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  1. Having already played 2 tests in England, NZ has a slight advantage in knowing the conditions better.
  2. Given that this is the first show after the pandemic and that so many people have lost their loved ones, jobs and generally been through such a torrid time, the least he could have done is priced the tickets more sensibly. Or am I living in a different planet to expect this.. Understand that the artist is completely at his liberty to price it whatever he wants especially given the limited seats and high demand but you expect little better from Bruce. He has been honest about money but also pontificates, if that is the right word, a lot.. about his relation with fans and everything else. Given this is a short run, it may not make much of a difference to his wealth but for others it may not be a small amount.
  3. Get a feeling that this is not just Bruce's call. Of course, the money always helps. There will be many more such high profile artists shows as well as sporting events where vaccination will be mandatory for attendance. This will eventually push all the fence sitters to get vaccinated. Right now the priority is to get everyone in the US vaccinated,so lot of folks from UK are ruled out on account of being vaccinated with AZ. We Indians who also have taken AZ are anyway not welcome anywhere now. Everyone, the artist, the vaccine companies and eventually the society too gains.
  4. I have a slightly different take on this. He said something as a teenager and has apologized. We should just accept and move on. The way i look at racism is that unless its coming from someone who is in a more authoritative role and can affect me/my life I will not really care. Just reflects poorly on the person who has prejudices based on skin colour, the God i pray or dont pray to or any other BS, rather than being offensive to me.
  5. yes, somehow the bubble was probably not as secure as it was thought to be. Actually the players had way too much stress, i would say probably more than the rest of us. The Aussies were worried about how to go back and the Indian players had their family being affected by the virus. Ashwin pulled out as 10 of his family incl his wife and kids had tested positive. Their returns were taken care. Few stayed in Sri Lanka and the rest in Maldives before going back home.
  6. As COVID rages on in India, Adam Gilchrist had posted a poll on twitter if it was inappropriate for the IPL to continue or was it a welcome diversion. Think the overwhelming majority voted that it was a welcome diversion. In times such as now when there is just gloom all around , this atleast takes your mind off for a few hours. Of course, the players safety is paramount but if that is taken care of and as matches are played in empty stadiums, its a welcome respite.
  7. As i post rarely here, never had the pleasure of knowing Marsha. Judging from what everyone has written, must have been one terrific lady.Gone too soon. Hope she is happy wherever she is and her family and all those who knew her find strength. Crazy world. So much of negativity on one side and on the other hand, people living in different parts of the world, never having met with just one shared passion having genuine love and care for others and always watching your back.
  8. Nathan Lyon's take on the pitch https://sportzwiki.com/cricket/nathan-lyon-baffled-by-criticism-of-the-pitch True in most cases. But to be fair to these guys, whole of last year was washed out and there is far too much of international cricket
  9. No doubt the pitch could have been better. No one likes a match to end in 2 days. That said, its a combination of a tricky wicket, atrocious batting, some good bowling and the pink ball which contributed to this. When former players say that Kohli was trying to toe the BCCI line by saying the pitch was not bad at all they may be correct as also Sunil Gavaskar who knows a thing or two about batting on such wickets when he says that it was bad batting especially given that most wickets fell to deliveries which hardly turned. England should realise that they will get turning wickets so for them to drop the guy who bowled well in the first test and pick 3 seamers is stupid. Guys these days are not used to playing on turning wickets, same is true for India. To give an Indian perspective , i think Sivaramakrishan , a former Indian spinner rightly said very few of our big players have hardly played any domestic cricket for quite sometime, so they also struggle to play spin. Earlier, we had guys like Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman who played several years in domestic cricket and were so used to wickets that turned from day 1. Many guys playing the domestic league in India today would have fared better than our national players on this wicket. As far as third umpire is concerned, some one was suggesting that skill sets required for a third umpire is very different from that of normal umpiring. Also, if players can travel why not umpires. It should not go back to the old days when barring a Dickie Bird or a Shepard, most home umpires and mostly with genuine reasons were seen with suspicion. I think Rohit's stumping given not out in the last match might was wrong, it appeared from all angles that no part of his foot was behind the crease. Not that it had any impact on the result. However, as far as this match is concerned, guess Indians and English will always view this from our different perspectives. While the English may feel upset that the third umpire overturned the on field call so early for Stokes catch of Shubman Gill and that it may even be cheating, we look at it differently. Almost everyone here cant understand the fuss and the anger shown by the English players when it was apparent that Stokes had grounded the ball, not just grounded he seemed to drag the ball across the ground. It was shocking to say the least
  10. England currently 47 ahead, if they can stretch it to 70 or so, it may still be a tricky chase for India unless Root opens with Anderson and Broad. Th previous day nighter In India ended in 2 days too
  11. Not so India is not faring any better
  12. IPL is by no means perfect. There are far more serious allegations of money laundering,etc which are of course not been proved.There was also spot fixing which happened few years back. However as a fan I have seen that it has done lot more good than bad , particularly for Indian cricket. The atmosphere in the stadium is also something else. Guys like AB Deviliers, Chris Gayle are hugely popular here. So was Ross Taylor when he played for RCB between 2008 to 2010. Frankly we would never got exposed to all these talents. On another note England in a spot of bother at 87 for 6
  13. Factual inaccuracies. IPL is usually scheduled when there are no international matches and in the event of there being any series , then the players always take up national duties. Normally, England has matches scheduled during the later half of IPL and they always leave for national duty and also explains why usually English players do not go for a high premium. IPL is very professionally managed and certainly no half baked league as the writer has mentioned Kevin Petersen was very much part of the English team when he started playing IPL. I remember he joined in 2009 , the second year of IPL and he was made the captain of RCB by the then owner of RCB,Vijay Mallya replacing Dravid a local hero which lot of people did not quite like though Petersen himself was popular.He left the league in between to play for England.Anil Kumble another local hero took over and led the team to the finals. Lot of ex cricketers have an axe to grind when it concerns IPL. The reason why India did so well in Australia was largely due to IPL. Guys today are not in awe of anyone unlike the past wherein just by their reputation a Shane Warne and Mcgrath could intimidate batsmen. Remember the first time Tendulkar played Ian Botham who well past his prime and Tendulkar was just playing the reputation and struggled to get bat to ball. As an 8 year old he would have seen Botham single handedly destroying India in Mumbai. Cricketers from small towns who would have largely gone unnoticed all get a shot at being part of the Indian team. Virat Kohli who captains RCB would have seen something in jameison for RCB to go so high for him. Having said that , franchisees quite often get it wrong. Also, its not true that basis Test matches players are picked. A cheteswar Pujara for several years had no takers.
