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  1. And another disappointing year for RCB. Finished 4th again. Bangalore and Chennai have this running battle going on and while CSK get the better of us in IPL, Karnataka (Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka) routinely get the better of Tamil Nadu. Maybe new captain as Virat has announced that he will not be leading the team next year will bring in a change of fortunes. Its widely expected that local lad K.L Rahul will be picked up next year and made to lead, if not, it could be AB Develliers. Looks like only AB, Virat and Glen Maxwell will be retained for next year as no team can retain more than 4. Rahul Dravid who has been with the Indian Junior team and has worked with several youngsters who are now in the Indian team has been made the coach of Indian team. Rahul is a very dedicated , focused guy and very different from the outgoing coach Ravi Shastri .Not sure if all players will like having Rahul though it will be good for Indian cricket
  2. Bryan Adams is pretty popular amongst women and many casual listeners. i still like some of his songs of Reckless. His first show in India was in Bangalore back in 2001 and personally a disappointing one. There were 50k fans inside and maybe an equal number outside. Had to walk long distance to reach the venue as the roads were all jammed and finally the sound sucked. Living in Bangalore, we were lucky to get other big artists like Rolling Stones, Metallica, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Elton John, Sting, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden,Roger Waters(Twice) here. Sadly i was not in town when the one guy i wanted to see most , other than Bruce of course, Mark knopfler player here in 2005. The shows were all in the grounds of Bangalore Palace but now due to govt restrictions no shows can be held there and all concerts incl U2 are in Mumbai. Really miss the golden period between 2001 to 2011
  3. As stated earlier Bruce did perform in Delhi during the Amnesty Tour. I missed it for 2 reasons- Dad was in hospital and air travel those days was ridiculously expensive and you always thought that he will come some day. I might still have article from one of the popular magazines back then which called it the Bruce Springsteen night. Bruce came on stage past midnight and rocked the house and met a few people who were at the show and they called it the best show they have ever seen.The show was marred by controversy between Times of India which kind of played the whole show as part of their 150th anniversary and Amnesty. I actually dont like both the organisations. Bruce was huge here back then, still has many dedicated fans and will easily fill a cricket stadium
  4. If AmazonIndia or the other Indian online company Flipkart don't have it, then I usually order from Hdwow... Works out lot cheaper for me as they do not charge shipping
  5. Must say the trailer has left me more excited than I have been for a while. Thanks to the plethora of videos on YouTube and online streaming these days I don't have the same level of anticipation as before,but this has got me excited.
  6. Thanks Daisey for drawing my attention to this. Just finished watching.. Wonderful watch. Its tragic what happened to him. Always had that aura of invincibility about him, though during his days I was supporting the 2 Finns, first Hakkinen and then Raikkonen. His generosity is also something that is not often mentioned.. Or shd atleast get more attention. The guy is supposed to have donated 10 million dollars during 2004 Tsunami apart from several other huge donations.
  7. Could be a hoax but you never know there are plenty of loonies.
  8. Now Pak fans and media blaming India for NZ pulling out
  9. Charismatic leader who stood out from the rest of the team. Pity that as a leader off the field he has no control.
  10. Probably with the pandemic and that there is no touring, Bruce has not been working out as much, or atleast with regard to weight training. Also the fact ,that you do tend to get picky of what you eat as you age. His weight has always kind of oscillated like it does for most of us. Remember him being really slim during VH1 storytellers, then during Wrecking Ball he started off quite heavy and was in terrific shape towards the end of the tour. At 72,if I can be anywhere near his shape that would be something.
  11. Was pretty sure he will complete the golden slam and emulate Steffi Graf. First Olympics loss and now this.. Did not expect the straight set defeat.
  12. Bro is thrilled that his all time favourite player is back with his all-time fav team and a very good start as well
  13. Still listen to them. Liked quite a few of their songs unlike BoneyM. Mentioned BoneyM cos before 84 or so when MJ won all those grannies, everyone in India thought that these 2 were the biggest bands in the world.
  14. Backlash in Indian social media already. Ravi Shastri taking lot of flak for being irresponsible in attending the function which led to the covid situation. The general consensus is that the match should have started and stopped only in case players tested positive. The fact that IPL is mere days away does not make the situation look any better, more so when most of the guys if not all will turn up and play. Still believe the players here are the scapegoats
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