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  1. Have said this earlier too, IMHO, maybe lot of people went overboard with what happened in SA. There is a very thin line between cheating and gamesmanship and rules in cricket are little vague too. Throwing the ball on the bounce everytime, applying saliva on on side,etc are also altering the condition of the ball. Why is not walking when you know you are out not cheating , as also appealing when you know someone is not out. Cant think of anyone who will come out a saint. Purely based on performance Warner is one of the most destructive opening batsmen in the world today and was always a certainty once the ban was over. As far as Smith is concerned, he was a bit unfortunate. However, Smith's conduct in my hometown was pretty sad when during a test match against india everytime he would look at the dressing room in get a signal whether to go for a review or not. Later he admitted he had a 'brain freeze' -except that it happened more than once
  2. Agree. Most open tournament i can think of in a long time. India have just started their campaign and while our bowling is good, in these conditions there might be over dependence on Virat Kohli.Expect Rahul and Dhoni to contribute too but not too confident of the others. West Indies could well be the team that surprises most this time
  3. Love it. Heard it about 10 times straight on the way to work today at full volume with headphones on (this is the way i most appreciate Bruce) and loved it each time. Also available for free download on Amazon music in case it's not mentioned earlier
  4. Great series. Congrats to England. Closer than what it looks on paper. Except the second test, all the others were close. However, batting of both sides seem to be their Achilles heel. As far as India is concerned it's about time that we get a replacement for Ravi Shastri. He is holding on to his place as he has Kohli's backing.Question is who. Anil Kumble was a tough task master and probably too much headstrong for guys who already think they are superstars. Rahul Dravid is too smart to take up coaching the seniors and manage their egos. He would rather continue with the Juniors and then probably take up the senior assignment once his wards make it to the team. We need someone like Gary Kirsten again.
  5. Never liked NYCS, don't really care much for his first 2 albums as compared to the rest and yeah don't like Seeger Sessions either. Even more of a shocker.. it was the video of Dancing in the dark that made me a Springsteen fan
  6. Great way to end a remarkable career.
  7. In the first Test Kohli was most certainly out. Missed yesterday's incident so can't really comment. I guess the Kohli incident was not the only one which raised a few eyebrows in the 4 test. Stokes was lucky when the third umpire reckoned he did have something behind the line when he got Rahane out. Anyway exciting series made all the more interesting by batting line ups which are struggling for form - barring Kohli and Curren
  8. Yup. At 36 Anderson still has it. Good advertisement for test cricket
  9. Good comeback by our boys in the third test The series is now interestingly poised.
  10. Amy McDonald has covered BTR and Dancing in the dark which did not work for me though she has a lovely voice. I remember liking Tori Amos version of I'm on fire when I heard quite some to me back
  11. As i mentioned few days back i had TOL on heavy rotation.Then all of a sudden, i started humming Happy and after a real long time played that song and remembered how much i used to love it when it first came out.
  12. Not just one song but the whole TOL album. I had the Live in NYC CD in the car for a month or so, now I have replaced IT with TOL which will get worn out at this rate.
  13. Happy for all you folks in Australia and New Zealand... C' mon Bruce add Asia too.
  14. As I had posted on another thread,I am speculating (or wishful thinking)that Bruce will take ESB to areas which he did not cover in 2016 which includes Australia n New Zealand. Hoping that it also includes India and other parts of Asia. Later on, the tour might get scaled down to solo or few band members ,not ESB and include his traditional strongholds.
  15. I only wish the dates are off by a month and the tour extends to April as Feb and March are Financial year end for us and there is no way I can take off from work.
  16. Agree. His vocals are wonderful on this, much better than any show I have heard from Devils and Dust and Ghost of Tom joad. From the official download page I had downloaded the Columbus show from Devils and Dust and it does not hold a candle to this.
  17. Three songs from Christic which I have been listening to a lot lately are: 1. Atlantic City 2.My Hometown 3. Thunder Road
  18. Listening to Bruce's version of Purple Rain a lot these days. For the past three months, I have been listening a lot to the Chicago River show trying to get my wife familiarised with Bruce's music before the Munich show. But now we have had to cancel..
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