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  1. 1. The Price you pay 2. Who'll stop the rain 3. Chimes of freedom 4. The Iceman 5.Trapped
  2. In my opinion it is Bruce's best opening song. Certainly would like to hear it in concert again.
  3. So, that must be Bill Horton at 0:29, sitting at the bar in the Western Stars video. Makes me wonder if anybody spotted any other of Bruce's characters in there?
  4. Indeed. As I was listening to Western Stars today it struck me that these songs are about scarred people, set in their ways. If they are searching, they seem to search not in the hope of finding something, but because of the thrill of the search itself or the distraction of the search. Oh, and welcome.
  5. No.1 in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
  6. Just released and yet lists the cd today (20th) as back in stock on the 25th and the lp "usually ships in 1 to 4 weeks. Possibly an indication that it is selling well?
  7. I voted but I have a bad feeling about this. Most of us know there isn't a single greatest Springsteen song, so the question can't have an answer and yet when these rounds and stages continue it will lead to an answer. I fear for a Groundhog day scenario or the total failure of the Internet. Or worse.
  8. Just reading all of this. Good luck Linda!
  9. Climb back in....tracks.... mmmmm no. Climb in back....tracks.... yes
  10. They usually came with 3 songs on it and, in Europe at least, with a free adapter. At the time I was a student, so I bought them after they left the charts and were discounted. A great way to get some live tracks and outtakes.
  11. Exactly the same for me. I was at that same show, the first of many. Not much later I bought a cd single with Chimes of Freedom on it. I listened to that a lot.
  12. I saw them both in the same venue and it's no contest. One was a 9 and the other a 6. The "Lucky Touch band" wins.
  13. Damn, that's way to early. I have seen her live twice. Liked her distinctive singing voice.