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  1. So @simongar we've seen nothing shared for 1988-09-06 Budapest, HUN (B.L.)... ... Alors maintenant,... request for a share of 1988-09-06 Budapest, HUN (B.L.) please ... ...any other versions of same date also very much appreciated.
  2. Just catching up... apologia if already shared 1988-09-06 Nepstadion, Budapest, HUN (Hungry Heart - Bosstrade) https://mega.nz/folder/S8MSxbqZ#-qoybcu-s6exAIml0c6QTA Any link issues, pm me
  3. Hi @simongar... yeah, I had the same issue when I checked them. Having Mega issues... Will advise. Nice game last night. Your boys look ready to rock... we looked bad in the 2nd period...
  4. So the Bruins fan shares with the Islanders fan... Game 5, 6:30 EDT / 3:30 PDT... GAME ON!!! 1988-03-13 Richfield, OH (carlettone Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/G0UUEJSb#9eN5xVnbkt5SNbQJYTusmw 1988-03-13 Richfield, OH Richfield (Version 1) https://mega.nz/folder/nkUknRoI#_HEdmpDHrgff9DQ_uNMcbQ 1988-03-13 Richfield, OH (Unknown) https://mega.nz/folder/7lMwzRSL#1o0l2ycObL3W9T9wab0qRQ I hope this doesn't go into overtime tonight... these long games kill us on the east coast...
  5. My 2 pence... I doubt RTB would just take the master and release it verbatim... I would wager there are differences. There's also the 'Hounds Are Held At Bay' (Bickle-Producer) (IEM-AUD Matrix) version which is a different sized file than the Samuel version...
  6. Always a pleasure to share here @thundercrack83
  7. Thanks for the share @simongar! Sadly, I don't have the Tobler version of the show
  8. Hi @thundercrack83... piggybacking on to @monkinmotion's share above of the Tape 1 Source, I hope these work for you... 1981-09-08 Rosemont, IL (River Flood Project) (IvanF Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/bllWiIBS#5wp0fVg7u0ZKUqNDvj8TVA 1981-09-10 Rosemont, IL (Alternate Recorder 2 Source 1st Gen mjk5510 Tape Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/m9kizSIS#C4U4ZTLeSh9P14q9WoHDNQ 1981-09-10 Rosemont, IL - Mony Mony (River Flood Project) (Tape Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/rl9kjS7B#pSRkGpg4-6VGGoz9o2tLuQ 1981-09-10 Rosemont, IL (DS Archives Volume 40) (Recorder
  9. Always a pleasure as a curator for those that have gone before me...
  10. So you have a magnetic pull to Bruc, location wise... nice... Ken Morrow was the luckiest hockey player on the planet from '80-'85... Olympic gold and then 4 Cups in a row... Cool you got to see it live
  11. Prelude: Mike Bossy is the 2nd greatest scoring machine that ever played... 'nuf said... moving along... This is now officially way too funny, both peculiar and 'ha ha', because: ...my family moved to Belleville, ON 1973, 5-10 miles from Point Anne, ON, the street that is the birthplace of Bobby & Dennis... It was where we would snowmobile to, racing through farmer's fields in the '70s... ...I met Bobby, getting the full fan treatment, at a small Lion's Club Dinner in Belleville, ON 1976 ...he played for Winnipeg, My Hometown and made the WHA... ...the first NHL g
  12. Always a pleasure. Bummer we can't locate the hrubesh transfer... I put my first pair of skates on in 1967. Bobby Orr just joined the Bruins. I was sold. I became a defenseman and a life long Bruins fan. My Dad is the die hard Leafs fan in the family. Poor guy... He's 85 soon... I hope he sees them win a Cup before it's too late... Hey, we're playing your boys right now.. Game On!!! On the Canadian side, I was born in Winnipeg so it's 'Go Jets Go' for me... Not a Habs fan so I hope the Jets smoke 'em...
  13. As requested... I only have this one that you need. Don't have the hrubesh transfer 1996-11-13 Syracuse, NY (KRW&CO Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/70tiDIxK#yfRVMvW40nXyjyuszl-SCA
  14. A bust out against covid Memorial Day long weekend in the USA... can't say for the rest of the world...
  15. Hi @monkinmotion... here's what I've got... apologies in advance to @The Randolph for not requesting permission to piggyback on your shares... 1978-09-21 Passaic NJ 'Singin' Our Birthday Songs' (Godfatherecords) https://mega.nz/folder/ip0i0Tzb#O-lWNTDIfQprTFJdUd52wA 1978-09-21 Passaic, NJ - Singin' Our Birthday Songs (Godfatherecords - Silvers) https://mega.nz/folder/mxtwARgY#ceee1XY4rEJd-_o4ObBy-w 1975-08-15 The Punk Meets The Godfather (Godfather) https://mega.nz/folder/u9kQQL4I#fEDnZUOqUnNXEoA0W_27Iw 1975-08-15 New York City, NY - Early Show The Punk Meets
  16. Good morning all, The GMT -5 shift is up... Here are 2 bedrock early Bruce collections that every collector should have... Cheers 1966-67 The Castiles (Lossy) https://mega.nz/folder/vtUHTapb#sWVXkfPc1GSNByrJnobA_Q 1967 The Bruce Springsteen Story (E Street - Silvers) https://mega.nz/folder/OgcX2QrC#WuocEcRtYL1DB1g_iZ8BLg If anyone has a true .flac version of '1966-67 The Castiles', please share here... It would be much appreciated
  17. ...and this is proof positive in black and white that the parties involved did not need any outside 'assistance' to get the right thing done promptly and proper... Thank you @MichaelU1230 , thank you @simongar & thank you all...
  18. We're 0-fer on the last 2,... let's pray we don't whiff on 3 pitches here... Which 2 versions @simongar?
  19. I'll try... here's my spaghetti thrown at the wall... anything stick? 2009-07-03 Frankfurt, Germany (Badabing Version) (SBE Fixes) https://mega.nz/folder/WlsBCAQb#RRSHmj6utePh2icCcv9J_Q 2009-07-03 Frankfurt, Germany - Working on a Dream in Frankfurt (Sentinel Records) https://mega.nz/folder/7stxRYxL#xyVclxGo1GRwJNHtG_yNVQ 2009-07-03 Frankfurt, Germany - Frankfurt Dream Night (Crystal Cat Records - Silvers) https://mega.nz/folder/nkkRVa4R#5STKIoa3TBrblCTYxlA2dg ...contrary to Meatloaf, I'm hoping that at least 'one out of three ain't bad'
  20. ...and while I'm here, would anyone have a copy of: 1972-04-00 Mediasound Studios, New York, NY ..in flac. I would like to upgrade my current .mp3 version if possible. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help and please feel free, I'd love to share what I have that you may need
  21. Thank you very much for the kind share @hellohello. Much appreciated !!!
  22. Thanks for the kind share @simongar much appreciated!
  23. Thank you very much @hellohello for the kind share much appreciated!
  24. Good morning, Looking for a share of the following 2 boots: 1969-09-20 Child of New Jersey - flac please - looking to replace .mp3 version The Pre-Street Shuffle Thanks in Advance!
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