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  1. Well, first lock Jake into a room with a saxophone and the No Nukes footage playing until he gets The Tone on 3 songs. Then I want to hear two out those three old songs. For the two new songs Moonlight Motel with Roy on piano and Ghosts or Burnin' Train. Loose everything over 6 minutes long except Jungleland and shake up the encores from night to night. And please play the excellent I'm going down with Jake's great sax from the London gig.
  2. No, I expect less energy from him and the band on stage. But I'm sure the audiences will be as energetic as ever, or even more so after Covid. In a 2019 interview on Music- news he said: "I don’t run. I can’t run anymore! I’ll walk very fast however and I just generally take care of myself pretty well with the diet and exercise a little bit but that’s about it."
  3. Just catching up with this. It's good for practice and a quick buck I guess, but not very exciting to me. The man from the magazine Said I was on my way Somewhere I lost connections Ran out of new songs to play I came into town, a one night stand Looks like my plans fell through Oh Lord, stuck in Broadway again
  4. Yes, me too, that's a close second place for me. 1. BTR-Darkness- River 2. Nebraska-BITUSA-Tunnel
  5. "It was a warm autumn night on the Jersey shore. Me and the ghost of Clarence were cruising on our bike in the National Park when we came upon some loaded E-Street fans ....."
  6. I'll see you in my dreams: https://youtu.be/DF1vDXI1BJM
  7. Indeed, they nailed it. And a lot of joy on stage playing live.
  8. Priest for me, Burnin' Train and One minute next. Janey dead last for now and it's not even that bad, but too many shooter and style lines for me. It's a great album.
  9. 'Letter to you' is no.1 in the Album top 100 and vinyl 33 in the Netherlands.
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