much @thundercrack83!!!
  9. Part 2: WOW... EMF and I think 'Your unbelievable'... We bow, we genuflect, we...RAISE OUR HANDS!
  10. @mickb, no I haven't... Since the suggestion comes from you I'll pass them along... Thanks & Cheers...
  11. @Estreet_19... I think it's OK to post the notice most of us probably got via email today here for those who didn't Nice job... I can't wait to hear these chats... However, fair warning here, I think you'd raise the ire of the GL legal department (and a few boot posters here as well, lol...) if you posted bootleg self-made recordings of these podcasts here because they are from official release dates yet to come... I wonder what Obama would think if he was bootlegged? What would his lawyers think? Actually, now that I think about it, Bruce probably forewarned him that "...the magic
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