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  1. @monkinmotion... given the Epic post share projects you 'executive produce' on this channel it's a pleasure to give back... Many thanks...
  2. TMI, I'm a hobbyist collector so if I have holes to fill and they get filled, I always very much appreciate those pennies from heaven shares I didn't have... and, especially, the rare gems that trickle down through the kind generosity of those 'boot posters emeriti' who really can prove it all night... @LONDONCALLING, thanks. I know that some of the Mods here (who may be Moms) like the pre-Darkness material and some the pre-Born To Run stuff so I took a Mother's Day flyer with the post. Needless to say I'm counting on niche experts, such as, for example, @skywalkerboh, to help this
  3. I don't want to say that it is '...eerily silent...' here but the trollers must be tapping their feet waiting for something to work with lol... so here's 1974 (what I have anyway - Bruce Inc. didn't release any of this yet did they?) which should give some options for trollers who want to become posters here Feedback always welcome (especially notification of not-allowed dates that need to be deleted from this post). Cheers... BS - 1974 https://mega.nz/folder/m4UzmCaZ#jUSXz28eBs8RGQRUju8JHg ...back in 2 hours
  4. Thanks very much for the info @SvZ Bandana... I was just checking the universe for anything out there that may be undocumented but available. Just dreaming...
  5. Yes @JimCT they are both the same files (3.33 GB). Lol... and yes, the typo was on the JL post title and I didn't notice... ...so here we go for a 3rd time... 2000-05-08 Hartford, CT - IEM Matrix - 21st Anniversary Edition https://mega.nz/folder/v5tSmaZQ#RySm0rfmS5UBGq2xD8nZww I hope it's a charm...
  6. ...and here's the link for the JL named file: 2000-05-08 Hartfort, CT - IEM Matrix - 21st Anniversary Edition https://mega.nz/folder/v5tSmaZQ#RySm0rfmS5UBGq2xD8nZww ...see repost below. My apologies to the people of 'Insurance City Central' (a.k.a. Hartford, CT) for the brain cramp
  7. This new mix is getting a lot of praise. It would be great to see this appear here in due course. OK as requested... 20000508_Springsteen_Hartford_Mix20210502 https://mega.nz/folder/3o9GnQRb#aSgw7XUSf_5vPeWdPURhbg As a 'C' lister I have posted the show named as downloaded because I don't claim the right to properly name this as per Bruce Boot protocol... The title on JL was: 2000-05-08 Hartfort, CT - IEM Matrix - 21st Anniversary Edition Happy Mother's Day!!!
  8. Good morning from GMT -5... Requesting the following if anyone has anything available in .flac for these dates. TIA!!! 2012-12-10 Mexico City, Mexico 2012-08-24 Toronto, ON, Canada 2012-07-22 Oslo, Norway
  9. GMT-5 shift clocked in for an hour now, finished first post & first coffee and ready for the morning's main post while listening to NPR from across the lake... Kicking off the unofficial namesake series share: Flac & files. Feedback re. deficiencies, errors, etc. welcomed... If there are versions out there for these dates not posted here please feel free to post & share 1982-10-03 Bruce Springsteen wCats On A Smooth Surface - Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ https://mega.nz/folder/T8UCGZba#IJJX4dyqdaM98ul9awThug 1984-07-01 St. Paul, MN - So Lonesome You Co
  10. Hi @RichieRich74... From BruceBase (http://brucebase.wikidot.com/1984) 1984-09-02 - THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ TRAVELIN' BAND / PROUD MARY / I'M BAD, I'M NATIONWIDE / TWIST AND SHOUT With John Eddie. Recent evidence indicates that this appearance occurred on September 2, rather than September 3 (as it was previously listed) – however this is not completely certain. 1984-06-01_1984-09-03 Stone Pony Series Vol. 5 https://mega.nz/folder/rl0GUCpL#aryufZ6jYGCNBLmCCYOb-A Can anyone shed any more light on this? The .txt file from this posted link: Bru
  11. ...and last but not least... 1996-04-16 London, England (Essex Boy Version) https://mega.nz/folder/r89iXI4C#rzSJOi8T2QyOO2gSjOTEyg ...is this the ticket?
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