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  1. For some reason I have been listening to more of Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits these days.
  2. Hi, In Bangalore.There is only one timezone here and thats +5.30 GMT or +9.30 New York
  3. Reading this i suddenly dont feel that old considering i discovered Bruce in 85. But, yeah i agree, my fav album still remains Darkness followed closely by Tunnel
  4. yup.. its now postponed to April 15th
  5. Long post warning….All we hear all day long is Corona Virus. In many ways life is still as usual. We have had 5 positive cases in Bangalore so far out of a population of 11 million, so guess you can say that it’s extremely negligible. However, there is a fear that this could escalate rapidly given the population density here. The government here in the state as well as several other state governments in India have shut down schools. Cinema theatres have been closed in a few states. Most software companies have asked their employees to work from home. My wife’s company will most likely work from home for the next 10 days just to check in case the need arises will they be able to cope with. No such luck for me ☹ The Indian government is not granting visa to anyone to visit India till April 15th. Total positive cases in India is about 80 with 1 death. This includes 16 Italian tourists. Almost all who have tested positive have returned from either Italy or the US or Dubai or their family members and close friends. It’s very much likely that the number could be significantly higher but people have not been tested as they would have assumed it’s the common flu which you do get every year where there is a change in the weather. Large gatherings have been restricted. The traffic is a lot less thankfully with more people working from home so that’s one positive. I had been to a hospital yesterday to get a laryngoscopy done for a recurring throat problem and the hospital was deserted as no one wants to visit hospitals unless it’s an emergency for fear of picking up an infection. One thought is that this has been to an extent overhyped as about a decade back H1N1 affected a billion people and had more fatalities and there was no where this kind of hysteria. The other thought is that maybe the governments know lot more than what they are letting out hence all these drastic measures. We are running out of stock of masks and hand sanitisers. No fear of TP here. People have not yet started hoarding food supplies still. One thing that seems certain is that even if the human casualty count may not be that high once this thing subsides, the economy would have taken a real beating and God knows how many people and businesses would have gone bankrupt. Temperatures have already started rising in India to over 30 degrees Celsius. Several places will soon start touching the high 30’s or even 40 and there is a belief that this virus too like most will be less effective in warmer climate. We were kinda monitoring the situation down under as you guys would have had summer. Only time will tell if temperature does have an impact Anyway stay safe everyone..
  6. Seems like the IPL will be played with no spectators allowed.
  7. Agree. Amazing to see so many people turn up for the finals. Might have been a bit unnerving for the girls who are used to playing in relatively empty stadiums to see such a huge crowd. Guess this is what makes Melbourne the true sporting/sports capital of the world.
  8. Congrats to the Kiwis on a comprehensive win. In a way india needed this kick after all those easy wins against very weak opposition at home
  9. The match should not have even gone to a super over. After the first ball 6 of the last over and needing just 3 runs of 5 balls with Taylor and Williamson batting, feel the Kiwis lost it. Also, with the current crop of players,especially Rohit Sharma, Devilliers, Andre Russel.. even with 10 needed of the last 2 balls, you always feel that there is a good chance
  10. Sad sad day. Gone too soon. Endless arguements with my cousin as to who is THE GOAT- Kobe or MJ. Nothing in the world , not even exams, could get my cousin out of bed early in the morning, except for Kobe Bryant. Hope all the departed souls find peace
  11. Happy that SA is again competitive. After the terrible excuses given by Du Plessis after getting mauled in India , thought they will take much longer to recoup if that is the attitude of their captain. We need more competitive teams in the world Also happy that my favourite batsman in the world AB De Villiers might figure in the T20 world cup
  12. Hope it's true. The decade between 2001 to 2011 was great for me personally as most of the guys who I like all performed in my hometown, Bangalore. The government then messed it up by not allowing any event to take place at the venue where all concerts were staged and then all shows moved to Mumbai. Anyway, got to see Roger Waters, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Elton John,Iron Maiden, Scorpoions, etc.. Unfortunately due to a sadistic boss missed Mark Knopfler Only hope Bono rattling his mouth off does not in any way prompt a knee jerk reaction from the government.
  13. It appears that Bono rubbed lot of Philipines fans the wrong way too.https://www.alternativenation.net/bono-viciously-booed-u2-fans-concert/ While i am all for artists to be socially actve and do their bit, little bit of reseach would help or if you dont know enough about a country or issues on hand, then dont take a stand. Hope Bruce never does anything like this...Coming to think of it has Bruce ever taken a stand on any other country's internal affairs except maybe the concert in Berlin in 1988 which was also in a way forced on him
  14. Saw this on Kher's instagram page. Hope he advised Bruce to include India in his next tour
  15. The Joshua Tree tour finally came to India last Sunday, Dec 15th. Joshua Tree has always been one of my favourite non Bruce albums so I was pretty excited to see the show. My sister in law is also a huge U2 fan and happens to live in Mumbai where the show was held, so we were all waiting for the tickets to go on sale. We wanted the FOS tickets and as I was stuck in meetings for the first couple of days ended up buying in what was described as close to the stage with a clear view. I am never happy seeing rock shows unless I am up there in the front. The whole thing to me appears to be a bit of a scam as the cost was relatively higher in the stands and 2 days before the show, tickets for FOS was again suddenly available. Given that we had spent a small fortune already, had no option other than to use what we already had and hope for the best. On entering it was immediately obvious that while the stadium is great for cricket matches, not so for rock concerts especially for a band like U2 who perform part of the show up in the front. To keep it short, it was one of the most disappointing shows for me, as we never felt connected what was happening upfront, the fact that the large screen for most part does not show the band playing but other visuals did not help matter either. Will admit the sound was good and am sure for those upfront it was a fabulous show. Added to this, Bono while repeatedly saying wonderful things about India slid in a few subtle digs about the Indian Government which is not something I appreciated. In a video montage, 3 ladies were shown whose sole claim to fame it appears is the rabid hatred they have for the Indian PM, his party or in one case the lady hates the very idea of India and this was disgusting. Also, when he said sing ‘for Amnesty International’ knowing the current distrust between the Indian government and Amnesty was sad. For the first time, I too felt that maybe you should just shut and sing. The problem it appears with all these artists is that they listen to certain vested minds/ so called intellectuals and form their opinion with no understanding of the grass root issues. India is to complex a country for Bono to make such comments .Entertainers/ artist with conscience which is what I suppose Bono is should be mindful of this. Every minute of the show I was just thinking of that magical evening in Zurich when I saw Bruce for the first time.
