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  1. For once i am happy that I am from a country which is ranked 105th in the world No pressure, no emotions, (at least for me) just wanting to see a good game. That said, I will be up early this Sunday morning rooting for my man Messi in the Copa America final against Brazil.
  2. Never knew she had covered this. While being different from Dire Straits, nevertheless loved it
  3. Congrats to England and all the English supporters out here.
  4. I remember we had Ramesh Krishnan, who won the juniors at Wimbledon, had a fairly decent career. Good ground strokes but terrible serve. For some reason he troubled McEnroe who once commented what do you do with a guy whose serve takes forever to reach you. The Becker vs edberg, Sampras vs Agassi and Federer vs Nadal matches were all classics.
  5. Will this be the end of Federer? Like I said earlier nice to see more young guys coming along but will miss his artistry
  6. Men's tennis for quite some time now reminds me of ladies tennis of the 80's when I started watching tennis. Besides Federer, Djokovic and Nadal hardly anyone else wines a major. Know Murray has won 3 or 4, Cilic maybe once and one other player I can't remember.. Very different from the 80's,90's and even early 2000's. Its great testimony to the amazing dedication and fitness of the big 3 but would still like to see more players challenging. In the 80's we were all so bored of seeing Navaratilova win everything except for the rare occasion when Chris Every or Mandlikova won. Then Steffi Graf came along and somehow since she retired, I don't follow ladies tennis with the same passion though there is so much depth now.
  7. Will follow as long as Federer is still there.
  8. Just got to know that Iron Maiden did not make the cut!!! What a joke. It also took forever for Dire Straits and Neil Diamond to make it.
  9. Isn't that David Sancious. Had never seen whatever he is playing before this.
  10. Congrats to NZ. Worthy winners. Williamson, both with his batting, captaincy and conduct continues to be so impressive. Well Ross Taylor, before Chris Gayle and AB Develliers played for Bangalore in the Ipl was the crowd favourite here. Great memories of his batting here and everyone used to cheer everytime he walked out to bat. Read that 2 spectators were ejected for abusing Taylor on the 5th day. Disgusting... whoever it was.
  11. Despite all the rain, all 3 results are still possible.. If New Zealand get a couple of quick wickets then they would be favourites. If India bats well, then draw is the most likely result. Indian victory is technically possible but unlikely.
  12. Took a bit of time for me to get to like him being that we were used to Dravid and Tendulkar kind of personalities. But by all accounts the guy leaves his aggression on the field and is apparently a real nice guy off the field and more importantly though he is in your face all the time plays within the spirit of the game. Seems like all the money RCB splurged on Jameison did not really help Kohli. Jameison was also smart at not using the Duke ball while bowling to Kohli at the nets.
  13. Pity that the weather may ultimately ensure that this match goes nowhere. Whatever little was possible yesterday was high quality worthy of the occassion with the New Zealand bowlers after the initial slight waywardness bowling really well and a typically fighting knock from Virat. After being put into bat guess the Indian team will be happier at the end of the day's play.
  14. It is. I caught a bit of it sometime back.
  15. Having already played 2 tests in England, NZ has a slight advantage in knowing the conditions better.
  16. Given that this is the first show after the pandemic and that so many people have lost their loved ones, jobs and generally been through such a torrid time, the least he could have done is priced the tickets more sensibly. Or am I living in a different planet to expect this.. Understand that the artist is completely at his liberty to price it whatever he wants especially given the limited seats and high demand but you expect little better from Bruce. He has been honest about money but also pontificates, if that is the right word, a lot.. about his relation with fans and everything else. Given this is a short run, it may not make much of a difference to his wealth but for others it may not be a small amount.
  17. Get a feeling that this is not just Bruce's call. Of course, the money always helps. There will be many more such high profile artists shows as well as sporting events where vaccination will be mandatory for attendance. This will eventually push all the fence sitters to get vaccinated. Right now the priority is to get everyone in the US vaccinated,so lot of folks from UK are ruled out on account of being vaccinated with AZ. We Indians who also have taken AZ are anyway not welcome anywhere now. Everyone, the artist, the vaccine companies and eventually the society too gains.
  18. I have a slightly different take on this. He said something as a teenager and has apologized. We should just accept and move on. The way i look at racism is that unless its coming from someone who is in a more authoritative role and can affect me/my life I will not really care. Just reflects poorly on the person who has prejudices based on skin colour, the God i pray or dont pray to or any other BS, rather than being offensive to me.
  19. yes, somehow the bubble was probably not as secure as it was thought to be. Actually the players had way too much stress, i would say probably more than the rest of us. The Aussies were worried about how to go back and the Indian players had their family being affected by the virus. Ashwin pulled out as 10 of his family incl his wife and kids had tested positive. Their returns were taken care. Few stayed in Sri Lanka and the rest in Maldives before going back home.
  20. As COVID rages on in India, Adam Gilchrist had posted a poll on twitter if it was inappropriate for the IPL to continue or was it a welcome diversion. Think the overwhelming majority voted that it was a welcome diversion. In times such as now when there is just gloom all around , this atleast takes your mind off for a few hours. Of course, the players safety is paramount but if that is taken care of and as matches are played in empty stadiums, its a welcome respite.
  21. As i post rarely here, never had the pleasure of knowing Marsha. Judging from what everyone has written, must have been one terrific lady.Gone too soon. Hope she is happy wherever she is and her family and all those who knew her find strength. Crazy world. So much of negativity on one side and on the other hand, people living in different parts of the world, never having met with just one shared passion having genuine love and care for others and always watching your back.
  22. Nathan Lyon's take on the pitch https://sportzwiki.com/cricket/nathan-lyon-baffled-by-criticism-of-the-pitch True in most cases. But to be fair to these guys, whole of last year was washed out and there is far too much of international cricket
  23. No doubt the pitch could have been better. No one likes a match to end in 2 days. That said, its a combination of a tricky wicket, atrocious batting, some good bowling and the pink ball which contributed to this. When former players say that Kohli was trying to toe the BCCI line by saying the pitch was not bad at all they may be correct as also Sunil Gavaskar who knows a thing or two about batting on such wickets when he says that it was bad batting especially given that most wickets fell to deliveries which hardly turned. England should realise that they will get turning wickets so for them to drop the guy who bowled well in the first test and pick 3 seamers is stupid. Guys these days are not used to playing on turning wickets, same is true for India. To give an Indian perspective , i think Sivaramakrishan , a former Indian spinner rightly said very few of our big players have hardly played any domestic cricket for quite sometime, so they also struggle to play spin. Earlier, we had guys like Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman who played several years in domestic cricket and were so used to wickets that turned from day 1. Many guys playing the domestic league in India today would have fared better than our national players on this wicket. As far as third umpire is concerned, some one was suggesting that skill sets required for a third umpire is very different from that of normal umpiring. Also, if players can travel why not umpires. It should not go back to the old days when barring a Dickie Bird or a Shepard, most home umpires and mostly with genuine reasons were seen with suspicion. I think Rohit's stumping given not out in the last match might was wrong, it appeared from all angles that no part of his foot was behind the crease. Not that it had any impact on the result. However, as far as this match is concerned, guess Indians and English will always view this from our different perspectives. While the English may feel upset that the third umpire overturned the on field call so early for Stokes catch of Shubman Gill and that it may even be cheating, we look at it differently. Almost everyone here cant understand the fuss and the anger shown by the English players when it was apparent that Stokes had grounded the ball, not just grounded he seemed to drag the ball across the ground. It was shocking to say the least
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