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  1. Once again, they don't have it. When this series was first announced, NUGS was on E Street radio and they said that the drives used to record the show were unrecoverable so they mixed the 9th instead.
  2. Sirius is promoting August 11, 1999 as the next release premiering Friday at noon.
  3. No matter what Brucebase or BTX says it did not happen. Someone posted photos from March 12, 2009 on Springnuts of them going into the Hall and someone mistook it for two days ago when it was 10 years ago.
  4. Because he's actually been banned from buying from NUGS. Unless he downloads them from filesharing sites he has no way of buying them.
  5. And anyone who has mentioned him on Hoffamn has been banned which isn't fair. He was banned from NUGS a few weeks ago for calling that woman on there a bitch. If you look at his facebook profile it's obvious the kid needs help.
  6. Yet they have offered on numerous occasions that they would refund your money because they aren't delivering on their promise. So what's the big deal? If Chris took your money and ran, that's another story. But if you want your money back, go get it and shut up.
  7. It's true, it's Trenton. I just heard it on Sirius like I did last month with Tampa.
  8. Hoffman is a forum currently being ruined by Martin Gardner aka Rockjazz.
  9. Is that right? Shocking that it's Tampa.... couldn't take the truth?
  10. It's the first show right after Danny died. The DJ on Octane on Sirius/XM just said E Street Radio is playing it tomorrow at Noon.
  11. They don't have much from the reunion tour. They have Asbury, the 15 nights at the Meadowlands. Chicago, Los Los Angeles and 10 nights at MSG. And you're not getting a Joad show tomorrow. E Street radio did not play a soundboard source. They played a bootleg called Tearing The Walls of Jersey Down.
  12. Well "RockJazz" just called a woman on the site a bitch under the new tunnel show, so I would guess there is something seriously wrong with this kid.
  13. Nothing was ever coming today. What is this BTX?
  14. Its December 8 2001 Asbury Park. You guys should start reading their clues on BTX. Hal aka luckytwn mentioned it last week and then dropped a clue about Asbury Lore how Southside is the only grinch.
  15. I keep going around in circles in Asbury Park.
  16. Sorry to disappoint you kiddos, but it will be both acoustic shows from Asbury Park from November 1996. E Street radio accidentally played they intro to the archive release earlier.
  17. 17 mb hi res file
  18. UH what don't you people understand? THE BROADWAY ALBUM IS BEING ANNOUNCED TOMORROW, NOTHING WITH THE BAND!! LOHAD was just released as a single and sent out to "radio" stations this morning. Enough with the conspiracy theories.
  19. Estreet radio said earlier that a treat was coming from the world of estreet on Friday. Obviously it's the Broadway record announcement.
  20. Jim Rotolo said on E Street radio before that a treat from E Street is coming on Friday. This was after he said the news about the nugs release being the following Friday.
  21. It's an entire set of the 77 shows that will come in a shoebox (if you buy the cd's) like they do with pearl jam and all of the other tours.
  22. You wanna bet? This is a photo of one of the tapes used for the 77 archive release last year..look familiar???