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  1. Most beautiful version of LOHAD that i have heard till date.
  2. agree that rules are skewed in favour of batsmen and aggressive bowling is fun to watch but the Aussies went overboard. It seemed their intent was to literally break the opposition and they did succeed to an extent but full marks to the Indians for the spirit. Not really accustomed to our guys showing so much heart and it felt great. The umpires too seemed quite lenient with the number of bouncers being bowled.
  3. India beat Australia at Gabba to win the series First time the Aussies have been beaten there since 1988. Probably, the most satisfying series win ever for me all things considered. The 5 Indian bowlers had played all of 4 Test matches between and Siraj, the most experienced guy of the lot had played only 2 Tests prior to this. Total team effort with everyone stepping up.
  4. Greg Chappel a very unpopular figure in India, though not really sure how much of his unpopularity is really deserving. No fan of Paine but his on field antics/comments are not really something to be made a fuss about. Far far worse things have been said and done on the field. Still believe the Sydney test of 2008 or was it 2009 when Anil Kumble was the captain for India is the worst match i have seen. Guess the West Indies team of the late 70's/80's were so popular though they used to routinely thrash the opposition was because you never saw them curse anyone or use abusive words.
  5. Tremendous effort by our team especially when you consider so many of the front line players are injured and not playing. As per Ravi Ashwin they have always encountered abuse in Sydney unlike Melbourne and Adelaide. Frankly i always felt that maybe people were too harsh on Smith in the sandpaper incident but this guys seems to have a perpetual problem. Sandpaper aside, he was seen repeatedly checking with the dressing room should he review a umpire's call in Bangalore and now this. Pity, a truly great test batsman who would probably end up marring his legacy
  6. Heartening to see the way India dominated to win the second test against Australia after the 2nd innings disaster at Adelaide. Must say i was not expecting them to recover so well especially since Virat has flown back to be with his wife for the birth of their child
  7. Already got a couple of shows from 78. Priced way too high for me especially since playing CDs these days has become a task as none of the car manufacturers here have a CD system in the car. Nice to have physical copies no doubt but 14 k in Indian currency is a bit too much
  8. Largely agree, though i think that Stones,Hello Sunshine and Moonlight Motel are pretty good too
  9. Went for LTY .Both are very good.Just at this point i personally prefer LTY. It has fewer/hardly any songs i skip unlike Western Stars. If i were to compare song for song,prefer LTY for the first 7-8 songs but the last 4 of Western Stars
  10. Ipl is fun to watch except that the team i support,RCB are yet to win Quality is pretty decent.There are lot of folks who speak badly of the IPL ,particularly few ex cricketers.To me this is more of sour grapes. It has given a platform for may guys who would have gone unnoticed to shine and make their mark. Several guys from very modest bac grounds today enjoy a good life and whats not to like. The main difference between international matches and IPL could be that not all teams have 5 quality bowlers , so you could target. Now that Gayle is not playing, from the windies side,
  11. Would love to. Kinda getting used to relatively less spicy food these days, not sure if its due to my wife's cooking or age related india falling apart badly in the chase. Seems like they are still in IPL mode
  12. Doing Good Daisey, thank you. Our own city is now having less than 1 k positive cases a day which is much better than the 5 k+ we had consistently a month back. Seems like the worst is over. Would love to visit NZ one day as the general impression people here of NZ is that its a beautiful place with nice folks.May be this impression has come from watching over the years some of the players from NZ like Hadlee, Coney, Howarth and now Williamson. In Sydney, the Aussies are going great guns at 359 with still 10 balls to play and Smith has just scored a 100. This guy is amazing when he
  13. Stupidity..Not that anyone is lining up to play Pakistan for Akhtar to say such dumb stuff. He is the same guy who once said he saw fear in Tendulkar and Dravid's eyes when they faced him forgetting the battering he got from Tendulkar in the 2003 world cup. Having made it he should have had the guts to stand his ground instead of completely changing his stance on India knowing that he would stand to lose lot of money from commentary in India
  14. i see that spectators have been allowed for the India Vs Australia One day series which began in Sydney today. No masks as well . Strange, in fact just last week we thought that with the measures in Adelaide , the Aussies were probably over reacting
  15. Sad. Greatest of all Time. The mark he left in 86 world cup was magical. Zico was my favorite based on the few matches we got to see of the 82 world cup. Mexico was the first world cup where we got to see all matches live. My brother would stay awake all night to watch all of Argentina's and Brazil's matches and then go to school the next day. It was not just the goals he score against Belgium and England but his presence in the entire tournament is something i have not witnessed since.
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