  16. Prefer this version to the original release.Most of the minor changes work beautifully. Personal favorites Stones, Hello Sunshine and Moonlight Motel. Heard these on amazon and spotify and i dont think the sound quality was top notch or at least the way they sounded on my BT earphones. Bruce was particular that you need to listen to these with good speakers, so most likely i will pick this up in vinyl and listen to it on a good stereo
  17. Kannada movies are unfortunately not that great(in my opinion) so you really wont be missing much There are of course many wonderful movies but most are missable. I guess i dont fit into the demography they make these movies for. Agree they are so many wonderful movies from all over the world. Speilberg, Eastwood, Scorsese and a whole lot of Hollywood legends are huge fans of the Japanese film maker, Kurusawa There is no need to appreciate our english as most of us educated in urban India, atleast in cities like Bangalore , Mumbai are comfortable in the language as the medium of instruction in most schools here is English. Unfortunately, while my mother tongue is Kannada , i hardly ever write in my language and have'nt read a single book as it would take me forever to read. My colleagues from other parts of Karnataka are all far better at the langauge than i am. Due to the diversity here especially in cities like mine it is required to know as many languages as possible. My son has to know a minimum of 4, Kannada, my wife's language-Gujarati, English and Hindi. I was lucky to have had a great English teacher at school. He was the school principal, an Englishman, extremely strict and a brilliant teacher
  18. @Daisey ...Dont really watch lot of Hindi movies on Netflix. Very Limited content of my language Kannada as well. From a cursory glance through the various titles, thought that you might like these 1. 3 Idiots-Quite light hearted and highly acclaimed 2. Pink 3.Dangal 4. Bahubali- Most expensive Indian movie ever made- but more suited for large screen 5.Madras Cafe- Loosely based on the assination of ex PM 6. Munna Bhai,MBBS 7. Special 26
  19. As you love cricket, watch Lagaan. This is the only indian movie to date which was shortlisted in the Best Foriegn film category at the Oscars.. Its hilarious , not sure if the humour gets captured through sub titles. It stars Aamir Khan , one of our superstars. One issue though...its really long even by Indian movie standards
  20. Thanks Daisey, am sure that my son will outgrow pretty fast. Right now he has had no choice, but theh again you never know, i do like a lot of what my dad likes. Yup agree both on cricket and that we are different. In a way cricket unifies the country. Other games are gaining popularity now. I will go and check out the other thread.
  21. Thanks to RJM , I watched the movie on Netflix the other day. If it was based on any other artist other than Bruce, I would felt that the whole movie was a bit too much,OTT. In any case, it was on Bruce so I ended up enjoying it thoroughly. Lot of songs did fit into the sequences or rather the screenplay was based on the lyrics During BTR , my wife remarked Bollywood meets Springsteen. Or a bit like Mama mia Am sure that I will watch it again. I really did not know 80’s Britain was that bad.Or just a few loonies shown here kind of a negative picture of the whole society. Those were pre cable TV days in India where news was only from Newspapers and till 1984 we had a Prime Minister who was similar in many ways to Thatcher, no wonder they were so close. I remember my school principal, a great great person, who was an Englishman who hated Thatcher and would often speak negatively of her in Moral Science class. Sarfraz Mansoor and I may be around the same age, I discovered Bruce a couple of years earlier, in 85 through DITD video, and my first album was TOL. Apart from the love for Bruce, nothing else is similar in our lives so cant relate to his story. He is one lucky guy though having seen Bruce over 150 times, getting to meet him and then having a movie made partly based on his life. The movie felt like 2 huge Bruce fans paying a homage to their hero and I do wish the movie was released here so hopefully few new fans could have joined the Bruce bandwagon which is what I am hoping with my wife. She no Springsteen fan, or atleast pretends so, sat with me and watched the whole movie and I am hoping that she now sees what I have always seen in Bruce. Watching in on Netflix also meant that the subtitles were on and she could read the lyrics which she might have not known earlier and appreciate Bruce more. Her situtation is also little difficult now that my little more than 2 and a half year old son too loves lot of Bruce stuff with current favourites being River(duet with Sting), Hello Sunshine, There goes my miracle, DITD and all time favourite being BTR, so every time a song was on he would stop whatever he was doing and stare at the screen and he has this move whenever Bruce says Born to Run, he would raise his right arm. She could make me turn of the music in the car but cant say no to our son. @Daisey, yes we do consider ourselves as Asians. We are South Asians and I often wondered why in some shows when people mention Asians it would always be those from China, Japan, Malaysia, etc and Indians would be mentioned separately. Not that there is any Asian identity as such as I guess Europeans have, just an acceptance of our geography. We don’t go around identifying ourselves as Asians. Don’t now if my answer is more confusing. One blooper, Javed quotes from River when the albums given to him were BITU and DOTEOT and there is nothing to indicate that he had heard River.
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