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  1. Works perfect on this side of the pond. Thank you very much for the great show. Much appreciated. Cheers...
  2. Thank you very much for the upload and the mic drop quality service @mickb . Much appreciated
  3. Consecutive virgin noob requests... lol Greetings to all at the GLBCC. Seeking boot information and possibly boot... Is the 1999-11-28 Minneapolis, MN 'Good Evening Twin Cities' show available in an 'IEM-AUD Mix, Earlmv Edit' version and, if yes, would someone be so kind as to post a link? Thank you for any help available. Cheers & stay safe all...
  4. No problem, the bus comes when the bus comes how it comes... Catch up as you need to with those of import and bring the bus around when you can. As for spelling, what does that have to with a long kitty?
  5. Thank you @SydneyGirl . Given that my Daughter has described me Mum in exactly those terms at least once, I humbly submit that I may just have a shot at doing so... thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated...
  6. thank you for the greetings @Daisey Jeep your compliment is high praise indeed and much appreciated the song is a challenge and labour of love to be sure but it's uniqueness is quite compelling I know I will you like to take this conversation to a more discretionary locale by any chance?
  7. That's a mic drop re. the girl... NICE! I believe you are 100% correct for the following reasons... Bruce has solid Upstate NY family roots and he always props Buffalo... He open the Darkness tour there... It was Steel Mill country... and both the performance and setlist were A+... Fingers crossed...
  8. OK, I'm getting the reply thing figured out now... That's awesome ENJ... I moved in beside a guy in '97 that I found out sat 6 seats away from at that show... 3 of us down, 18,497 to go...
  9. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome... I'm off to see what's new in the boot corner. Cheers, stay safe and don't forget to 'sway'...
  10. Well, I'm just kind of a 'back of the rack guy' because anytime I bang out an obscure Bruce tune at a party, jam or fire pit night, someone always yells "I love that tune and no one ever plays it... and I love the hardcores... Now if I could only meet & marry Catherine Lefebvre...
  11. Well, I've got about 1K of Bruce shows, most in FLAC, and that isn't sufficient so I'll haunt the (happy belated 2nd birthday) bootleg cover for quite a while...
  12. My fave album has always been The River because I first saw Bruce in Buffalo, NY in DEC, 1980 on that tour and it is still the best concert I've ever attended... by anyone... As for my current fave tune, 'From Small Things' is in highest rotation lately because I'm working on the guitar solo break. Honourable mentions to 'Local Hero', 'Car Wash' and The Tenth' as I'm working on those and should be ready for prime time open mic nights this summer.
  13. Thanks Thunder Roadie... perhaps we did meet because I've been to Wales twice... Ever hang out at the YHA Conwy?
  14. ...Thanks Marilla, actually, Mississausage so I'm a 5er not a true 6er.
  15. No, I apologize... I thought I was supposed to bring donuts... Did I hit the wrong chord?