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  1. "It was a warm autumn night on the Jersey shore. Me and the ghost of Clarence were cruising on our bike in the National Park when we came upon some loaded E-Street fans ....."
  2. I'll see you in my dreams: https://youtu.be/DF1vDXI1BJM
  3. Indeed, they nailed it. And a lot of joy on stage playing live.
  4. Priest for me, Burnin' Train and One minute next. Janey dead last for now and it's not even that bad, but too many shooter and style lines for me. It's a great album.
  5. 'Letter to you' is no.1 in the Album top 100 and vinyl 33 in the Netherlands.
  6. Another type of connection is the one I hear between Patti's "Loves Glory" and Bruce's "This depression" (although many years apart): Patti: ..... Oh, if I could, I'd play out my part I'd cup my hands and I'd collect the rain that falls inside your heart But I can't stop the rain I can't hold back the thunder Oh but I can make one vow And promise you my heart right now ... Bruce: .... Baby, I've been down But never this down I’ve been lost But never this lost This is my confession I need your heart In this depression I need your heart ...
  7. For the Paris shows I've got this snippet from an email dated march 6, 2016: "Bruce Springsteen & The E Street band Les 11 et 13 juillet 2016 La nouvelle va ravir les fans de Bruce Springsteen dont le dernier concert à Paris remonte à 2013, dans un Stade de France complet. La tournée célébrant le 35ème anniversaire de «The River» passera par l’AccorHotels Arena les lundi 11 et mercredi 13 juillet 2016. « Le marathonien du rock » jouera ses plus grands classiques ainsi que quelques inédits. Ne manquez pas le retour de Bruce Springsteen à l'AccorHotels Arena
  8. 1. County Fair 2. Cautious Man 3. Sandy (4th of July) 4. Moonlight Motel 5. My Hometown 6. Jack of all Trades 7. You're Missing 8. Highway Patrolman 9. Back in Your Arms 10 Across the Border In no particular order. I see I avoided the big songs, The River (which would be no. 1), Tougher etc.
  9. Another great one gone. 'Just the two of us' is playing in my head like many years ago.
  10. I'm going on tour on sunday, november the 17th! First solo in my hometown Almere (Kinopolis) in the afternoon, and later in the evening in Rotterdam (Pathé) with some family. I was the third to book in Almere, in Rotterdam most of the good seats were already taken.
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