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  1. My favorite along with One minute you're here.
  2. Loved the doc much more than Western Stars. Generally, i am not very emotional but parts of the documentary gets to you. These guys have been such an integral part of all our lives for so many years and to see Bruce talk about mortality got to me at some point. It was sad to see Landau losing it during I'll see you in my dreams. Downloaded the album from Apple Music and initial impressions...Burnin Train is my current favourite, love One minute you're here. The three old songs are my least favorites at the moment but repeated listens may make me change my mind. Overall a solid album. The
  3. Born in the USA- Amnesty tour,1988 There goes my miracle- Did not like it initially but has since grown on American Skin- Live in NYC Land of Hope and Dreams- Wrecking Ball This land is your land- London 1980 or was it 1981 Thunder Road and My Hometown from Christic Show
  4. So far i have not attempted to download.For me it's not a question another 4 days as the online sites in India including Amazon have not yet listed this. Ordered through a UK website and last time it took almost 30 days and that was pre-covid. God knows how long it will take now.Am assuming like always it will be up on Amazon music and spotify on the day of release, if not may get tempted to look for other sources. Do i feel guilty.No. i have bought everything Bruce has ever put out, including multiple copies if there is a even slight defect. I bought the Tracks complete set as well as 18 tra
  5. Dont think anyone follows IPL here. One thing that stands out is the amazing fielding. This is one department which has improved leaps and bounds.What would have been sure sixes couple of years back are now getting converted to catches or atleast 2-3 runs. There was a crazy match last evening which went into 2 super overs,this is what should have been done in the world cup rather than the stupid boundary count. Also, AB De Villiers continues to enthrall. This guy's popularity all over India is astounding, particularly in my hometown,Bangalore. I would guess that barring Tendulkar in
  6. The IPL is being played in the Gulf this year. In yesterday's match Nicholas Pooran from WI pulled off what KP said was the best save he has ever seen. While batting and bowling one may always debate if the standards are dropping but no doubt modern day fielding is something else.
  7. First listen i liked it but thought it was ok, not great. But on subsequent listens this has really grown on me. Is George Theis's ghost in on this song?
  8. Dean Jones passes away following a heart attack today in Mumbai. Enjoyed his batting. RIP
  9. I just love what Ron Aniello is doing to Bruce's music. Wish he had produced Rising, D&D and Magic
  10. Had no clue when i went to bed last night that a new Bruce album is out shortly and a video would be premiered today. Something good finally on 2020. Also, i think Bruce's vocals are getting better with age. Some of his best vocals for me on this track and Western Stars
  11. MS.Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket last week. Probably the most popular cricketer besides Tendulkar in our cricket crazy country,Dhoni apart from being the one of the best finishers in the game brought in much needed calmness and dignity on the field.
  12. i binge watched Suits. Couple of Bruce references
  13. Sunil Gavaskar always rated Andy Roberts as the best bowler he had faced. Was little young when Lillie and Thommo were in their prime and moreover we did not TV back in the 70's in Bangalore but back then i guess bowlers could intimidate the batsmen as protective equipment was not what it is today and moreover the pitches were uncovered.There were no bouncer limitations as well. Amongst the quicks that i have seen i would rate Wasim Akram the best and amongst the current crop it would have to be Dale Steyn.
  14. Been watching Suits since the last couple of weeks.Not seen before. Advantage of coming so late to the party is that now i can binge watch and finish the whole series.. Also, now that Western Stars is up on Amazon , i might watch that again
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