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  1. Sad that the 3 guys are now subjected to racial abuse. They will already be gutted for missing the penalties and now have to endure this nonsense. Saka is what 19? Hope it does not scar him and instead makes him tougher.
  2. I don't follow the game nor do I know as much as you folks but how common is this subbing people straight for penalties? Does it happen often. Remember the great Zico missing one in 86 when he was on the pitch for hardly a minute and this played a huge part in the match going to penalty shoot out where Brazil eventually lost.When there was a bit of backlash as to why he took, many years later he clarified that he was caught in a fix. Damned as he took it though not being ready and damned if he had not taken and has someone else missed as how could he allow another player to take while he was on the pitch. He did score on the shoot out and Socrates missed but not many remember that. Remember watching this live with brother and uncles and being gutted as back then Argentina and Brazil were the overwhelming favourites here and Zico along Maradona were my favourites. In fact my golden retriever who passed away a couple of years back was named Zico. Nice touch towards the end with Platini and Zico
  3. Missed quite a bit of it and woke up in the second half. It's Monday and got a packed day of virtual meetings . Hope I don't dose off, particularly when I will be just required to be there with little or no contribution. Euro is next only to world cup so its worth losing sleep.
  4. Tough luck England and all you English folks.
  5. Yup.. It is that long. Google just told me that Bruce look alike was Del Piero. Never realised that, though I had seen him on TV
  6. Scillaci was 90 right? If I remember Italy got knocked out by Argentina in a penalty shoot out. Maradona and Argentina were nothing like 86 but still made it to the finals. Can't remember the guy who looked like Bruce.
  7. Given the fanatical following Bruce has in Italy, I assumed that there would be a fair bit of Italians here but I don't see any Italian posting here. For some reason never been a big fan of Italy, maybe because in the first ever world cup I saw in 82,they knocked out Brazil, arguably the greatest team ever or at least the most beautiful team to watch. Liked Baggio though. Italy would have probably been the slight favourites but considering its being played in Wembley, the crowd may tilt this in England's favour. My money would be on a 2-1 in England's favour in extra time. Considering it will get over at around 2.30 Am or so India time, don't think I will be up to watch the ending though.
  8. balboa08

    Copa America

    Finally the monkey off his back. All those who constantly questioned his ability for the sole reason he had not won a major title for Argentina can now take a walk.
  9. Not related to Euro but football related, Argentina win Copa America after 28 years or so and Leo Messi finally has a senior championship in the Argentine shirt and hopefully the cloud over him is now lifted and he gets his due acknowledgement of being the GOAT or atleast amongst the top 3 to ever played the game.
  10. For once i am happy that I am from a country which is ranked 105th in the world No pressure, no emotions, (at least for me) just wanting to see a good game. That said, I will be up early this Sunday morning rooting for my man Messi in the Copa America final against Brazil.
  11. Never knew she had covered this. While being different from Dire Straits, nevertheless loved it
  12. Congrats to England and all the English supporters out here.
  13. I remember we had Ramesh Krishnan, who won the juniors at Wimbledon, had a fairly decent career. Good ground strokes but terrible serve. For some reason he troubled McEnroe who once commented what do you do with a guy whose serve takes forever to reach you. The Becker vs edberg, Sampras vs Agassi and Federer vs Nadal matches were all classics.
  14. Will this be the end of Federer? Like I said earlier nice to see more young guys coming along but will miss his artistry
  15. Men's tennis for quite some time now reminds me of ladies tennis of the 80's when I started watching tennis. Besides Federer, Djokovic and Nadal hardly anyone else wines a major. Know Murray has won 3 or 4, Cilic maybe once and one other player I can't remember.. Very different from the 80's,90's and even early 2000's. Its great testimony to the amazing dedication and fitness of the big 3 but would still like to see more players challenging. In the 80's we were all so bored of seeing Navaratilova win everything except for the rare occasion when Chris Every or Mandlikova won. Then Steffi Graf came along and somehow since she retired, I don't follow ladies tennis with the same passion though there is so much depth now.
  16. Will follow as long as Federer is still there.
  17. Just got to know that Iron Maiden did not make the cut!!! What a joke. It also took forever for Dire Straits and Neil Diamond to make it.
  18. Isn't that David Sancious. Had never seen whatever he is playing before this.
  19. Congrats to NZ. Worthy winners. Williamson, both with his batting, captaincy and conduct continues to be so impressive. Well Ross Taylor, before Chris Gayle and AB Develliers played for Bangalore in the Ipl was the crowd favourite here. Great memories of his batting here and everyone used to cheer everytime he walked out to bat. Read that 2 spectators were ejected for abusing Taylor on the 5th day. Disgusting... whoever it was.
  20. Despite all the rain, all 3 results are still possible.. If New Zealand get a couple of quick wickets then they would be favourites. If India bats well, then draw is the most likely result. Indian victory is technically possible but unlikely.
  21. Took a bit of time for me to get to like him being that we were used to Dravid and Tendulkar kind of personalities. But by all accounts the guy leaves his aggression on the field and is apparently a real nice guy off the field and more importantly though he is in your face all the time plays within the spirit of the game. Seems like all the money RCB splurged on Jameison did not really help Kohli. Jameison was also smart at not using the Duke ball while bowling to Kohli at the nets.
  22. Pity that the weather may ultimately ensure that this match goes nowhere. Whatever little was possible yesterday was high quality worthy of the occassion with the New Zealand bowlers after the initial slight waywardness bowling really well and a typically fighting knock from Virat. After being put into bat guess the Indian team will be happier at the end of the day's play.
  23. It is. I caught a bit of it sometime back.
  24. Having already played 2 tests in England, NZ has a slight advantage in knowing the conditions better.
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