  14. With you. Whenever a team does badly in the subcontinent, pitch is spoken about. No one has been knocked on the head so far or has the ball scooted on the pitch. Could the Chennai pitch have been better, yes but its not as bad as its made out to be if one applies them-self. Ashwin batting at No 8 got a 100 today. When our team gets their butt kicked in 3 days in England or anywhere else, then all that is spoken about even by the Indian media and fans and quite rightly too is our in ability to adapt to seeming conditions. But when it comes to the turning ball, it's a different story. Not following much of Davis Cup lately bit i remember in the past, the courts used to be tailor made to the home team. Americans would always get slow clay courts in Europe
  15. Home teams always prepare pitches to suit themselves. India for long has been dished green pitches when playing in England,Australia, NZ and SA. Lord 2018 comes to mind. At the end of the day, both teams play on the same pitch and England have a good spin attack and also beat India convincingly in the same venue just a few days back. Save for Rohit and Pant, India would have struggled too
  16. well this article has a different angle https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9248977/Bruce-Springsteen-busted-DWI-one-shot-tequila-taking-pictures-fans.html
  17. Thank You. If you are a sports fan you will always appreciate good performances irrespective of from whom they come , though you always want your team to do win. When i was young i always wanted Viv Richards to do well even against India. Good fast bowlers are always a treat to watch. Dale Steyn is another recent great who i enjoy watching. Not an exception, if you go through the comments in India, most people are busy criticizing Kohli and applauding England. Now if it were Pakistan Actually even Pakistan won in Bangalore and Chennai long back they were given a standing ovation. The English team is strong , cant see where the 3-0, 4-0 expert opinions came from. The home advantage is also not a factor with no spectators , though i believe from the second test it is allowed and also most of these guys havent played on our wickets for more than a year.
  18. Rough week for Bruce. His ad seems to have angered people on either side of the political divide. Now this. While facts will come out eventually and maybe Bruce was guilty, the timing of something which happened in Nov seems strange. Also, I find it hard to believe that after having held out doing commercials since the 80's, Bruce would agree to do a commercial , that too for Jeep, with this in the background and knowing that it was a matter of time before the news would be out unless it was really nothing. Guess the .02 bit might be true. Maybe someone saw the Jeep ad and thought wtf how can this guy endorse a vehicle when he was arrested for DWI and leaked the news or maybe there is someone who was angered with Bruce's politics and leaked it despite knowing that there might be no credible case(assuming .02 is true) Till facts emerge we have to give the benefit of doubt to both Bruce and the LE officer who was probably doing his job.
  19. Congrats to England. James Anderson still has it, the two deliveries he bowled to Gill and Rahane were a peach. yes. Most fan's memory is just 1 test old. They tend to forget that Kohli apart from being by far the best batsman in the team has had a fairly successful run as the captain.Rahane's miserable run with the bat except for the one 100 he scored in Australia is not helping Rahane's cause as well. What was also missed by many is that Kohli got 2 fifties in both the tests we lost badly. Virat also needs to relax a bit.
  20. England in a strong position to win the first test. India will have to bat out of their skin to save this given that it's going to be a 5th day wicket. Pujara will be the key. Root is continuing his brilliant form
  21. This may well go onto become one of the largest watched videos featuring only Bruce. Over 20 million views in just over a day.
  22. 1. 1 to 100 :Bruce 2. Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits 3. Gordon Lightfoot/Roger Waters/Pink Floyd/ABBA/Olivia Newton John/Metallica/Iron Maiden/Deep Purple/Carpenters/Coverdale The old Bon Jovi and Def Lepperd albums There are quite a few Indian artists who I shall not mention as their names would not be familiar here
  23. Most beautiful version of LOHAD that i have heard till date.
  24. agree that rules are skewed in favour of batsmen and aggressive bowling is fun to watch but the Aussies went overboard. It seemed their intent was to literally break the opposition and they did succeed to an extent but full marks to the Indians for the spirit. Not really accustomed to our guys showing so much heart and it felt great. The umpires too seemed quite lenient with the number of bouncers being bowled.
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